AWESOME Second Life Flickr Groups


I’m a Flickr addict. I really love looking at awesome pictures especially from Second Life. Many people are so artistic and imaginative….they just blew me away with their artwork. That is why I created most of these groups..for my love of the beauty of art so COME show everyone your Second Life Pictures. JOIN these Flickr groups which covers every style and theme for your Second Life Photography needs. Feel free to post your Fab pictures and kindly award your favorites. Invite your friends.

-UrWorld SL- : Anything about the exciting world of Second Life.

CSLTM: Confession of a SL Top Model. SL Fashion Blog and Advertising.

The Fashion Teller: Pictures that tell a story or evoke emotions

Second Life Fashion Advertisement: Events/Shows/Magazines/New Releases

Second Life FEMME FATALES: For the Deadly Stunning Ladies

WONDERLAND: Fantasy and Imaginative pictures

DESOLATION Town: Dark, EMO and Scary Pictures

Second Life EYE CANDY: For the SEXY, Flirty people

Second Life Male HUNKS: For the Hunky MEN

The Male Models of Second Life: Calling All SL Male Models