Flair For Events™ presents the second edition of Men Only Hunt starting May 26th until June 9th.

Flair For Events™ is a Second Life fashion events company. We are planning fairs, hunts, sales and special events.

Are you tired to wear only grey and black clothes on SL ? Well designers in this hunt promise you a COLORED summer! The theme of this hunt will be : United Color of Men! So take of your boring dark clothes and put some colors in your second life! All the information you need about this hunt will be found on this blog.

Join the hunters group!secondlife:///app/group/7f60c53b-ab9b-072b-b577-45288557083f/about

For any information, contact missqwerty Pevensey or Maraki Milo in world.

Valentine’s Hunt

Valentine’s Hunt

From Sunday February 6th until Tuesday February 15th !

Find the 6 hearts among Fellini Couture & Plume stores and you’ll get
– The gown
– The hair (Fat pack 15 colors)
– The necklace
– 3 face tattoos (each in 5 differents colors)

(Full Outfit for 1000L$ Only)

Bring to you by Fellini Couture, Gems & Kisses, Plume & [White~Widow]


~”Mr MHO” Contest~

~MHO is looking for MR MHO!
Over 50,000L in cash and prizes from some of the best stores in SL!

~We want YOU to put together a “look” with items you found on the hunt!
BE creative, anything goes as long as it is hunt items!

~How to enter and Rules~

~1 You must be a member of MHO group and have completed the hunt.
~2 Build a Complete avatar, styling it with only hunt items (excluding skin, use what you would like *note if there is a skin on the hunt you will earn extra points if you use it).
~ Submit a 512 X 512 Photo of your look
~All photos must be FULL permissions.
By submitting your photos you give MHO the express right to display your photo.
(If you use a photographer to take your photo, you MUST have their permission to use the picture in a contest).

5 – Make a landmark NOTE CARD with your PHOTOS list for all the products you used FROM THE HUNT to build your avatar; Here is an example of how we want your NOTE CARD.

Send your completed Note card to Ivy Maverick and the entry photos will be placed at the contest and party site for all to view. Every one will get a chance to vote on their favorite look at the MHO Contest Blog. The top 10 will participate at the Runway show on May 2nd at 2:00pm SLT where judges will pick MR MHO3!
Make sure you are in the MHO Group for updates and information

Contact Ivy Maverick for more information.

Confessions News Reel: Make Him Over Hunt 3 Coming Soon




Make Him Over Hunt ~ Second Life’s first MEN ONLY hunt – 3rd Edition

This is not your typical hunt, this is the first of its kind and it is in its third edition! The first one was a real success.

>>>>>>>>> WHEN?

MHO hunt – April 01st – April 30th.

The 3rd edition of the Make Him Over Hunt (MHOH)! It is fully dedicated to the male
public in SL, from all nationalities. It will start on April 01st throught April 30th.
Deadline is March 21st to sign up OR when we reach 100 stores. We will get up to 120 maybe,
so please don’t be upset if we have to say no!
When you send the application notecard, it doesn’t mean you are already accepted. We will
get in touch with you to give you an answer, positive or negative, you will be notified.

>>>>>>>>> HOW DOES IT WORK?

As with most hunts once a starting location has been set you will be provided with LM
and the next location in the hunt once you claim your first gift. For example, store #1
will give landmark to store #2, store #2 will give landmark to store #3, and so on…
until it finishes.

Gift will be hidden somewhere in the store and you will be looking for orange male symbol.
Designers will have a choice to use items that are currently sold at their store or create
exclusive items that will only be available for the duration of the hunt. They also have
an option to provide you with store cards.

This hunt is also circular, so when you get to the end, the last landmark will direct you
to first location. This means even if you start the hunt in a middle you will still get to
visit and discover all participating stores.

The objective of this hunt is to present nice stores to the male inworld public and let
guys participate of a hunt, as we now that the another hunts are 95% turned to the
female public.


Only high quality designers will be invited to participate as we are planning to keep
number of stores around 100 so to enusure everyone gains exposure as we know
men tend to give up half way if shopping expedition tends to go forever.
No resellers or mall owners will be accepted. Only creators themselves.


Hunt will last from April 01st to April 30th.
Deadline is March 21st to sign up OR when we reach 100 stores, so please apply as soon
as possible as you do not want to miss this hunt out!



Visit our blog for the latest updates and a complete list of participating designers:


>>>>>>>>> What happens next?

Please Join MAKE HIM OVER group to receive updates.


To get in on the hunt, RSVP to TARSIS GAUSMAN AND SAMARA PENNELL with a notecard
named “MAKE HIM OVER HUNT – Designer Name” containing the following information: