The Fashion Teller: MURDER, My Sweet INTRO

Murder Intro


MURDER, My Sweet

We are so proud to present to you a book about Mystery, Mayhem and Murder, set in a classic detective film noir style. We decided to do the pictures in Black & White with only Red showing as a color to set the mood of intrigue and suspense. To add drama, we are honored and thankful to spotlight the designs of Bliss Couture, SoliDea FoliEs, Vero Modero, LovelyMi and Vaya Con Dios.

Let’s follow a down on his luck detective as he attempts to solve the biggest case of his life.Will he succeed or will it be his end? Turn the page and prepare to be enthralled in our world.

Will he succeed or will it be his end?

Editorial Clarity: SoliDea FoliEs – Murder, My Sweet
(LovelyMi Makeup – Avant Garde)
Arisia Ashmoot: Bliss Couture – Federica Gown
RicoRacer Flux: SoliDea FoliEs – Murder, My Sweet

Natzuka Miliandrovic


Skipping School

Skipping School by strip'd Fashion

STRIP’D Aeryk Mesh Cardigan

The newest release for men, the Aeryk Cardigan. Comes with a hud where you have 10 Cardi options, 10 Shirts and 10 Ties…so you have a lot of different options to choose from.

Flagstore –

Zenshi Store –

MP –

Thank you very much Dad (RicoRacer Flux) for taking this fantastic picture. He has just started using all the windlights and whatnot and already does a great job. Thanks again Dad! ♥

strip’d Fashion NEW JEANS!

So I probably shouldn’t say this, but what the heck…I hate making jeans. There, I said it and from what I have heard of other designers they don’t care for it much either. All the different parts, details, washes, rips, fabric, pockets, belt loops…ugh. Give me a dress or top any day and I will bag it out fantastically!

But I will digress.

People have been telling me for a good while now to make some jeans, so my thinking is, if you design it — they will come. SO COME ON AND BUY THEM!

149Ls – Single

450Ls – Fatpack

Inworld Store –

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New at Champagne! Sparkling Couture: BEWITCHMENT of MALAWI


Followers of fashion will love the latest release from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture — BEWITCHMENT OF MALAWI!

This amazing African-themed garment is a mirage for every goddess on the grid! The brightly coloured batik, geometric tribal print displayed in the corset and skirt is bursting with Sub-Saharan vivacity! The layered pieces are uniquely displayed and the open front with red feathering which hangs underneath the corset at the top of the legs is sexy and provocative!

Detail abounds in this one, from the very sexy “peek-a-boo” criss-cross brown leather bands which comprise the top with small golden loops hanging across the bottom edges, to the gorgeous neck and shoulder piece, made of golden coils, red ruby-like gems, animal print, and red feathers, to the over-the-top headpiece — with brilliant black and red feathers, golden loops with sparkling red gems on each side of the face, and the placement in the center of a carved tribal mask encircled with gold.

Each of the cuffs on this outfit is different as well, the one on the right arm is gold with a large red and black textured stone, attached to the cuff with golden loops in the center, and the left arm cuff is made of brown leather with unique tribal carvings in it.

The very beautiful Hillie Delicioso, Miss Malawi from the Miss Essence of Ebony competition, models BEWITCHMENT OF MALAWI on our vendor and advertising.

The resurgence of tribal fashion is huge right now, and BEWITCHMENT OF MALAWI is not for the faint of heart! Mysterious, sensual, and with the essence of this gorgeous country, you will enjoy wearing this one Ladies! Don’t be surprised when every man turns his head towards you as you pass him in this stunning couture!

Add BEWITCHMENT OF MALAWI to your wardrobe today!

MODEL: Hillie Delicioso

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