“Gotta Have It”: Through the eyes of Saunders Beaumont

If there is one thing I love, it is a designer who thinks out of the ordinary yet brings class and attitude to their designs.

I have learned of one such designer, Mr. Saunders Beaumont.  Here is a man, who not only goes outside the box, but can still give us ladies the confidence and sexiness we look for when out shopping for that must have piece.

If there is one shop you just have to visit, it’s Dojo, a new haute couture line. When you walk into his store, it’s like looking at art pieces. Best part is, you can be the art.

In my pic, I am wearing one such art piece called PapierFleur Futuresque in Red/Black. The light weight paper-like material drapes around your body and is light as air. Don’t be fooled though by it’s airiness though, this dress has so much attitude, you are sure to turn heads.

Dress:  PapierFleur Futuresque in Red/Black ~ DOJO
Shoes:  Elyna in Black ~ Convoitise
Hair:  Preen in Ebony ~ Tukinowaguma

Music:  Shut up and drive ~ Rihanna

Happy Shopping, Jen  : ))