Sole Accessory ~ Making Heat Waves

Okay, now, let me say this on Shouko Kanto’s new jewelry line called, Sole EX, ………… OMG.  This line is simply put, HOT.  Like water on a fire, you will steam up the room and anyone wearing glasses when you walk into the room.

All the jewelry pieces come in 5 colors, red, blue, black, purple and yellow – matching any outfit you have in that inventory of yours.  I wore all the colors in my picture to show you what they look like.

The necklace has 3 leather pieces, each with multiple silver metal insets and a silver metal ring at each end, strung by a detailed chain.  The earrings are leather accented by diamonds, with the same metal rings at each end and is suspended by a chain and diamond head.  The larger bracelet perfectly fits your wrist with a metal buckle and has the same detail as the earrings, only accentuated more in size.  There is also a simple leather bracelet on the right hand with a metal buckle.

Now the rings.  Not only is there a main ring on the left hand, with a diamond head and leather band, but there is also a simple leather ring that goes with it.  For the right hand, you have multiple leather rings, with the same textured leather.  The best part, with each set of colored rings, you get matching nails with diamond bling.  In the set, there are multiple sizes to make sure everyone can wear them.  I love this!  : )

Finally, the belt.  This hot, waist hugging piece has matching leather texture accents, leather strap that fits in between silver metal loops.  To add another level to this belt, and bring another view, each belt has a detailed fabric inlay that brings together all the pieces together.

Now there is another necklace not shown in this picture, and yes, it is just as fabulous.  So, you’ll need to tp down (limo below) to her store and take a look.

LM To Sole Accessory Main Store

Happy shopping : )

~ Jen


Sole Accessories ~ That extra more

I received a notice of a new belt from Shouko Kanto, designer and owner of Sole Accessories.  Now as much as I love the pictures in the notices, I am one for going to the store and trying them for myself.

Now belts are a tricky thing to do, you have to think about the waist, hips and butt size.  Not only that, the thickness of the belt and width play an important part in sizing for you.  Let’s face it, we are all different, but that’s the great thing about SL.

The new belt Antique from Sole Accessories was so easy to resize.  It comes with a resizer script and fits beautifully around me.  The leather textures are perfect and doesn’t look like plether.  o.-   The band is large upfront and goes slimmer around the back with a perfectly set buckle and strap.  This showcases the front and back and accentuates your mid-area.

The Antique belt comes in lots of colors to choose from.  My first picture show me in white, then black with skulls (love it) and then finally sakura (a very pretty pale pink).

This is definitely a must have for your accessory wardrobe.  One that will get you through any season.

Drop by Sole Accessories and check out all the latest colors, and even take a look at her jewelry.  *I picked up a few things myself  : ) *

LM To Sole Accessories

Happy Shopping

~ Jen  : )