Style Kingdom Magazine 2 – Teaser photos part 3

Hello everyone,

More teasers this weekend!


Model : Tyler Barineaux


Breakout model : Ivoni Miles (Owner of LIMELIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY)


Breakout model : Lila Quander


Model : blackLiquid Tokyoska (Owner of blackLiquid)


Model : Jordan Whitt

Stay tuned for more updates 🙂


Casting CLOSED


Thanks everyone for the tremendous support! It has been a short 2 weeks since our debut day and our 1st publication has gotten over 200,000 views.

A magazine is nothing without the professionalism of the models and photographers. Would like to thank everyone who participated, it was an enjoyable experience 🙂

The response for the casting of the 2nd publication has been wonderful, we have gotten all the models we needed. Thank you 🙂

Special thanks to

1) SL family – Love you all, thank you so much ❤

2) Real Life family, friends & business associates – Thanks for not only being a follower of my Secondlife fashion blog but also sharing the magazine link amongst each other as well as your friends and so on. Really thankful for you guys ❤