Scruplz February Issue 21

Scruplz February Issue 21


Take the link and look into this month’s issue for some great Carnival Fashion, find a spectacular way to find new live artists in SL and of course our favorites, Truman’s SL, Leandra Breen’s Artistic Style and Ariel’s Eclectic.

Scruplz January 2011 Available Now

Scruplz January 2011 Available Now

Sharing the January 2011 issue of Scruplz! We visit some very nice roleplaying sims, feature Xandrah Sciavo, Porter Paquot, Vroum Short, details of the I AM By Alexander Contest, 5 Quill Award Winners and Cherie teaches us how to make a perfect shadow in Technically Perfect!

Read it Here:

Scruplz November 2010 Available Now

Scruplz November 2010

The November edition of Scruplz is up:

Cover art done by Barney Roundel featuring Tes Tiramisu (Amber Racing CEO) and Cyphien Heart (Virtual Sports Nexus Owner)

This issue focuses on the art of racing and sports design. With a fabulous article on Artist Miso Susanowa, spotlights on Musicians AMFORTE Clarity and Lexus Melodie, Part 2 of Modeling Schools in SL by Gamp Lane, and the always fascinating 5 Quill Awards.

Cover Partners SecondNights and By Alexander Fine Jewelry


SCRUPLZ Magazine Premiere Issue Available Now

SCRUPLZ Magazine is now Available In-World or you can view it online by clicking HERE.

That is the gorgeous Linnda Scofield on the cover of the Premiere Issue.

Scruplz is a new publishing company in Second Life whose mission is to provide photographers/artists/designers and anyone associated with graphics in Second Life with fair, honest and credible professional events. Part of this effort includes a professional monthly publication in which events and products will be promoted to the Second Life community at large. The publishing group consists of two of Second Life’s most renowned photographers, Cherie Parker and Barney Roundel. In addition two of Second Life’s best business minds Mallory Luke, and Emma Portilo combine to make Scruplz one of the most well rounded, talent laden new companies to arrive on the scene in Second Life.

Scruplz will be launching it’s first publication starting May 2010. The publication will feature art and photography of unparalleled, unique, and captivating beauty and style, bringing virtual art to the virtual forefront. Also featured in the publication will be a wide variety of contests and competitions from all walks of virtual life.

The exciting initial release will be distributed to thousands of readers. It will be offered on there website at, at, and in the format of an in world publication.

In addition, they have a kiosk system available to subscribe to in order to receive there publications and updates. The kiosk system can be found at the Scruplz headquarters: