MODEL: RicoRacer Flux


PIC TITLE: The Rise of the Scorpion King

FASHION: Finesmith Jewelry Pieces

Corset, Chest, Spine and Necklace: Wicca Inspiration Set
Arm Bracelet and Skulls: Harsch Inspiration Set
Shoulder Jewelry: Shena Inspiration Set

INFO: I first debut this outfit during the FINESMITH INSPIRATION MODEL SEARCH contest a few months ago. I usually don’t enter contests anymore but this was an exciting one because I can use FINESMITH jewelry creatively and do my own styling. There were so many contestants applying and the contest ran for three days. I knew I had to stand out because contrary to what people may believe, having a name and experience in SL can be a disadvantage because people usually expects more from you every time. If you fall short of the expectations, some people will be very critical. BUT that usually doesn’t bother me. Lord knows I’ve been bashed to the extreme before many times, I’m still here standing. My advice to anyone entering a contest is to BE YOURSELF and HAVE FUN. Enjoy the experience.

Thank you to the FINESMITH team for the experience. Thank you to Frolic Mills, Kay Fairey and BVLD agency as well for letting me show this outfit for the BOSL Fashion week during the Superheroes and The Closing Finale Shows.