I’m A Star! New Release from Garded Secret.

I’m A Star!

LOL Well maybe not ME, but these lashes sure are!
I’m A Star lashes perfect for those who wanna be a star!
Great length for that extra bit of flare to set your beautiful eyes apart from others.
Want to be a star?
Well here is your chance!
Garded Secret,Talyia Tarber,Lashes,Vanity Hud,Avion,Scarlett Loxingly
Perfect if used in conjunction with the Avion Hud.
You will have 100’s of options for every possible outfit you may have.
*Also now available to work with the Avion Hud is the Butterfly lashes with and without the petal!*

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Garded Secret In World Group

Model: Scarlett Loxingly
Photographer: Talyia Tarber

Come Have a Ball @ Garded Secret “Royal Court of Poppycock”

Come Have a Ball @ Garded Secret

You are cordially invited to come to the Royal Court of Poppycock for Garded Secret’s new release! 

Inspired by a true artiste, Prince Poppycock is nothing short of spectacular!  This amazing man has found his way into the hearts of millions as he graced the stage and wowed viewers with his incredible show-stopping performances on America’s Got Talent, each one a work of art.

He inspires me as someone who truly dares to be different.  As a tribute to this artistic genius, I’m pleased to announce the release of “Oh, Poppycock!”

“Send In The Clowns” – Models RicoRacer Flux & Scarlett Loxingly

“Dutch Blue” – Models RicoRacer Flux & Scarlett Loxingly

“The Patriot” – Models RicoRacer Flux & Scarlett Loxingly

“Poppycock In Pink” – Models RicoRacer Flux & Scarlett Loxingly


This skin is available in 4 different fantastically inspired designs.  Each comes with an option of a full skin (female body) and a unisex facial mask (makeup tattoo layer only for compatible viewers). 

A big thanks to Scarlett Loxingly for showing me the way to Poppycock’s Kingdom.  Also thanks to both Scarlett and RicoRacer Flux for their amazing styling talents and work in bringing a little bit of Poppycock to SL.

Come have a ball at Garded Secret! (You’ll need to enter the ballroom from the main store. You will see two huge blue doors with the letter P (can’t miss em), just click on them to open, then clicky on the swirly to teleport to the ballroom) Take a ride in the Horseless Gown if you dare!


SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Gormthoog/40/162/70