“Gotta Have It”

We are in the middle of winter here in Chicago where freezing temperatures below zero and snow storms are the normal. Oh, How I wish it to be summer again where I can lay on the beach or enjoy a stroll on the boardwalk. Lucky for me that my dreams can be made into reality here in Second Life. =D

So, where else would I be but at the Cuban Beach in SL being seen in this totally awesome and colorful swimwear by Armidi. The colors of mixed yellow and orange are vibrant that enchanced the geometric triangular patterns printed on this fantastic looking swimwear. To make sure all the focus are not mainly on my shorts, I balanced the top with an equally vibrant summer scarf from a.C. CheerNo Designs and sunglasses perfectly positioned in my head by Role. Fabulous, Isnt it? Eat your heart out, Winter. This is my “Gotta Have It” outfit.

MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
HAIR: MADesigns
SCARF: a.C. CheerNo

*Also seen at Opium Fashion Agency Blog. http://opiumsim.wordpress.com/