New Male Suit at R:A:D:

There is a BRAND NEW Designer in Second Life that you must check out because of his very edgy and totally unique designs.

Redclaw Inshan, a fantastic  new designer of R:A:D: Red Alert Designs is debuting his totally awesome designs with this FIERCE new suit for men. The “Dragon” suits come in three bold colors: Red, Purple and Silver. It is totally unique and can be worn in any event that you want to be noticed. This complete outfit comes with a shirt, jacket, belt, vest and shoes. It is a daring suit that combines high fashion and adventure.

I am modeling the complete Silver Dragon Suit above. As you can see, the fit is exemplary and displays the contours of the body very well. It is a handsome suit that you can wear almost anywhere, whether a formal event or an adventurous outing. I love the flexibility of this suit. No matter where you are and for what event, you will surely turn heads.

The Red Dragon Suit I am modeling above is just fantastic. I took off the jacket so you can see the amazing vest inside. Note the sharp contrast of the colors and how it shows the body well. This is not your boring basic black suit. The textures and folds make this suit look so realistic that you can almost feel it with your hands. Check out the little details such as the intricate Asian Patterns on the Jacket, Vest and Pants. The dragon prints add a touch of adventure and mystery which makes this outfit so unique.


Take a closer look at the shirt and observe the great detail that is put into the texture, folds and patterns. I love the pinstripe design of the shirt with the cool buttons. I really love that dragon design as well because it adds character to the suit. It has a very masculine appeal that surely the ladies will love and make some men envious. If you want to put some edge and fierceness in your formal wear, then look no further.  Be BOLD and DARING!

Check out Red Alert Designs R:A:D:

Keep an eye out for more amazing new stuff from Redclaw Inshan. I had the privilege of seeing in advance some of his new items and they are mind blowing.

MODEL: RicoRacer Flux


POSES: Body Talking

FASHION: Silver and Red Dragon suit/outfit by Red Alert Design. Disturbia Veil from Finesmith Jewelry. Cheerno Asian Skin.


R:A:D: Red Alert Design by Redclaw Inshan

A brand new label and style has come to SL.

High quality Fashion.
•from shirts to complete outfits
•from jeans to Suits
•from elegant to eccentric.
•be different!

Elegance and being eccentric cannot be combined you think?

Please let me try to convince you, that it is IS possible.

A unique mix of classical elements with modern aspects is what the general line of R:A:D is about.

A new place for all that dare to be different!

Best regards

Redclaw Inshan