PoBa Show for Ephemera and Le Grenier du Chateau

Ephemera and Le Grenier du Chateau are two brand’s that works exclusively for century clothes.

Ephemera is known as one of the best designers of clothing for the courts of the kingdoms of the English, French, Russian and South Europe.
Their dresses have textures that recreate the standards of the time maintaining a high level of similarity with the real.

In turn, Le Grenier du Chateau is a very faithful designer of male clothing female, performing real work in recreating outfits for  extravagant moments or for every day.

LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20City/167/68/22

Best Regards

Paaulo Denfu – PoBa  CEO | Founder

PoBa Models Agency Presents Corpus Motion Show

PoBa Models Agency


CORPUS Motion (Fashion Show)
Today: 14 of October | 03 pm – SLT

PoBa Models Agency have the honor to present CORPUS™ Motion (designer Diconay Boa) a new concept in fashion poses on Second Life.

AnaJulia Baxton
Lurdes Marville
Locuala Madruga
Jullie Daine
Lucia Brune
Dreamlove Resident
Euridice Qork
Elzas Macpherson
Tadeu Gartner

Location of Parade:

Photographer: Diza Kira
CEO: paaulo Denfu
CCO: AnaJulia Baxton
Lurdes Marville