POSE FAIR 2012 Picture Contest


This is the first time we have ever run a photo competition at Pose Fair! The rules are simple and it will be easy to enter, all you need is a Flickr account.

— Take a photo, in whatever style you want, using a product purchased at Pose Fair. It can be anything – a couples photo, a photo on your own, or a motion shot using a dance animation, or literally anything else! Pick up some of the fun gadgets on offer at the fair to make your photography easier, too!
— We don’t care about photo editing – if you take an imaginative photo, perfectly lit and composed, that will beat out an over-edited, badly composed shot ever time. Don’t worry!
— Submit it to the Flickr group, located here:


That’s it! You’re done!

The contest will be judged by the people who helped me put Pose Fair together:
– Katey Coppola
– Kaz Nayar
– Sabra Karu
– Hallie Galli

And now the important bit… the PRIZES! These will be picked on May 2nd, to give you a few days after the fair to get your photos submitted. Winners will be announced on http://www.kateycoppola.com and on plurk, on http://www.plurk.com/posefair as well as in the Pose Fair Information group (which you can join here – secondlife:///app/group/be0de4dc-c28f-ddeb-8a69-753654c8b99b/about )


Get your snapping fingers out and enjoy Pose Fair 2012!

CoLoReTa’s shOot yOur mOmenT cOnTest

~ CoLoReTa’s:] shOot yOur mOmenT cOnTest ❣

Heya Guys! 😀

Our love for photography is evident ^^ and we love the good work and commitment of many people!! 😀 we decided to create a contest based on these ideas 😉

Must take a photograph perhaps showing some artistic landscape, a beautiful view on the beach, some forest or wherever you want <3, but of course. .. wearing some of our products !

We have great awards for our first 3 places!!

1st place 3000L store Credit & 1000L in cash
2nd place 2000L store credit & 500L in cash
3rd place 1000L store credit

These are our rules:

* You must wear some ~ CoLoReTa’s:] product (this does NOT include group gifts, subscriber gifts, hunt items 🙂 )
* The photo must be artistic
(all photography blogger style will be removed and will not be part of the contest >:o  what we mean here is plain , magazine commercial photos,)
* You are free to use ANY design program to edit your picture, any processing software , your skill is the limit 🙂

Starting date :                           Ending Date :
April 2nd 2012                          April 23rd 2012

So you have 3 weeks !!

Our flickr pool :
BUT name the submission photo with the following in the title : “Coloreta Contest Photo ”
Thank you and MAKE FUN  ~ CoLoReTa’s:] PHOTOS !!!

Any information , please contact
Melina Fetuccio , Manager of ~ CoLoReTa’s:]

~ CoLoReTa’s:]

Voluptia Flickr Contest


Voluptia -House of Glamour Is excited to announce that we are now on
Flickr! To celebrate we have decided to create a flickr mini contest.
We are looking for the photo that best captures the Voluptia essence.

Prizes include:
1st Place:
Choice of 1 lingerie from Voluptia
Picture on display in Voluptia mainstore as well as on the Voluptia blog.

2nd and 3rd place:
Choice of 1 lingerie from Voluptia
Picture on display in Voluptia mainstore as well as on the Voluptia blog.

Rules are as follows:
1. You must join both the Voluptia Flickr Group and the in-world group.

2. Add to the flickr pool a glamorous  photo of yourself wearing
Voluptia lingerie. Your entry should be named Voluptia – House of
Glamour Flickr Contest ( Your Name Here ).

3. No freebies/gifts/hunt items will be accepted. However, this isnt a
contest just for the rich. Stop into Voluptia and you will find pieces
as low as 99L or even 69L.

4. More than 1 entry is allowed, however each entry should be a in a
different lingerie.

5. Remember you have until March 31 at midnight to summit your photos.
Have Fun with it!

If you have questions please IM Violet Batriani.
Make sure to stop by and check out our new blog as well.

Good luck and have fun!
Voluptia Management