Opium Fashion Agency Presents: Carnival of the Damned

OPIUM Fashion Agency



This Opium Tales Event promises to be ONE OF THE BEST Halloween show in Second Life which features Things That Go BumP in the night…

Spectacular costumes, skins and outfits combined with an amazing set and story make this show not to be missed.

Join us October 29th at 6pm slt and October 30th at noon slt,  for a dangerously dark fashion event that will have you trembling in your seats!.  Zombies, Vamps and Wolves.. Oh My! Cant stand the lag of shows? You don’t have to,  the event will be televised Live via the web as well! Now you can watch your favorite Opium Shows from the comfort of your own home!. You’ll want  to come and stop in..ride some spooktacular rides and visit the dark densiens that call Opium.. home..


LIMITED SEATING on First Come Basis

SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/WideWorld%20Cay/68/209/129

The show will also be streamed live via the web at 12PM  slt  (noon) on




“Scene It”: Opium Fashion Agency Presents “Metaverse Reloaded” Video

Opium Fashion Agency Presents….Opium Tales- Metaverse Reloaded

This Show is proudly sponsored through Moolto

DJ: Seren Dawes
Set Designer Accacia Brissot
Anastacia Markova-
Chat Hosts
Katina Magic


Thea Turman Fashions
Gems & Kisses
Lion Skins
VvB Stilettos
Talon Faire
Alpha Tribe


Accacia Brissot
Anastacia Markova
Amber Quinzet
Apollo Call
Aspen Parx
Ella Quinsette
Hollee Zhora
Katherine Comet
Kay Fairey
Marcus Night REPLACED
Miaa Rebane
Devlin Muircastle
RicoRacer Flux
Locked Semaphore
Trystan Zeid
Veronica Krasner
Wicca Merlin

Film & Editing
Primajicka Studios
Constantine Carpaccio, CEO/Videographer
Synthia Quintessa, CEO/Videographer
Justin Arabello, Graphic Designer