FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Presents “Moments Embraced” 4/16 5PM-9PM


.::Moments Embraced Jazz BallrooM, Born (62, 224, 26)

Opium Fashion has been creating amazing Fashion Productions in since October of 2008. In all this time we’ve branched out and hired some of the most beautiful and talented models in all of SL.

We are proud and honored to be producing the Grand Opening Fashion Show at The Moments Embraced Entertainment Complex. We will be featuring designs by the vendors in the Moments Embraced Mall.

M.E. Fashions
MY Precious
Saschas Designs
Sf Designs
Purple Rose
Virtual Impressions

The amazing Opium DJ/Mc Will be spinning the tunes as the Opium Models present these beautiful designs on Moments Embraced’s Beautiful Runway!

The after-party will be hosted right here in the very own ballroom of Moments Embraced that’s where they will be witness beautiful sound of our very own live singers:

Khiron Ametza
Erin68 Frog/ Satin

After our live singers we will have our Dj, Dj Derrick Stewart and Dj Dnyce play the greatest hits from jazz to slow jams.

This will be one of the greatest events hosted by Christabelle Vyper, owner of Moments Embraced and Opium Fashion Agency.

FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Fashion Agency Presents “Mardi Gras 2010” 2/16 5PM

Opium Fashion Agency Presents “Mardi Gras 2010 Fashion Parade”.
Come celebrate Mardi Gras Second Life style in this amazing set designed exactly like New Orlean’s french quarter.
Come see a fabulous fashion parade with lots of magical entertainment and decorated floats….each one unique.

February 16, 2010 @ 5 PM SLT

Sponsored in part by and BOSL

We have very special guests as our King and Queen of the Mardi Gras Fashion Parade!

There will be a Mardi Gras party following the parade where there will be lots of give-aways, a fabulous DJ, and tons of fun! You won’t want to miss this party.

JUST FOR FUN: Monkey Business

The Opium Fashion Agency Metaverse Reloaded Show just kicked Ass.
The set, the outfits, the models…everything was outrageous and awesome.
There I was on stage in my AlphaTribe outfit for the Grand Finale when I saw a little monkey struggling to climb up the futuristic stage. He managed to fly over the barrier and merrily went up to the front of the stage. I was thinking….Oh OH, Here comes trouble. LOL. He then tried to present a bouquet of roses to our center model

Sorry buddy but NO MONKEY BUSINESS on the Opium Stage. LMAO.

The poor guy looks so cute though.

You can still catch the last Metaverse Reloaded Show tonight at 6PM SLT 2/5/10.
But no monkey business. You have been warned. ;p lol.

Thank you to Alpha Auer for the picture. Here is the link:

FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Fashion Agency Presents “Metaverse Reloaded”

OPIUM FASHION AGENCY Presents OPIUM TALES: Metaverse Reloaded.
February 4th – Noon & 6 PM SLT
Febryary 5th – 6 PM SLT

Featured Designers:
Thea Tamura Fashion
Alpha Tribe
Gems & Kisses
The Stringer Mausoleum
Talon Faire

Anastacia Markova
Kay Fairey
Miaa Rebane
Wicca Merlin
RicoRacer Flux
Katherine Comet
Marcus Knight
Amber Quinzet
Veronica Krasner
Devlin Muircastle
Accacia Brissot
Aspen Parx
Apollo Call
Trystan Zeid
Locked Semaphore
Ella Quinsette
Hollee Zhora
& Many More…

Do you think the video is awesome? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Opium Fashion Agency is proud to bring you Opium Tales- Metaverse Reloaded. Opium will RAWK the metaverse for a huge explosion. Join us for 9 amazing designers. The Best of the best SL Top Models.. A Set that will literally..PULL.. YOU…IN. Make sure you come early and get your seat as the sim will fill up fast. Please refrain from having an Arc higher than 1000. This will be monitored due to all the amazing special effects. From Our World.. To Yours.. Eternity Awaits.. Feb 4th at noon and 6pm slt, Feb 5th at 6pm slt 2010. Proudly sponsored by

Opium Blog:

FASHION CALENDAR: OPIUM Fashion Agency Presents “Effervescent” 1/17 10 AM SL

A beautiful treat is in store for you as we present *Effervescent* A Showcase of Designs by the talented Bublee Bing. If you’ve never seen her creations (and even if you have) you will not want to miss this show. Many new designs are being revealed in this show. Come and join the beautiful Opium models as they celebrate the wonderful designs of Bublee Bing. This Sunday at 10 am Slt.

FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Fashion Agency Presents “Babes in Toyland”

The first show for the New year and Opium is doing it with something spectacular!. Never before in SL has this been done!. Come and relive a childhood favorite, in a way.. only Opium could do it!. Runways will never again be looked at the same once you come and experience the wave of the future. A Show SO big Opium needs 20 models and 2 days to be seen!. You wont want to miss this.. Opium- always innovative- often imitated..- always Addictive!

*Taken from Opium Blog:

FASHION CALENDAR: OPIUM Fashion Agency Presents Noir Couture 12/22 6PMSL & 12/23 1PMSL

Opium Fashion Agency presents Noir Couture: A History of Baiaistice in Black and White. This fashion show is so big that it takes two days for the Opium Models to grace the runway in the exquisite designs of Baiastice, beautifully accessorized with jewelry from CCD and Tukinowaguma hair. The show is being held December 22nd at 6pm and December 23rd at 1pm. The set is simply amazing with the theme of Old Hollywood Noir Couture Black and White.
Haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet? Well, Come see the wonderful designs of Baiastice as well as gorgeous jewelry from CCD and hair from Tukinowaguma. We got those on your list taken care of. =)

Nisa Constantine
Emma Portilo
Kay Fairey
Anastacia Markova
Lovena Allen
Wenadrenia Soderstrom
Accacia Brissot
Hollee Zhora
Marcus Night
RicoRacer Flux


Opium Fashion Agency presents Jungle Wear
Anastacia Markova, Show Production/CEO/Owner

Designs by Jungle Wear


Opium Models
Aspen Parx
Jens Marksman
Kelcie Aslop
Marcus Night
More Ying
RicoRacer Flux
Seth Diablito
Seph Ishelwood
Trystan Reid
Wenadrenia Soderstrom

Primajicka Studios
Constantine Carpaccio, CEO/Videographer
Synthia Quintessa, CEO/Videographer

*Video Courtesy of Opium Fashion Agency and Primajicka Studios

FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Fashion AGency Presents Dangerous Temptations 12/13 4PM SL

Smoke filled night clubs…impeccably dressed sirens perfectly coiffed…bad boys dressed to the nines, fedoras cocked rakishly upon their heads. Think Hollywood Glam. Think Mohna Lisa Couture!

Join us Sunday, December 13th at 4pm SLT as the Opium Models take to the runway in the uber-glamorous designs of Mohna Lisa Couture accessorized by 24 Shoos and J&W Jewelers.

Taken from The Opium Fashion Agency Blog:

FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Fashion Agency Presents: JUNGLE 12/4 5PM SL

PREPARE TO BE AMAZED as Opium Fashion Agency welcomes you to the JUNGLE.
HOT MODELS in sexy amazing outfits from JUNGLE Wear Designs beckon you to enter the Jungle.
Be warned because wild animals run rampant in this awesome jungle set that makes you feel like you are in the Amazon rain forest. Come Early because the sim will surely fill up FAST.

12/4/09 Friday at 5PM SL

FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Fashion Agency Presents: FASHIONISTA 11/29 10AM

Join us as the ever enchanting Opium Models take the runway for a dazzling show any Fashionista would appreciate. The runway is as usual, immaculate and the atmosphere…chic. It will be our pleasure to seduce you.. This Sunday, Novemebr 29, 2009 at 10 am slt. We are featuring the designs of B!Fashion, SF Designs and *ByKay* jewels. See you there… and remember at Opium… It’s Addictive..

Taken from Opium Blog:

FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Fashion Agency Presents: “FALL IN LOVE…” 11/21 10AM SL


MARK your calendars because Opium Fashion Agency is presenting another lovely show featuring the fashions of Bliss Couture with special guest Virtual Impressions.

Be prepared to be DAZZLED and ROMANCED this Saturday, November 21st at 10am SLT.

Let’s FALL IN LOVE…..<3 ❤ ❤

Please come and support Opium Fashion Agency's MEGA YARD SALE.
There is absolutely something here for EVERYONE.
WHY PAY AT FULL PRICE? Check it out and I promise you will go home with plenty of High Quality Bargains.
The yard sale takes up quite a big slice of the Opium sim and includes a wide variety of home furniture, seasonal items as well as high quality clothing donated from SL TOP MODELS. Signs help to easily find what you are interested in. Please come and support Opium so that they can continue to provide amazing high quality shows for everyone to enjoy.

Check it out!

“Scene” It: Opium Fashion Agency Presents “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”

Opium Fashion Agency went all out in presenting one of my favorite horror tales: “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.
The awesomely creepy set captures the mysterious eerie feeling that you could meet your doom around every corner. The fantastic costumes provided by talented designers such as Vanilla C. Designs, The Black Canary , KWZ, M’Lady’s, and much more combined with talented SL Top Models made it one fantastic show. Great Job Opium Fashion Agency, Anastacia Markova, and the amazing production team Directed by Dream Honey, Seren Dawes, as DJ and MC, and Luciferi Demonia as asst. set designer.

Did you miss the two night event? Want to see another look?

Opium Fashion Agency along with PriMajicka Studios (Videographer: Synthia Quintessa) presents:
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

PS: If you like this Opium Agency Production and would like to see more Fantastic Shows, Please Kindly support Opium Fashion Agency’s fundraiser. They are doing a big super cheap yard sale with high quality items.
Check it out!

Thank You!



Please join us this Saturday, November 14th at 11am as Opium Fashion Agency presents the breathtakingly beautiful clothing from Sascha’s Designs.

Prepare to be transported to an otherworldly, phantasmagorical realm the moment you touch down. The visionary set is the perfect complement to such ethereal designs.

Please arrive early, Opium shows fill fast and you won’t want to miss this one!

*AD Taken from Opium Blog:

FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Fashion Agency Presents: Opium Tales “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” 10/29 and 10/30 6PM SL


Opium Fashion Agency Presents: Opium Tales – Sleepy Hollow.

Join us for another fabulous show in the Opium Tales series! This event is so big we need not one, but TWO shows!!

Join us October 29th & 30th at 6pm SLT as we present the designs of Amaranthus, KWZ, M’Lady, Nightshade Designs, The Black Canary, Vanilla C Designs and Wishbox.

The set is a detailed recreation of the town of Sleepy Hollow. The clothing and jewelry – vintage, exquisite, and designed ESPECIALLY for this show! This will be a show unlike any other!

Please Check the Opium Sim Site for more INFO:

*AD and INFO taken from Opium Blog