oOo Studio’s Fame and Fortune Contest

Fame & Fortune Contest

oOo Studio is VERY excited to share the details of our upcoming photography contest:

The Fame and Fortune contest starts THIS Sunday, and there will be LOTS of chances to win! We will be running a series of three smaller contests, with three winners each which will lead up to a final contest with three grand prize winners!

Contest Details:

During each series there will be 6-8 of our older poses set out for HALF price, these will be the poses for submission in the contest. You will have 2 weeks to enter your submission. (If you already own one of the poses that is for sale, please feel free to use it for your contest entry.)

Prize Details:

Each round, our panel of judges will pick a first, second and third place winner to advance to the final competition. Round winners will receive oOo Studio gift certificates for 1000L, 750L and 500L, respectively. After the third round concludes, the 9 winners from the rounds will compete for the big prizes: 8,000L grand prize, 4,500L runner up, and 2,500L for the judges choice.

How to Participate:

1. We’ll announce in the oOo Studio groups, blog and Flickr when the poses are available for purchase in the Studio and the dates for allowed submissions.

2. Photographers may enter up to one photo per pose in each round. Photos should be either 1200×1200 (square) or 1024×768 (portrait or landscape).

3. Post your picture to Flickr and then add it to the oOo Studio pool ( with the title: oOo Fame and Fortune Contest: Round 1 (2 or 3). Only correctly named images will be considered during each judging round.

4. Photo editing is encouraged. This is a competition for photography, creativity and to show the Studio poses in their best light, so judging emphasis will be on the photos that make the most of the poses, not just the most elaborate or highly-edited images.

5. Submissions should be tasteful. There are only a couple risque-type poses, and they will be in the Round 3 pool and will be marked on the vendor. We love a tasteful nude, so if the atmosphere of your picture calls for it, hints of the goodies (not outright display) will still be considered.

Fine Print

Judges picks will be announced in the group and on the photos in Flickr and are final. This is a photography contest, not a popularity one, so good results will beat out photographer/model popularity. oOo Studio reserves the right to use any submitted images for marketing or vendor purposes, and will credit photographers. Judges will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

New Release: oOo Studio Presents Wedding Poses

oOo Studio Presents Wedding Poses

Check out the new amazing couple poses from oOo Studio which will highlight every detail of your lovely special day…from the details of the wedding dress to the romance that is captured in each pose. These poses can be used for romantic pictures as well.

oOo Studio

oOo Studio – Bridal poses by Olaenka Chesnokov ♥


MODELS: Lilous Cerise and RicoRacer Flux

PHOTOGRAPHER: Julie Hastings

POSES: oOo Studio “Betrothed” above and “Beloved” below

FASHION: Lilou is wearing Angel Dessous. Rico is wearing Sartoria above and Lapoint and Bastchilde below