OGLAM Birthday Weekend

OGLAM bday

OGlam is thrilled to announce we are celebrating our FIRST year anniversary, November 4-6, 2011! We owe much of our success to the wonderful group of designers that support OG , our terrific family of models, and the fashion community of SL for their support. We have an amazing lineup of events planned – filled with tons of promotion, charity and fun!

Join us as we celebrate the success we have all shared together!

►OGlam Birthday Weekend Events:
1. Kick-off Charity Event benefiting United Nations World Food Program (WFP) – Crisis in the Horn of Africa. OGlam Shopping Designers will be joining together to raise money and awareness for WFP. Designers will be selling exclusive items benefiting WFP.

2. Birthday 50% sim sale at OGlam Shopping November 4-6, 2011.

3. Runway Celebration featuring a 3-part show “Around the World with Love” on November 5th.
Nemesis “From Paris with Love” at 1pm slt
PEOPLE “From London with Love” at 3pm slt
Coeur Noir “From New York with Love” at 6pm slt

BOSL Radio will be sponsoring the event and broadcasting live throughout the weekend.

Crisis in the Horn of Africa:
Drought in the Horn of Africa, coupled with conflict in Somalia, has affected over 13 million people.
Thousands of children, women and men are dieing everyday as a result of starvation.

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is at the forefront of dealing with this crisis and is mounting food operations in five countries in the region (Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda).

It is our goal to raise awareness and money for this incredible crisis that has not had the kind of attention other human tragedies have garnered to date.

All in-world donations will be made to a special avatar, “HornOfAfricaCrisis Resident,” who’s sole purpose is to receive in-world donations and turn them over to the WFP. The WFP has a Paypal account as does this Avatar. All SL transactions and all Paypal transactions will be published on a blog for all to view.

United Nations World Food Program Website:

United Nations World Food Program Donation Website: http://www.wfp.org/donate/hoa_banners

Inworld Donation Transaction Record Website:

Thank you in advance for joining us to fight famine! We know together we can make a difference!

OG presents series of art shows – Unicorn Studios

OG is inaugurating a series of art show that will be hosted all over our SIM.

We believe that the words of art and fashion are linked in rl as well as sl and here at OG we want the two to find a home on our sim as we celebrate creativity in all of it’s forms.

For our first exhibit we welcome Unicorn Studios. These creations will truly astonish you, they are photos but so much more than that.  They are also priced very afford so everyone can have a print to beautify the sl home.

To celebrate this opening and OG’s new art program please join us June 10th at 4pm slt. Dj Thorn Andel will be spinning his magic and you can dance as you look at the incredible artistic photography of Unicorn Studios

OG Presents A Night With You: Extravaganza Show

“A Night with You – Extravaganza Show”

Feathers, Glitter, Champagne…..

“A Night with You – Extravaganza Show”

Join us for a magical night celebrating the extraordinary creations of Enzo Champagne in the most spectacular show ever produced in SL

Enzo Champagne


Angelik Lavecchia
Annag Pfeffer
Carilynn Ohare
Federica Galtier
Harsch Sharktooth
Jade Spectre
Maddox Kaestner
Mickael Greybeard
Maxime Tyran
Matteo Bettencourt
Nala Kurka
Ngozi Faith
Seashell Dench
Tyra Eiren

Direction and Production :
Lulu Breuer and Matteo Bettencourt

Script Writer and Voice Host
Federica Galtier
Editorial Clarity

Musical Set/Dj
Thorn Andel

Stage Set
DAB Collective and Lulu Breuer

Photographer :
Talyia Tarber



Get ready for a Fashionable, SL star studded weekend long event at the
opening of the new sim for Outrageous Glamour Modeling Agency, Academy and mall housing some of the best known fashion designers on the grid!

Friday, April 1st, 2pmSLT

We will kick off this fabulous weekend long celebration of OG’s grand opening   with Bare, a tantalizing show for the senses featuring the beautiful designs of Fellini Couture, Plume, and White Widow

Friday, April 1st, 5pm SLT

After the show, at 5pm SLT, make sure to stick around for an unforgettable SLebrity Date Auction featuring the sexy models of OG, Frolic Mills of BOSL and many more. All proceeds will be donated to the Help Japan Fund so come on out and lend a hand for this worthy cause.

Saturday, April 2nd, 1pmSLT
Come out to cheer on these newly graduated students from Outrageous Glamour’s Academy as we hold a casting to promote the graduates to Certified Outrageous Glamour Models!

Saturday, April 2nd, 4pm SLT

Adding to our wondeful fashion weekend, Outrageous Glamour will present the newest spring collection by Shinichi Mathy of Shiki. This beautiful production will have you on the edge of your seats as you watch the love story unfold on stage and the amazing new designs of Shiki tempt you to run over to the new mall and fill up your spring wardrobe!

Sunday, April 3rd, 2pm SLT

Closing out the festivities on Sunday at 2pm OG will present the hauntingly, Avante Garde Styles of [sYs]. Combining leather, latex and neon additions, designers Syane Cisse and Systi Cisse will take you to another world. Their cutting edge designs are like none you will find anywhere else on the grid and we, at Outrageous Glamour, are proud to have the opportunity to present an out of this world show as the perfect finishing touch to this spectacular weekend!

And don’t forget to check out the new mall on Outrageous Glamour’s sim for your one stop shopping destination! The mall includes designers such as
•    House of Europe
•    Purplemoon
•    Chantkare
•    FineSmith
•    Shiki
•    [sYs]
•    Sf Designs
•    Lovely Mi Makeup
•    Tres Beau
•    MOOD
•    Angel Dessous
•    Champagne


O.G Team





OGlam and Project FUR Japan Date Auction
An exciting weekend is planned at the new Outrageous Glamour Inc. SIM!

The weekend is going to be filled with shows from White Widow, Fellini Couture, Plume, Shiki and [sYs].

But fashion isn’t the only excitement going on at OGlam on Friday, April 1st at 5:00 PM the beautiful and amazing OGlam model along with BOSL CEO Frolic Mills and many more SL Celebs will be participating in a charity auction to benefit Project FUR Japan. Please mark your calendars and come down to the new Outrageous Glamour Inc. SIM and bid on your favorite celebrity and help support this worthy cause!!

For more information or if you would like to join the auction please contact Federica Galtier.