MEET MVW 2011: Mr. USA: Jax Aster

MR. USA 2011: Jax Aster


Vest: AOHARU_WovenVest_Beige
Shirt: AOHARU_PleatWovenShirt_Beige
Pants: ZC : Chinos *khaki*
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear – Elegance
Belt: Kalnins Belt – Elegance
Bracelets: Mandala – JYUZU SINRA bracelet/men/VINTAGE GOLD
Hat: *ARGRACE* Hunting – Natural Wavy – Blonde

I joined SL 11/10.2006, and I have had the chance to experience many of second life’s opportunities.  I began this journey simply by hanging out with friends and discovering many of the creative sims and creations that SL has to offer.  Second Life has offered me the opportunity to explore my creative side as well.

I began modeling in August 2009 and quickly began to accumulate clothes and accessories from various designers.  Being a fashion addict in real life has afforded me the opportunity to expand my interests even further in SL. I enjoy piecing together the many pieces of clothing from many different designers and seeing what combinations arise.  Throughout my modeling career in SL, I have been gotten to know many amazing people and look forward to the future.

I joined this year’s competition with a group of friends and have gained many more in the process.  It has been a great opportunity to work with different individuals from all over the world that I otherwise would not have had to opportunity to meet. I am proud to represent the USA in the year’s Mister Virtual World pageant and am looking forward to the challenges ahead.


MEET MVW 2011: Mr. Greece Daniele Eberhardt

MR. GREECE: Daniele Eberhardt

Styling Card:

Hairs: Dura Boy&Girls 15
Shirt: Coco BowShirt White
Vest: Tableau Vivant- Orestes
Pant: S041 Sartoria black Gala suit with Band
Gloves: Tres Beau Aspen
Shoes: Redgrave Charlston Loafers

My modeling career begun in April 2009 when I was trained by the wonderful Mimmi Boa at Evane Models Academy, where I learned a lot from her and after my graduation I was invited to join Evane Models Agency. After that, I studied and graduated also at Avenue Models Academy and I was invited to join Avenue Models.

Since then I had the luck to walk in countless runway shows with many agencies and appeared in many important magazine, as well as posing for many advertising and vendors.
I was honored to win some contest as DD Style Testimonial and Mr Sartoria 2010, and I’m very happy to represent these brands.

Another passion I have, besides modeling, is photography and I’m a photographer in sl.
I’m a kind person, helpful and friendly, and I love to hang out with my friends and meet new friends. Friendship for me is very important, in rl as well as in sl.

Last year I tried to enter MrVW but I failed because I wasn’t experienced enough and it wasn’t my time.

After a lot of work and application, I’ve finally joined this important contest, and I’m very happy, honored and proud to be here. For a model the possibility of becoming MrVW represents one of the biggest dream and the highest goal of modeling career. For me this is not only a wonderful goal but also a great way to represent the whole sl fashion world. It means to become a bridge between models, designers and other people that work in fashion industry. MrVW for me should be a reference model for all the people that want advices and help… If I would win, I would try to do my best to be this.

MEET MVW 2011: Mr. Chile: LesPaul Ibanez

MR. CHILE 2011: LesPaul Ibanez

Pic by aRa Sheridan

Jacket: Gabriel Black Stipe Suit Jacket
Vest: Utopia Daniel Vest
Hat: Utopia Hat Fedora Scottish
Shirt and Tie: Utopia Leon Square
Pants: Utopia Leon Square
Boots: Gizza FausT Boots
Hair: Dura-Boy 06 in black
Make Up: White Widow Fentelle Silver
Belt: Finesmith Inspiration Wicca Corset

I am LesPaul Ibanez, and for those who know, my name says some things about me. LesPaul is one of those legendary electric guitar designers, and Ibanez is one of the best guitar makers… so yes, I do play guitar and bass and keyboards RL. I graduated as a Computer Engineer and I have found that I need to compensate what I do for a living with the right side of my brain. Besides music, SL gives me another outlet to explore that artistic side.

That said I do not wish to be defined as a musician, nor as a model, even though I have modeled some. I would not want to be defined as a writer either, even though I started writing professionally the last month. I do not think it would be fair to be defined for the stuff I do in SL to keep my time busy, because I enjoy all that so much. I rather want to be regarded as a professional on all my endeavors and ultimately, I want to be considered as just a regular guy who happens to enjoy what he does, who also wants to meet some nice people and who would do anything on his power to make the people around him happy.

I entered Mister Virtual World because i knew it would give me the chance of doing exactly that: have a great time, and know some of wonderful people. And so far it has completely lived up to my expectations. It has been an amazing ride. Quite frankly, I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew about the contest and I’ve been admiring last year’s misters every time our lives take us to the same runway or photoshot, but I didn’t know it was so much fun. It is an extraordinary amount of work too. There is nothing better that to have fun while doing your job and Mr. VW has delivered on that premise.


MEET MVW 2011Mr. Portugal Matteo Bettencourt

MR. PORTUGAL: Matteo Bettencourt

I am a very dedicated and ambitious individual. I’m continually setting new and higher goals for myself and putting everything I have into reaching them. I love knowledge, learning, life and laughter. I always try to acheive and maintain a positive atmosphere and environment for not only myself, but all of those around me.  I am a truly passionate man and apply that to all that I do, putting no less than 100% of myself into all my endeavors. While I have enjoyed some modest success in the SL fashion industry, I always make time to kick back with my close friends and colleagues and enjoy the simple and pleasurable things SL® has to offer. If I have a motto or some advice to adhere to,  it would be: do everything to the best of your abilities; those things that are most extremely challenging are usually also the most rewarding.

My style mmm … I see myself as a “guy next door” the one that likes to dress cute , but doesn’t have a  problem being funky and who loves to wear a suit and look stunning , the one that wakes up in the morning with messy hair and sits in his closet 😛 looking around and thinking ” what should I wear today” xD

Style Card :

Skin : Belleza Thomas
Eyes : Fashism Sunrise Pale Brown
Hair : Cheerno Max
Hair Base : Aitui Standard Black
Beard : Valient & Scared Beard Dark
Brief 😛 : Intimizzio Classic Brief White and Black
Pants : X-Ray Baggy Diper Pants
Tank : Alpha Angel Bad Boy
Bracelet : Chantkare Colorgy Wristband Red and white
Watch : S2L white leather
Tie: Gisaci Classic Italia Red
Glasses : Reek Park Shades
Tennis: HOC Apparel – Hocs Lowtops tied altern
Bag : Emery – Bag James Pure
Hat : Akeyo Fedora Gingham
Coat : SG – 4Minute – Jacket  Black

When all of us started playing SL, we had no idea what we’d find.  After spending some time in SL I found myself in a place of dreams and possibilities.  SL is not just a common game but a game that engages real people from all over the world.  Here we all have an opportunity to choose to do innovative things and make a mark even if some might consider it small.
Mister Virtual World is perhaps the most glorious possibility of leaving our mark but it also shows who we are through our individual cultures and the culture of our native country, mine being Portugal.  These incentives are what I found to be part of such a great contest and organization.

MEET MVW 2011Mr. United Kingdom: Aspen Parx

Mr. United Kingdom 2011: ASPEN PARX

Style Card

Shape~ MADesign
Skin ~ LaVie- Massimo -shaved Face ~ Jarythe Barber Shop- 5 O’clock shadow
Eyes ~ MADesign- Vanity
Hair ~ CheerNo- Yalli-
dark Jacket ~ Lapointe & Bastchild-
London Pants ~ AgySecret-
Leather Pants Shoes ~ Muism-
Blk Boots Tattoo- Tink-
British Flag Necklace ~ Lapointe & Bastchild-
Couture Dog Tag Belt ~ Aoharu

Aspen Parx came to Sl on May 21, 2008 to be with his partner Hollee Zhora. I came also to learn to surf and hangout in Costa Rica. In Feb. 2009 I entered the first Mr. Costa Rica contest. I found out after I lost that I wanted to learn how to be a good model in SL. Since then my journey has taken me to some of the best academies and to learn from some of the best teachers in SL. I have been fortunate enough to be part of many fine Agencies over the past two years plus. The one thing most people don’t know about Aspen Parx is that he is very generous, and likes to do quiet acts of kindness. It has been a long journey for Aspen to reach the finals of Mister VW, but the wait has been worth it. It was a goal I set wayback in 2009. Representing the country of the United Kingdom is not only a privilege, but also and honor. The title of Mister VW carries a very high profile to whoever wins. If lucky enough to win the title, I will use it as a platform to reach out and not only help others, but to help shape the future of SL Modeling.


MR. VENEZUELA 2011: Kaz Core


Prenda: PELO – storm II
Diseñador: Lulu Jameson
Tienda: Egoisme

Prenda: chaqueta Peacoat Beige
Diseñador: Hiwinyu Fazuku

Prenda: Pantalon – Jeans M2
Diseñador: Kal Rau

Prenda: botas –  J’s Laceup Short Boots
Diseñador: JB Gazov

Mi nombre es Kas Core y me siento orgulloso de poder representar a un pais de habla hispana como es Venezuela, empecé en Second Life el dia 10/12/2008. Estoy interesado en el mundo de la moda que me parece fascinante y en cuanto me enteré de este gran concurso que es MVW no lo dudé. Mis intereses y metas pasan por seguir por mucho tiempo en este fascinante mundo en donde se reinventa dia a dia tantas cosas. No sé si llegaré lejos en el concurso, sólo espero vivir una bonita experiencia y hacer buenas amistades.

MEET MISTER MVW Mr. Brazil 2011: Pedrinho Naire

MR. BRAZIL: Pedrinho Naire


Skin: *KENTO* Cherish_T6
Eyes: Lelutka – Ellis – Pierce/M
Hair: [Shag] – Shine On – Dark Shades
T-shirt: CHANTKARE Men’s – Netted Fringe Tank [WHITE]
Pants: [GLUE INK] Skinny Jeans (Grey)
Boots: ::Kookie :: Armarda Long /  Forest Green
Necklace: Mandala Shamira Dog Tag/ Black

I entered the contest because I always enjoyed fashion, and one year I work with it inside the Second Life. Mr Virtual World  is a very important contest and being a finalists is a great victory for me.

MEET MVW Mr. Italy 2011: Tyler Barineaux

MR. ITALY 2011: Tyler Barineaux

Style Card:

Hair: [Cheerno] Hair MAX [Dark 3.0N]
Jacket & Shirt: …Scars… Design Jacket set [Short/Gray]
Belt: *Muism* Mu Crock Belt
Pants: AOHARU_British TweedSuit_Beige (Slack_Pants)
Boots: *Muism* Ankle Boots/Stitched/Black
Photographer: Zachary Zufreur

I was was born into SL in November of 2010 and has loved my experience ever since. I sees himself as an optimistic, humorous and happy guy. Only until recently have I been interested in modeling, and decided to enroll into AVENUE Models Academy. There I learned the proper way to style, walk a runway and learned what to expect in the modeling world.I am currently a Marketing Manager for SL Art Couture, a model for the upcoming ZURYA || PR and Marketing Agency, Opium Fashion Agency, Maritima Inc and hope there are
many more to come!

I’ve always been an avid stylist, ready to put together a nice look, but never thought of making it a living. So far, I’ve really enjoyed my start in modeling and even hope to get some more agencies on that resume of mine. I feel like the Mr. Virtual World competition will be a great way to jumpstart my career, I believe this competition is about using the title for the right reasons and if I were to win I know I would use the title to help others and help promote more male fashion. I’m proud to represent the proud country of Italy and wish everyone the best of luck!

MEET MVW Mr. Netherlands 2011: Min Maesar

MR. NETHERLANDS 2011: Min Maesar


My jacket is a tweed  jacket specialy made for me by a friend.
Pants    : Harem Pants Black from AMERIE
Shoes   :  DOCS 8-Hole Silver from GOS
Shoulder Bag : Shoulder Bag Leather v3 (black bag color, silver metal color  from  2(X)2 Mens Wear
Scripted Nails – Starter – For Male from MPP (6 colors, I have the metalic black color)
Hair included Cap from W&Y
Eyelashes : Valentino for him from Eyelashes! Talon Faire Fashions
Earring right: Gemma from Rozoregalia
Earring left :  Achilleus from Gabriel
Ring : Proud multitexture ring from LAOQ

Its Min Maesar  here, rezzed on September 2nd 2010. Friends told me about SL and I got curious. In RL I like a bit of pc gaming, old games really but still fun. I am glad my friends helped me to “survive” the first days, I was such a noob. Helping finding a shape/skin, clothing, telling all about editing, and lots more.
I could spend some time in SL because my Rl job wasnt so busy at that time. I like fashion and I got to talk one day to a very nice woman who gave me lots of information about who to contact for a training etc. And so I got in touch with Mimmi Boa and did the Evane Models Agency. Meanwhile, to my surprise, I was choosen as Mr April for the GA Calender 2011.

After that, I thought I hadn’t learned enough and entered the Glance Model Academy. I had a great teacher, Trouble Inglewood. It took a while to graduate, my RL got more busy but finally I did and thought of SL as a nice experience and told friends I wouldnt come online that often anymore.
But some girls told me, maybe forced me (girls, girls) to enter the Mr VW 2011 contest. So I did but to be honest I had no idea I would be choosen to walk and never thought I would be choosen as a finalist. A true surprise. So lets go for it now and see where it will lead me.

Min Maesar

MEET MVW Mr. Spain 2011: Ludwig Prinz

Mr. Spain 2011: Ludwig Prinz


Skin: Belleza – Shawn Tan 2
Hair: W&Y – Apollo
Sunglasses: Kalnin – Speed
Jacket – AOHARU Leather Tailored Jacket
Tshirt – AOHARU Tank White
Pants – XTC Lambskin Leather Pants
Boots: J’s Laceup Short Boots

Ludwig Prinz has been in Second Life for almost 5 years and is well-known in fashion circles and beyond as an accomplished and talented photographer. He himself appeared in several feature articles in SL magazines, has been nominated for the “Best in SL Photography” in the INTERNATIONAL FASHION AWARDS 2009 and enjoys commission work for SL Fashion Magazines, Designers and Modelling Agencies. He also helps new models to get them on track with their modelling careers using his experience of the dos and donts and by giving expert advise.

Though he spends most of his time behind the camera and in Photoshop, he loves the given opportunity through Mister Virtual World to be in front of the camera and walking on the runway. He considers himself very fashion savvy and loves the unlimited possibilities to express creativity in SL.

Originally from Germany, he now lives in Florida and enjoys activities like skydiving and sailing, which he also practices in SL. He is looking forward to being part of this incredible competition and hopes to be able as Mr. Virtual World to boost the men’s fashion world by showing how to dress with style and on every budget. He will be proud to present the BOSL organization in bringing the fashion world and SL population closer together and continue to capture beauty for others to see. Finally he has to add that helping to find a cure for cancer is one of his biggest goals in his real life as well as actively supporting this in Second Life.

Rez Date:  1/13/2007

MEET MVW Mister Iceland 2011: Winter Jefferson

Winter Jefferson – Mr Iceland 2011


Hair – Whisp in Silver by [GAUZE]
Eyes – Sunrise in Pale Grey by Fashism
Skin – Brent in Light by CheerNo
Jacket – Rider’s Jacket in Roadster by Guarded Cross
Beater – Ribbed Tank in Steel by Moonshine
Gloves – Belted Leather Gloves by Devol
Jeans – Billie Jeans in Black by Ladies Who Lunch
Shoes – Engineer Boots by Coco
Helmet and Bike by Dirty Lynx
Photography by Winter Jefferson

Entering Mr Virtual World… it was an idea that I had been entertaining for a while. Around a year ago I decided to retry my modeling career path that I had let fizzle out in 2008 due to both the awful time zone I’m on, and the fact that I was the worst model ever because I simply couldn’t keep my mouth shut on the runway. “Well, hello ladies…” I felt that the male modeling world could use a bit more diversity and some of my own special brand of panache so I flung myself back into the breach. When I decide to do something then I go in hard and don’t rest until I’ve done it right. For modeling in Second Life there’s no higher or harder challenge than MVW and this was irresistible to me. Everyone wants this title so much and it only gets bestowed on one man. The best. Of course I needed to see if that could be me.

One of the things my winning the crown (with a great deal of insane luck and possible sexual bribery) would show is that there are many standards of male beauty and style in Second Life… just as many as there are in the real world. I’m sure I’d be a great ambassador for the organisation because I am many things, but I am never boring. I’d use the opportunity to broaden people’s outlooks on themselves and this magnificent world we share. I’d introduce new and overlooked creative people in all aspects of SL to the public. I would also possibly attempt some kind of insider led vampire coup on BOSL headquar – . wait… you didn’t read that one.

MEET MVW Mr Israel 2011: Sy Whitesong

MR. ISRAEL 2011: Sy Whitesong

Shape: Sy Whitesong
Skin: “Edward”//Subaru
Cosmetics:  “Lace”//White Widow
Hair:  “Nick”//Uncleweb
Eyes: “CHAI Eyes”//L. Fauna
Outfit:  “Neo Pisces”//BareRose
Jewelry:  “Inspired by Caoimhe”//Finesmith Designs
Pose:  “Puissant”//Di’s Opera
Model & Photographer: Sy Whitesong

Hi there!  My name is Sy Whitesong, and I am representing Israel in the Mister Virtual World 2011 competition.  Being chosen as a finalist for MVW has been a truly humbling experience for me, as it has given me the opportunity to stand alongside so many other amazing male models.  Although we have many different styles and personalities, each of us is an expert stylist and consummate professional in our own way.  It can definitely be intimidating at times, but I absolutely love the challenge that MVW provides, and the experience has been a BLAST so far!  I have no idea what’s in store for us over the next couple of weeks, but I’ll continue to do my best, and look forward to seeing who is crowned Mister Virtual World 2011!

MEET MVW Mr. Peru 2011: Angelik Lavecchia

MR. PERU 2011: Angelik Lavecchia

Style Card:

Jacket: [SG] – (4minute jacket)
Pants: Vero Modero – (part of Dark man suit)
Shirt: Vero Modero – (part of Youl Suit)
Collar: Tableau vivant – (part of Orestes shirt)
Boots: Hoorenbeck – Riding boots
Make up: Tableau Vivant
Hair: 3636

I started modeling on May 2010. I am a graduate from Evane and  Arcobaleno. I have been in more than 70 runway shows, have done in-store modeling for “Kings and Queens” store and am currently a “Champagne! Sparkling” model.  I made some works as a print model, for magazines and vendors. Participated in some contests, being elected Mr. September and SuperElite SuperSearch 2nd Runner UP, “King of November” of the contest “The Royal Crown contest”, and am Mr. Moolto 2011. I had the honor of being nominated “Spokesmodel” of Maniera Ones to Watch 2011 and nominated “Best Male Top Model” on the BOSL awards 2011.
I entered Mr. Virtual World contest, mostly cause I like challenges, and this contest it’s not just a huge challenge, but too a big opportunity to test my abilities of Styling and my Personality. To me, Mr. Virtual World can’t be faced just as a status or a desirable title, specially cause all eyes will be on the winner, and most people will see him as a role model. That is a huge responsibility, cause role models are most times responsible for the development of other people personalities and behaviors.

Meet MVW Mr. India 2011: Varaderobiker Blackburn

MR. INDIA 2011: Varaderobiker Blackburn


Hat: [CheerNo] Deuil George Fedora
Vest: [CheerNo] Deuil George vest
T-Shirt: CheerNo.STYLETees WhiteBASIC
Kilt: [CheerNo] Deuil George Kilt V1 [Flex]
Gloves: [CheerNo] Deuil George Gloves
Jeans: [CheerNo] Deuil George Pants V1
Shoes: *REDGRAVE* Aviator Boots -Black

Skin: *REDGRAVE* – Tyson

Hairbase: [Anaphora]_Fre$hCuts_Brunette_Arcane
Eyes: LL – fairy eyes – wolf bright
Shape: Custom made by Varaderobiker Blackburn

I am Varaderobiker Blackburn or better known as Vara. The country that I represent at MVW is the wonderful India. I choosed this country because it is so full of culture, amazing people and great colors. We all know the movies out of Bollywood (more or less) and the great food that we eat, time by time. I am so proud to have the chance to represent this country because it gives me the opportunity to bring you the culture and the colors a little bit closer.

I joined MVW to get more experience in modeling and to feel more safe in what I do. It gives me a great feeling to be there, cause I love the competition with other models. I am very honored to be a part of this very well known amazing contest and to share my creativity and styling to the whole high-fashion world. I love to play with the diffrent styles and the awesome creations of the designers. But also, if I find an outfit that I completely love, I wear it without any mix and match. And Cheerno is one of my favorite brands in SL.

I wish you all so much fun if you are watching us. Remember, we do this cause we love it and have fun with it !



MEET MVW Mr Russia 2011: Guka Sparta

MVW MR. RUSSIA 2011: Guka Sparta


hairs: [Uw.St]  Serafin-Hair – black
shirt: AOHARU – WildShirt – white
bracelet: [MANDALA]Takara Bangle – Rich ice
belt:  *COCO* WideBelt – white
pants: SHIKI Cotton Slacks – grey stripes
socks: [ht] basics classic socks – grey
shoes: ANEXX HorseBitLoafer – white

I’m a graduate and professional model from excellent fashion academies and i’ve been modeling since May of 2010. I’m an exclusive model for elite designers, i have good live modeling experience in stores, good runway experience, various print jobs and i’m a cover model for magazines. I strive to excell at being an excellent model, to learn something new every day and to help others in the same way. I’m always friendly, happy, and always trying to do all my best.

MVW contest: Almost one year ago i was into a male fashion store and i was just starting out as an trainee model when i learned about MrVW contest from a friend. I was impressed from that moment of great opportunity. It become really my first goal from that day and i always proclaimed this at my closer friends. So, i started to work hard every day, building a private runway too behind my house (LOL), training me in walks and poses and sharing experiences and emotions with people who have always believed in my ability to model. I’m glad cause i did everything with professionalism without forgetting the fun. I suppose all this helped me to achieve the title of finalist of this exciting contest. Whatever will be the result, i’m sure this contest is going to be my best ever cause i have various friends here and i met someone new too. It’s a great experience that let improve myself so i’m putting 100% of myself for the final event, always being professional and filling what i do with my personality and my sense of style. My primary purpose is to show myself not only like a excellent model.. but here i am, so.. why don’t try to win? 😉

MEET MVW Mr. France 2011: Didier Rascon

MR. FRANCE 2011: Didier Rascon

Styling Card :

– Shirt : WildShirt, Aoharu
– Vest : Vest Tay, Sartoria
– Pants : Gaucho pants, NSD
– Boots : Shalwar, Gizza
– Jewelry : Crystal line
– Hairs : Plume

About me :

My name is Didier Rascon, I was born in SL on December 13th, 2008 and since September 2010 I am really happy to be married to one of the best model of SL, Angelik Lavecchia.
As an architect in RL I started my SL by building some houses. But the huge potential of creativity offered by SL made me understood that I had the chance to do something completely different from my RL. Then I started to use my graphic skils to design and create clothes for my own. I finally opened my own clothing store, and I am now the designer and owner of the brand  “House of Europe”, having clothes for both women and men.

Since being in the world of fashion, I naturally slipped into the desire of becoming a model. I quickly started to do castings and to make fashion shows, but to improve my skils in modelling and styling I entered the Ms Virtual World Academy where I proudly graduated in September 2010, with the help of awesome teachers like Kay Fairey and Mimmi Boa.

Armed with all this knowledge and broad experiences, I continued my way to become one of the best male models of SL. My best accomplishements so far are :
– 1st runner up of Mr Costa Rica 2011
– 1st runner up of Mr Bestyle 2011
– 1st runner up of Mr SuperElite 2010

Today, I am really proud to be an official finalist of Mister Virtual World 2011 pageant where I will have the amazing chance to represent my RL country : FRANCE.

Why I have enter MVW :

I heard about this pageant last year when i was a beginner model. Of course i tried to enter it by submitting my picture, but i know today i was not prepared and not good enough to compete with the best men of SL.
But entering the MVW pageant was a dream and a goal for me ! I was waiting for it and now i an truly happy to be a finalist 🙂 I will now give my best in this competition, and whatever will be the result, i know i will be proud of me !


MEET Mr. Japan 2011: Zachary Zufreur

MR. Japan 2011: Zachary Zufreur

It was by chance I entered Mr VW. At that time, I was photographing my client, BOSL Top Male Model RicoRacer Flux, when he mentioned that the Mr. VW contest is on and egged me to submit an entry. After much persuasion, I decided to take the plunge into the unknown. Being shortlisted for the audition was when things started to feel ‘real’. I did a crash course on runway / poses / prims and styling from my friends who are models. My first public runway walk was during the auditions and it was nerve wrecking knowing that so many people, including the judges were watching me. But soon as i was on the runway, I felt the adrenaline rush and I knew that I fell in love with modeling. 

Winning the title of Mr. Virtual World would mean that many doors of opportunities would be opened not just for me, but also for many aspiring designers and photographers. I’ve always believed that SL is a bridge to the real world. That photoshop skills could be picked up, improved and polished and that skill could be applied to the real world. I also believe in discovering and endorsing talented new designers who deserve a chance to shine. 
STYLE CARD: D&G Inspired Look

Shape: Custom made by Cieleste Magic
Skin: -Belleza- Thomas 
Hair: [UW.7r] Nick-Hair
Hairbase: Amacci hairbase tattoo
Make up: [Cheerno] La Vita.PURE 12
Eyes: Custom made by Beauty Lounge
Earring: Ispachi – Male earring – Silver hoop
Jacket: AOHARU_BT_ModsCoat
Shirt: AOHARU_ElegantSuit_Red
Vest: AOHARU_BritishTweedSuit
Pants: AOHARU_ElegantSuit_Red
Shoes: Aviator Boots from Redgrave
Walking Stick: ~Albion~

MEET The MVW 2011 Misters


The Mister Virtual World final live show is fast approaching which is coming up on July 16. There are a lot of amazing gentlemen who made the MVW finalist this year and each one is worthy of the crown.  They all just completed the D&G and Avante Garde Challenges and did amazingly well. Do you have a favorite yet? Well, don’t post your bet yet until you get to know them.

I will be posting a very brief interview of the finalists and spotlight their sense of style in the next few days. It will be up in the BOSL blog as well. Stay Tuned.




Congratulations to our Official Finalists to


1.  MR BRAZIL – Pedrinho Naire
2.  MR CHILE – LesPaul Ibanez
3.  MR COSTA RICA – Pheonix Reyer
4.  MR FRANCE – Didier Rascon
5.  MR GERMANY – Garrett Ceriano
6.  MR GREECE – Daniele Eberhardt
7.  MR ICELAND – Winter Jefferson
8.  MR INDIA – Varaderobiker Blackburn
9.  MR ISRAEL – Sy Whitesong
10.  MR ITALY – Tyler Barineaux
11.  MR JAPAN – Zachary Zufreur
12.  MR MEXICO – Josh Askari
13.  MR NETHERLANDS – Min Maesar
14.  MR NEW ZEALAND – Harsch Sharktooth
15.  MR PERU – angelik Lavecchia
16.  MR PHILIPPINES – Markski Glom
17.  MR PORTUGAL – Matteo Bettencourt
18.  MR RUSSIA – Guka Sparta
19.  MR SPAIN – Ludwig Prinz
20.  MR UNITED KINGDOM – Aspen Parx
21.  MR UNITED STATED – Jax Aster

The FINAL of MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 shall take place at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium on July 16th 2011. Congratualtions to all of the finalists of this years competition!

UPDATE: Two men have dropped out so it is down to 22 from 24.


MISS Virtual World First 8 Official Candidates

Our first 8 Official Candidates to



Shena Neox (MISS MUNDO VIRTUAL winner)

Caroline Mosely  (MISS BRAZIL winner)


From auditions:


AnnaG Pfeiffer

Michela Benazzi (Miss USA)

Anna Sapphire

Kayma India

Rusalka Callisto

skylei Caproni


Mister Virtual World 2011 First Official Finalists



The following models are now official candidates to MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2011. If you were invited to the last live audition and did not make it, you may attend the last audition at the end of May. If you were not invited to the live audition at all, you may send a different picture for judging consideration to Frolic Mills AND BlackBarbie Bravin. We a few more contestants, but please follow the instructions.

Good luck to all and congratulations to our Official Finalists!


Daniele Eberhart
Didier Rascon
Ewan Crumb
Tyler Barineaux
Winter Jefferson
LesPaul Ibanez
Brendan Macarthur
Matteo Bettencourt
Jax Aster
Garrett Ceriano
Winter Jefferson
Ludwig Prinz
Pedrinho Naire
Min Maesar
Pheonix Reyer

First Mister Virtual World 2011 Live Audition Call Back


The judges would like to see the following models at a live audition today April 30th at 3:00 pm SLT at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium.

If you are not on this list and would like to try again, please resubmit a different picture for the month of May. There will be one more chance to get in at the end of that month.

Please be aware that you must be able to conduct live interviews and listen to instructions during reharsals using inworld voice.


Ludwig Prinz
Brayden Thirdborn
three Brentley
Didier Rascon
siXX Yangtz
Apalachee Resident
Shaval Jinx
Josh Askari
Pedrinho Naire
Yoshigenstein Drammond
Brendan Macarthur
Winter Jefferson
Tyler Barineaux
Aspen Parx
Parker Droverson
Markski Glom
Matteo Bettencourt
Zach Wheatcliffe
Jax Aster
Min Maesar
LesPaul Ibanez
Daniele Eberhardt
Garrett Ceriano
Ewan Crumb
Ayrton Radikal



Mister Virtual World 2011 Auditions



We are looking for the sexiest male avatar on the grid.

– Send us your best headshot 512 x 512 labelled:  MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 (your name). texture only please, no folder necessary. Please send to Frolic Mills AND BlackBarbie Bravin.

– Join THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group, which will be the group used for all Mr. Virtual World 2011 announcements.

– If the judges like what they see, we will call you back for a live audition at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium., and only after we see all of the pre selected avatars, will we announce the official finalists to compete for the title of MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2011 on Saturday  July 16th at 10 am SLT.

– Most rehearsals will take place on saturdays at 10 am SLT. If you cannot commit to this schedule, please do not audition.

Let the search begin!

Frolic Mills
Miss/Mr Virtual World Organization CEO

TRES Beau Gowns from Miss Virtual World 2011 Available in Store

We at Tres Beau were excited to be part of this year’s Miss Virtual World contest.

The gowns and National Costume are available now in store unless otherwise noted.


MISS PERU: Miss Glitter Bollisima


MISS BRAZIL: Miss Shae Sixpence


Miss Virtual World 2010: Miss Miaa Rebane

For her final walk as Miss Virtual World 2010, Tres Beau proudly presents Miaa Rebane…Miaa, you were the soul of elegance and grace, congratulations on an incredible year!