The Event shall be closed off to the public, however it will be streamed LIVE via Metaverse TV so you don’t miss out on a thing!


Saturday June 16th

10:00 am SLT

This event is closed to public.

Watch live on: http://metaversetv.com/live




MEET MVW Mr. Monaco 2012: Maxime Tyran


Hello my name is Maxime Tyran but name me Max, i am 22 years old, i am French, passionate by the fashion industry and always searching for news, i am am more inspired by the casual style and how to be a man with a good style in my every day life. But i like to do new challenges.
I decided to join Mister Virtual World because I love challenge, and in my mind this is the most important challenge in this virtual fashion world. I think I bring a natural side to the competition, because the styles that I do reflects my personality and my character. I also think I bring a young and modern look about fashion.
I know this title is a door on all the fashion industry and with that i would like to work on very interesting and various projects.

Style Card :

Coat : COCO
Pants : Mr.Poet
Shoes : Hoorenbeek
Gloves : Redgrave
Hair : Dura
Umbrella : D


MEET MVW Mr. Luxembourg 2012: Metos Beaumont


Second Life has been part of my existence for 5 years now, with a contantly renewed fascination. As it transformed and evolved, so did my path in the metaverse, going from a mere explorer enjoying the pleasure of various sims to a DJ and a builder. I have not seen it all, far from that, and entering the SL fashion world is one of those transformations. I made my entrance through the small door by djing for BOSL Radio, observing and learning from all those designers, creators and models. This is who I am, RL and SL, a curious frenchie always interested in new things.
I joined Mister Virtual World as a personal challenge, to push my own limits in terms of styling, building, exporessing my personality through an outfit. I hgonestly don’t know what I can bring to the competition aside from my own personality: cheerful, dynamic, imaginative and my own personal belief of what a Mister should be like.
If I win MVW, I would use it to promote the creation on Second LIfe. All forms of creation: fashion, visual arts, music and even litterature. Second Life is a wonderful place for arts and creation and if fashion and music have already taken that amazing importance on the Grid, other form of arts can be pushed on display for everyone to see and recognize.


Body Shot
Hair: salon de Glow – Sugar – Jet Black
Shirt: Gisaci – Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Egyria Red
Tie: Mandala – Smexy Tie Necklace – Polly White
Pants: L&B S’Wear “Buckled Biker” Leather pants with silver belt
Shoes: Exile – Kboots black
Bracelet L: Rozoregalia Nornir Bracelet Simple
Bracelet R: Mandala Reiki Bracelet Black Stone




While I am new to the world of modeling, I have been in SL for a little over three years. I am a fashion blogger for the Boystown Closet and MAD Image. I am also a member of the Boystown Production Team, so you will often find me parked and chatting at one party or another. My interest in the creativity of designers as well as the growing development of men’s clothing options in SL really spurred my desire to take the next step into modeling (it also did not hurt that I was finally graduating in RL, giving me much more free time!). I had the honor of winning the Face of Menswear Fashion Week earlier this year, and it was a great experience. Oh, and I play a wicked game of Greedy!

The reputation of Mister Virtual World definitely precedes itself. Despite being new to the modeling industry, I think very few people have not heard about THE competition for male models. On a basic level, I thought it would be a great way to gain some experience and exposure as a newcomer to the industry. Moreover, I have met a number of inspiring models over the past few months, and quite a few have participated in the MVW contest. These are people I respect and admire. I feel I can bring to the competition my experience styling over the past two years as a fashion blogger. And let’s not forget to mention that I am the only MVW candidate representing gingers this year! 😀

The title of MVW would no doubt open a number of doors and opportunities. One of my proudest accomplishments in SL was being a part of the Broadway Cares “Fight Against AIDS” charity event in 2011. I was a part of the team that won over 700,000L for this incredible cause. I am involved in charities in both RL and SL, and I would love to continue this initiative as MVW. It is definitely a great platform that gives voice to raise awareness throughout the SL community. In addition, I would love to have the opportunity to help give attention to male fashion in SL to promote the industry.


Shirt: Happy Song Tshirt, Balkanik

Jacket: Dark Blue Jacket, Redgrave

Shorts: Comfy Shorts Mesh Blue, Gizza

Shoes: Timber Boot Bright, Miel

Glasses: Augie Glasses, Reed

Hair: Suedehead Autumn, Shag


MEET MVW Mister Greece 2012: Miko Scorpio


I am Miko Scorpio. Born RL in Philippines, and live in USA now.  I come into Second Life to be close and visit with friend and family that there is large distance between us now.  I love fashion and work in it real life. I even have model in real life and that is what bring my curiosity to SL model world. Fashion world  has been long time passion.  I feel very honor to be in Mister Virtual World and wish all contestants luck.  There are big challenge and it has been lots of work but fun!  I put my heart in all I do, love my friends and family much.  I am a friend to all and believe everyone should live in peace regardless of their belief or choice in life.

I  try for Mister Virtual World as a personal challenge.  I am not ‘big name’ model in Second Life, still I  have much education in fashion and runway RL.  I never dream that I would be choice because I am not ‘big name’ but I got on list and very happy.  I will bring to competition what I know, real life knowledge of fashion, model world and how it blends in one beautiful world. I do not wish to hurt others but I will do my  best and hope to be winner if Judges feel I am qualified.  I will also have my personal choice in colors and style. This will show much in the final day.  I wish to step out of the box, with style, fashion, elegance and a fabulous fresh face.
I would try to help other aspiring models who wish to grow, and learn. Give opportunity and chance to those who have desire to succeed.  Also I wish to push forward non profit groups close to my heart.  I feel that in the world today there is much bias and hate.  Many do not get freedom to be who they are because of fear.  This fear driving many to suicide or very bad time in life. It is sad in our world this prejudice and hate is allow.  Many non profits help these people and prevent horrible fall out from hates.  I would like to support and raise awareness to them if I win MVW.  Promote love, and peace through the RL world, it is a big need.


Miko Scorpio Mr Greece

Hair:  -.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ TYLER

Champagne Shiny Gold Underwear
Champagne Wild
Fallen Gods- Arcangel Outfit White
Shoes:  Egoisme Flat Sandals

Finesmith Holiday Tale
Finesmith Melanie Inspiration Headpiece
Gaia Gold Fire


MEET MVW Mr. India 2012: TymonAlexander



Greetings everyone ,  My name Is Tymonalexander 27 years old , a Hair stylist & make up artist  in my real life . I was born in Morocco and  I spent my life  traveling  between France , Spain , and I eventually landed in Belgium , where I have lived for 4 years now .  This is where my  versatile and eclectic  personality, tastes, styles comes from . Sl for me  is  place where people come after work to have some fun and meet nice people and enjoy they times.

My time in sl  is spent between styling, shopping , working  on my Androgynous magazine, going and watching shows , dancing or just talking with my close friends, who I love to pieces they will recognize themselves♥  cause even though it is a virtual world,  we all need support  and people you trust and count on around  you .

I joined  Mister Virtual World  because it seems to be a very unique and exciting experience  to try and I confirm it is .  It push you to your limits and even gets you to see the finest details and become a true perfectionist at your styling and fitting abilities . You learn to search deep  inside your inspiration  to come up  with something new  and different . I become where I will be prepared for anything,  anywhere . But my own main goal for me is for tolerance and freedom , be YOU .

I think what I bring  to the competition  is my eclectic styling which is multicultural and to show people who I am and what I am made of.  I love to help people learn and be the best they can be.

“If i win ” ?  I’ve already won , because I was chosen as candidate and  it means we are all potentially winners and have skills to be  Mister Virtual . It all depends on a few details which can be very a little to make the difference and the judges choices .

But if I get the title, I would do what I do everyday, which is try be inspiration to people ,  help organizations, associations and charities .  I would thank all the people who work so hard in SL for others, Like relay for life, Ashraya, Feed Smiles, Breast Cancer Awareness , Aids Awareness, No Hate , Suicide Prevention and so many more . We do help people and there are always so many that need promotion, people to donate time and lindens too, anything I can help with and be a part of is my honor to do so.

To finish this interview  I would say to all the candidates,  good luck and it is a great honor to be with you guys in this journey .

Have a Great  Week
mister v INDIA 2012


Photographer   tymonalexander  .
Hair : Yasyn’s Honest Fauxhawk – Seal Brown
Jacket : [NSD] Napoleon Jacket
~Tableau Vivant~ Dean jeans – Pants layer
TEN”10 Megas boot mesh black


MEET MVW Mr. Scotland 2012: Erikstyle


My name erikstyle resident, I Can Say That My interest in fashion started by rl. Having a companion who was working as a model in fashion, then I went on secondlife and I met a very good model is to me now from my partner has taught the basics to become a good model. I graduated in August of 2011 from Modway Academy and then to KV Dream Fashion Agency. I started doing shows in all agencies fasshion Italian, then I thought to myself knowing i had to move outside the Italian agencies and know I did. I must say That it was not easy with foreign agencies not intregrarmi HAVING bases the English language, but I gave up and with the patience and the will are Able to enter lepiù Between major modeling agencies in sl. I Know That My career is just beginning and all that I have much to learn and blackberries continue to engage as I have done until now to the best of me.

My SL Fashion / Modeling/Resume:        

Inworld Inc. Official-Model
Opium-Evolution Model
Carisma mdel International Agency -Model
Jen International Agency – Supermodel
K.V. Dream Fashion Agency – Top model
Modway Academy-Top Model
Posh Beauty Models-Model
Avcom Pro Model-Model
Graduated from
Modway Academy 23/08/2011
K.V. Dream Fashion Agency 01/11/2011
♛ Top 2  Finalist for Mr. Avatar World 2012 ♛

I had heard about this contest, one of the most important part where the best models of sl. I said let’s try to participate if they are very aware that there are models much better than me, now that I’m a competitor ufficile. I will give more 100% because I will have a direct comparison with all the best models this is what excites me and an incentive to give my all in this competition.

The title of MVW is very important. Surely this is the biggest contest in Second Life. I’d use this victory to represent some charity that operates in Second Life and rl, for example, the charity Ashraya Project is Miss. Anna Sapphire virtual world, or in the world does not forget that there are only humans who can help, but also animals or nature. Undoubtedly, the competition opens many avenues in the fashion industry, my passion!

styling card:


Tableau Vivant – Orestes shirt
Tableau Vivant – Costume design – Reich pants
Countdown.Iris Lace US
Gizza – Freddie Mercury Inspiration – Belt


Dura hairbase black
Dura-Boy 33 black


Gizza Shalwar outfits Vol.1 boots


Egoisme Addon Eyeliner


Evian – Johan Medium