MEET MVW Mr. Netherlands 2011: Min Maesar

MR. NETHERLANDS 2011: Min Maesar


My jacket is a tweed  jacket specialy made for me by a friend.
Pants    : Harem Pants Black from AMERIE
Shoes   :  DOCS 8-Hole Silver from GOS
Shoulder Bag : Shoulder Bag Leather v3 (black bag color, silver metal color  from  2(X)2 Mens Wear
Scripted Nails – Starter – For Male from MPP (6 colors, I have the metalic black color)
Hair included Cap from W&Y
Eyelashes : Valentino for him from Eyelashes! Talon Faire Fashions
Earring right: Gemma from Rozoregalia
Earring left :  Achilleus from Gabriel
Ring : Proud multitexture ring from LAOQ

Its Min Maesar  here, rezzed on September 2nd 2010. Friends told me about SL and I got curious. In RL I like a bit of pc gaming, old games really but still fun. I am glad my friends helped me to “survive” the first days, I was such a noob. Helping finding a shape/skin, clothing, telling all about editing, and lots more.
I could spend some time in SL because my Rl job wasnt so busy at that time. I like fashion and I got to talk one day to a very nice woman who gave me lots of information about who to contact for a training etc. And so I got in touch with Mimmi Boa and did the Evane Models Agency. Meanwhile, to my surprise, I was choosen as Mr April for the GA Calender 2011.

After that, I thought I hadn’t learned enough and entered the Glance Model Academy. I had a great teacher, Trouble Inglewood. It took a while to graduate, my RL got more busy but finally I did and thought of SL as a nice experience and told friends I wouldnt come online that often anymore.
But some girls told me, maybe forced me (girls, girls) to enter the Mr VW 2011 contest. So I did but to be honest I had no idea I would be choosen to walk and never thought I would be choosen as a finalist. A true surprise. So lets go for it now and see where it will lead me.

Min Maesar