MEET MVW Mister Greece 2012: Miko Scorpio


I am Miko Scorpio. Born RL in Philippines, and live in USA now.  I come into Second Life to be close and visit with friend and family that there is large distance between us now.  I love fashion and work in it real life. I even have model in real life and that is what bring my curiosity to SL model world. Fashion world  has been long time passion.  I feel very honor to be in Mister Virtual World and wish all contestants luck.  There are big challenge and it has been lots of work but fun!  I put my heart in all I do, love my friends and family much.  I am a friend to all and believe everyone should live in peace regardless of their belief or choice in life.

I  try for Mister Virtual World as a personal challenge.  I am not ‘big name’ model in Second Life, still I  have much education in fashion and runway RL.  I never dream that I would be choice because I am not ‘big name’ but I got on list and very happy.  I will bring to competition what I know, real life knowledge of fashion, model world and how it blends in one beautiful world. I do not wish to hurt others but I will do my  best and hope to be winner if Judges feel I am qualified.  I will also have my personal choice in colors and style. This will show much in the final day.  I wish to step out of the box, with style, fashion, elegance and a fabulous fresh face.
I would try to help other aspiring models who wish to grow, and learn. Give opportunity and chance to those who have desire to succeed.  Also I wish to push forward non profit groups close to my heart.  I feel that in the world today there is much bias and hate.  Many do not get freedom to be who they are because of fear.  This fear driving many to suicide or very bad time in life. It is sad in our world this prejudice and hate is allow.  Many non profits help these people and prevent horrible fall out from hates.  I would like to support and raise awareness to them if I win MVW.  Promote love, and peace through the RL world, it is a big need.


Miko Scorpio Mr Greece

Hair:  -.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ TYLER

Champagne Shiny Gold Underwear
Champagne Wild
Fallen Gods- Arcangel Outfit White
Shoes:  Egoisme Flat Sandals

Finesmith Holiday Tale
Finesmith Melanie Inspiration Headpiece
Gaia Gold Fire