MEET MVW 2011: Mr. Greece Daniele Eberhardt

MR. GREECE: Daniele Eberhardt

Styling Card:

Hairs: Dura Boy&Girls 15
Shirt: Coco BowShirt White
Vest: Tableau Vivant- Orestes
Pant: S041 Sartoria black Gala suit with Band
Gloves: Tres Beau Aspen
Shoes: Redgrave Charlston Loafers

My modeling career begun in April 2009 when I was trained by the wonderful Mimmi Boa at Evane Models Academy, where I learned a lot from her and after my graduation I was invited to join Evane Models Agency. After that, I studied and graduated also at Avenue Models Academy and I was invited to join Avenue Models.

Since then I had the luck to walk in countless runway shows with many agencies and appeared in many important magazine, as well as posing for many advertising and vendors.
I was honored to win some contest as DD Style Testimonial and Mr Sartoria 2010, and I’m very happy to represent these brands.

Another passion I have, besides modeling, is photography and I’m a photographer in sl.
I’m a kind person, helpful and friendly, and I love to hang out with my friends and meet new friends. Friendship for me is very important, in rl as well as in sl.

Last year I tried to enter MrVW but I failed because I wasn’t experienced enough and it wasn’t my time.

After a lot of work and application, I’ve finally joined this important contest, and I’m very happy, honored and proud to be here. For a model the possibility of becoming MrVW represents one of the biggest dream and the highest goal of modeling career. For me this is not only a wonderful goal but also a great way to represent the whole sl fashion world. It means to become a bridge between models, designers and other people that work in fashion industry. MrVW for me should be a reference model for all the people that want advices and help… If I would win, I would try to do my best to be this.