MEET MVW 2011: Mr. Chile: LesPaul Ibanez

MR. CHILE 2011: LesPaul Ibanez

Pic by aRa Sheridan

Jacket: Gabriel Black Stipe Suit Jacket
Vest: Utopia Daniel Vest
Hat: Utopia Hat Fedora Scottish
Shirt and Tie: Utopia Leon Square
Pants: Utopia Leon Square
Boots: Gizza FausT Boots
Hair: Dura-Boy 06 in black
Make Up: White Widow Fentelle Silver
Belt: Finesmith Inspiration Wicca Corset

I am LesPaul Ibanez, and for those who know, my name says some things about me. LesPaul is one of those legendary electric guitar designers, and Ibanez is one of the best guitar makers… so yes, I do play guitar and bass and keyboards RL. I graduated as a Computer Engineer and I have found that I need to compensate what I do for a living with the right side of my brain. Besides music, SL gives me another outlet to explore that artistic side.

That said I do not wish to be defined as a musician, nor as a model, even though I have modeled some. I would not want to be defined as a writer either, even though I started writing professionally the last month. I do not think it would be fair to be defined for the stuff I do in SL to keep my time busy, because I enjoy all that so much. I rather want to be regarded as a professional on all my endeavors and ultimately, I want to be considered as just a regular guy who happens to enjoy what he does, who also wants to meet some nice people and who would do anything on his power to make the people around him happy.

I entered Mister Virtual World because i knew it would give me the chance of doing exactly that: have a great time, and know some of wonderful people. And so far it has completely lived up to my expectations. It has been an amazing ride. Quite frankly, I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew about the contest and I’ve been admiring last year’s misters every time our lives take us to the same runway or photoshot, but I didn’t know it was so much fun. It is an extraordinary amount of work too. There is nothing better that to have fun while doing your job and Mr. VW has delivered on that premise.