Morgane Batista’s Poser of the Year

Morgane Batista’s Poser of the Year

I am looking for a model who at least does runway modeling, to be able to represent Morgane Batista Poses Shop. You DO NOT have to be a top model to participate.

1- Create a folder named: Morgane’s poser of the year – your name
Ex.: Morgane’s poser of the year – Morgane Batista

2- Must make 3 full perm pictures using different poses.
Picture 1 – single pose
Picture 2 – couple pose
Picture 3 – at your choice

3- In the folder, include the notecard AND the 3 pictures and send to me, Morgane Batista.

4- Also, post the picture in

You must accept the rules of the group, to post 3 pictures only and must accept to credit the poses in description. If discovered to not have any creditation for the poses, it will be rejected.


Entries from November 1st to November 30st
Judges deliberation from December 1st to December 14
Winners announced on December 15th

Gems & Kisses (Deliziosa Vendetta)
Julie Hastings – 2 Photoshoots
Purplemoon (Poulet Koenkamp)
Drakke Designs (Mandrakke Dagger)
White Widow (Julie Hastings)

–1st place–
10,000L cash
Advertised for a year as Morgane’s poser of the year.
New releases for free for a year.
Appear on 5 vendors of poses inspired by you.
1 picture created by Julie Hastings
1 picture with Morgane by Julie Hastings
5,000L and a fatpack with 10 Gems & Kisses products
1000L giftcard from Purplemoon
5,000L giftcard from Drakke designs
1,000L giftcard from White Widow

–2nd place–
3 free new releases
12 free existing poses at your choice.
2500L gift card from Drakke designs

–3rd place–
2 free new releases
12 free existing poses at your choice.
1000L gift card from Drakke designs

Morgane Baptista Poses Model of the Month


Every month, the contest winner will have their picture in view of the entrance where everybody that comes in will see your picture. Contest is open to males and females.

1- Rename the picture: Morgane’s model of the month (write the month for which you enter) – your name , then send me the texture only, no notecard.
1a- if the picture isnt renamed with your name, you wont be counted in, no exceptions, so double check before sending the picture to me!
1b- the month to write is for the following month (In july, write august)
1c- Picture MUST be full perm
2- The picture must show a pose from Morgane Batista Poses Shop only, freebie or not.
3- Only 1 contestant can enter per picture (if you do a group picture, choose who enters the contest)
4- Join my shop group on flicker and MUST add your picture there also:
5- If you win a month, you will have to wait 2 months to re-enter.

6- Remember which pose you used for the picture, if you win, you will need to write in a notecard the pose you used, from which pack and your inspiration from the pose for the picture. If you are a model you can also include in a notecard inside, your model resume.

Dates of entry is from 1st to 31th of every month.

1- you will have your big picture in view of the entrance for everybody to see for a full month.
2- you will get a pack OR 6 poses (including couples) or walks of your choice!
3- your name will be announced in multiple in-world groups as winner
4- your name and picture will also be announced in the shop page on online groups.

Get your camera ready, and good luck,
Morgane Batista

Morgane Batista Pose Shop to move – 50% poses today

Hello all, as you may have seen in notices last night, the sim I am on, is closing tommorow, so all day today, everything is on sale at least 50% (except my vendors at JRF and the RFL vendor at mainstore). to give you a chance to get poses until i can reopen my mainstore.

I will reopen my mainstore, please just give me some time, it’s the worst time in the world to do that to me now.

huggies to all,

TP: Morgane Batista Pose Shop