Female Models required for fashion film

Hi everyone

Showstudio requires 1-2 female models to participate in a Fashion Film for a Designer featuring in Modavia Fashion week
The Model will require 2 Looks

The first appearance should be based on Agyness Dean , please see link below if you do not know who she is
You will be required to wear a mini dress similar in shape and style to the yellow dress in the picture below however it should be either black, purple or a combination of 2 with open toed stilleto sandals in black


The second look is based on KAREN O from the music band Yeah Yeah Yeahs
You will be required to wear a black or black/white mini dress with Dr Marten style boots ( black ) with look similar appearance to the singer



Showstudio is a very select group of artists with client list of Aglaia , Meiling , Kunglers, Metavsere TV to name a but a few .
Please view our channel if you would like evidence of of our work and 2 of our latest Films listed below



If you would like to join , please a send a nc with your name and 2 styled full length pictures of both looks to myself, failing that you are free to send a friendship request to allow easier contact.

You will be paid an undisclosed fee upon completion
You will be required over a 2 day period for a total 4-5hrs work minimum
Closing date is 21/6/11

Many Thanks
Emanuelle Courtois

A Model’s Promotion Tool

Looking for a new venue to market yourself as a model?  Well, I stumbled another great way to do this.

Now, I went to IM Diconay Boa and I saw on her profile a link for her modeling portfolio.  Not being able to resist checking it out, I was excited what I saw.  Needless to say I still haven’t gotten around to IM her yet.  LOL

The website is Wix, a website design host that allows you to create personal pages with your own flair and finesse.  It’s very easy to use and has so many features that assures no one will have the same page as you.

First, you start with a list of standard layouts to choose from.  Once selected, you can choose to import your own pictures for your background and add text, buttons (to link to additional pages you created), animated pictures to add eye candy, and even music and videos.

This is such an intuitive way to personalize you on the web.  Oh, one more thing that’s great about this, you can add tags to your website page to give you even more search capabilities when someone is browsing the Internet.  Wow!  😀

Check out my page here and see what I created in a short time.  I haven’t posted Diconay Boa’s to show you hers as I haven’t received approval to do so.  But check out her inworld profile and grab her link.

I had so much fun with this, I’m sure you will too.  Once you have created yours, please come back and post your link so we can see yours.

Happy website creating.  : )

~ Jen

Tres Beau ~ New Line Part 2

Well, I have a few words to say.  In honor to Kimmera Madison, CEO, and Nave Fall, COO, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TRES BEAU!!!!  I did say in BOSL chat a couple of days ago, but wanted to say again in conjunction with my massive posting which I’ve been a bit late for you.

On that note, Sorry  >.<  Turns out some pics needed extra attention and I’m still learning and my time estimating isnt up there yet.  So enough of me yapping and let’s get down to business, what you’ve been waiting to see.

This first outfit is called Sail.  A perfect outfit for those hot days, out on the water, sipping a chilled glass of champage on a yacht, or lunching with friends at the marina or local restaurant.

Now the whole outfit is in a white, blue and red theme.  Now these are standard colors for a typical outfit, but, what makes this outfit different are the details.

Going from head to toe, the hat (in blue and white with a red bow) is a perfect shader for your face and head.  The woven straw material allows the cool breeze flow though the holes chilling you more on those hot summer days in the sun.

The top, a wrap around , provides a sultry view of your cleavage and is adorned with frills at the bottom and a beautiful red bow, giving it a soft look to the horizontal stripes.

The accompaning white pants light and airy, providing a cool way for your lower half to take care in the hot sun.  The pants are are loose with wide leg cuffs and tied at the front in a criss-cross style design with white string.

From ship to shore, this outfit is classy, sexy and innocent all rolled into one.

This next outfit is called Buckwheat.  A casual, down-to-earth dress in a beautiful teal color.  This dress has multiple layers adding flow and rhythm when you walk or dance, or even when the wind blows across the field.  The top part of the dress has frills in the same main teal color and the arms have matching bands of frill to bring the line of sight straight across from one side to the other.  This draws the eyes to see all sides of you, not just at the main dress.  Because of this, this make the person looking at you wonder what else is on the dress and focuses on all of you to see if there’s more.  And there is.

From the waist down, the skirt is created with perfectly placed, multiple horizontal fabric layers that when in motion, create a wave-like effect.  Kinda almost hypnotic.  And to break the teal color, there is a stunningly detailed, soft brown leather corset that has teal colored flowers and three silver buckles.  A nice way to add a feminine touch but also to show off your sexy waist.

If you need a dress, one that is casual, sexy and feminine for those long walks through fields of tall flowers, or one for a get together in a backyard party, this is a definite must.

Now, this next outfit is casual in a classy way.  You look and feel sophisticated walking down the street while shopping or going to a luncheon with friends or business partners.

The top is sleeveless with a long open black collar.  To offset the stark black, silk fabric in colors of white, silver, gold and black dance in a metallic design reminiscent of asian motives.  At the bottom, layers of long frills hug the waist in the same silk fabric and end with a band of black.  This way of placing the black and silk fabrics almost give a start and end, like a story.

Also included in this outfit are plain black pants that not only add a sense of power and a focus for the top, but they are also loose allowing for a sense of freedom when you walk.  Also, a matching black hat is included that finishes this outfit in style.

I consider this outfit a perfect match for a shopping/dinner date with the girls, or a semi-formal business meeting.

Now a trip through your inventory and you can possibly say that this is one dress style you don’t have.

A blend sex appeal, elegance and haute couture, this dress has it all.  The fabric, a stunning red silk with silver and gold designs of crown-like motive gives this dress the ability to make you stand out from the crowd.  When you wear this dress, you are saying that yes, you are sexy, yes, you are elegant, and yes, you are confident.

The form fitting style is started off with a halter style top, held up by a neck collar that is secured by a black knotted asian button and loop.

The middle showcases ruffles along the sides of the hips and runs back to the deirier, this not only provides a line of sight of you straight down the center, but it also gives focus on your curves – both on your hips and backside.

At the bottom, the high leg slits on both sides gives a view of your sexy legs, a treat for the eyes, and a way to get either attention from the crowd or your loved one, who may in fact want you to wear this only for them.  lool

Needing a number that says you want it all, a dress that says you are classy, graceful and sexy all in one?  Well, I’ve provided a limo below for you to see for yourself how beautiful this dress is.

Now I’m going away from my usual color shots to show the next outfit called Geo in black and white.

I did this to show just how amazing this dress is.  It’s not everyday you can take a dress in black and white and actually have it stand out.

With the hug fitting form, carefully adorned with gems of crystals and onyx in horizontal stripes, this mini dress is a great addition to your classy party section of your wardrobe.  The mini dress alone is great for clubbing or those fancy parties, but if you want to add that extra kick to it Kimmera has leveled it up.  By adding the shoulder frills, something so creative and unique, it sets up apart from everyone else and speaks volumes of your personality, fashion and style.  And what I also like about it is that it is not so short that you almost see your underwear.  You still get a great amount of thigh view but enough is hidden to keep the onlookers coming back for more.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t already been to Tres Beau, then hurry, Kimmera has a limited edition dress that is helping RFL.  It’s coming down tomorrow, so Move It!!!  lool  (and yes, I already got mine).

Limo to Tres Beau Main Store

Happy Shopping : )

~ Jen

JOLEP TRENDY presents The Trendy Model Gown Swap

Do you ever wonder how your inventory got so out of control?  Does it seem like there is no hope?  Ready to just trash it all?

STOP! We have a solution.  JOLEP TRENDY presents The Trendy Model Gown Swap.  What is a better way than to swap  with others. This will benefit newer models also by giving them the chance to pick up some new gowns.

All we need you to do is box up the gown and take a photo of it and put it on the box (so we can see what we are swapping). Make sure the items are transfer.  Please NO FREEBIE GOWNS…  Please also try to keep it between 5-7 boxes.

We will also be doing random L giveaways of 100L every 15 minutes So what could be better than free money, free gowns and dancing? =) So come prepared for a day of fun!


Date: June 12 Saturday

Time:12 pm SLT-2 pm  SLT


LM To Model Gown Swap

Premier Modeling Casting Announcement




June 5 @ 2 PM SLT

Premiere Modelling Agency is pleased to invite you to participate in a casting for ALLURE INTERNATIONAL, a multiple designer fashion show at the International Fashion Fair.

The theme is international and this will be a multiple designer show. The runway will be over 2 sims to help address lag.

For the casting please style something form fitting, any style. Please use 3 poses on front of runway for the casting.

Male and Female models needed.

PLEASE! Be respectful of the designers, your agency and your colleagues by first checking your RL and SL calendars to be sure you can make all of the following dates and times.

Monday May 31 @ 2 PM SLT ~ CASTING CALL

Tuesday June 1 @2 PM SLT ~ REHERSAL

Wednesday June 2 @2 PM SLT ~REHERSAL

Friday June 4 @ 2 PM slt FULL DRESS REHERSAL

Saturday June 5 @ 2 PM SLT ~ SHOW TIME! ( arrive backstage @ 1 PM SLT)

VPC is required for this show but not required for the casting.

See you at the Casting!

Giselle Temple, CEO

Premiere Modelling

* Premiere Modelling was established 2008 and maintains a policy of paying its models.

LM To Backstage @ Premier Modelling Agency

Model Spotlight ~ Dancer Dallagio

I am pleased to present the next Confessions of an SL Top Model Spotlight ~ Dancer Dallagio.

We all know this wonderful women. Not only is she Stilleto Moody’s right hand woman at Stiletto Moody Shoes, but she is a talented model to boot. Her grace, charm and wit livens up a room. Dancer has always been someone I look up to and I am honored to have worked with her. I still talk about the great times even now.

So, please, join me in welcoming Dancer Dallagio as our Model Spotlight. 🙂

JT. Please tell us about yourself and how you ventured into the modelling industry.

DD. First, let me say how very honoured I am to be asked to do this interview! My first venture into runway modeling was doing a show for Eshi Otawara on the Paisley Beebe show. Prior to that I had done some print work for Stiletto Moody and Baiastice/BehaviorBody. I also did some RFL and Maseno charity runway shows about the same time, and had been a fashion show stylist since 2008. I entered the Miss Virtual World 2010 competition, and had a crash course in modeling :). This led to more runway shows, more print work, and invitations to Model Agencies. Now, I’ve got a lot of experience with all facets of modeling, from being featured on the cover of Runway Magazine, being featured in several issues of BOSL Magazine, Too Sexy Magazine, vendor ads, magazine adverts, and many many runway shows. I take my work quite seriously, but I also love to have fun with the great people that I have the pleasure of working with.

JT. Please tell us about some of your accomplishments within the modelling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modelling career.

DD. From being voted a Top Ten Finalist in MVW 2010, named one of the Ten Most Elegant Women in Second Life, to being featured in vendor and store magazine advertisements in most major publications in SL, having clothes and jewelry made especially for me by fantastic designers, being photographed by some of the best photographers, working with many of the best models and agency staff/heads, I’m still growing within the industry, and I think every single moment is a defining one. I love showcasing the work of the amazing talents we are fortunate to have here in SL, and the creativity of the sets and choreography are just fantastic. I’m also now teaching modeling, which is so wonderful to share what I have learned with others. I’m still learning every day and loving it!

JT. You have certainly established yourself well within the modelling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model. Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

DD. I think the main thing to have is a good sense of style; if you have this, you can learn the rest. Most facets of modeling can be taught, but a sense of style is like a sense of rhythm or music to a dancer–you really need these to be successful. You also need patience, humility, a certain grace, and the willingness to learn and grow. My best advice for aspiring models is to define your unique look whilst remaining true to yourself. We are all people behind our barbies and there are great friendships and knowledge to be had by remembering this.

JT. What do you like and dislike about modelling?

DD. I really love being able to use my fashion eye to showcase a designer’s creation in the best way that i can; to me, it’s all about making that design look well and promoting sales for the creator. The excitement of being on a stage is pretty terrific, too, just as it is for a ballet performance. Each show has great energy. I also really love being in promotional adverts and photos to represent a given design–this is so fantastic to think that the designer trusts me not just to take a design down a runway, but also to sell the actual product. 🙂 I suppose the only thing i dislike would be a lack of professionalism, but I’ve been very lucky in this so far.

JT. Finally, please tell us what motivates you to be a model. Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

DD. My motivation is from a love of fashion and performance. I once was pulled aside by a designer who thanked me for really showcasing her design instead of myself, and I was so thrilled. Whilst I’m definitely “me” with my own unique style, I’m primarily there to be whatever look the designer wants and will make their design look fantastic. I am inspired by so many, from RL designs to SL designs, classical dancers, and models. In SL: Kay Fairey, Mui Mukerji, Blackbarbie Bravin, Barbarella Fuosing, Mimmi Boa, Miaa Rebane, Sora Tatham, Agtaope Carter, Natasja Schumann, Mavi Beck, Sabine Blackburn, all of the MVW contestants, Linnda Scofield, Payton Heron, Wicca Merlin, all of the models from Agata Agency, Avenue, BLVD, BeStyle, EIMA, Evane, ModelX, Premiere, Modavia, Opium; pretty much everyone! If I listed all of the names, I would fill up pages and pages…I learn from everyone and anyone, and love the bonds that form from being together in shows.

JT. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

DD. I’ve been working in fashion and perfomance most of my life, and I am so thrilled to be continuing that in SL. I adore creativity, and this is a fantastic niche to be a part of. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me come this far and who will help me continue to grow.

Thank you Dancer for allowing us to spotlight you.  We wish you all the best on your future endeavors in SL as well as RL.

Don’t forget to comment on Dancer Dallagio’s spotlight!  Your feedback is always valued.  🙂


This next model spotlight is one of the most recognizable male model in Second Life especially with the Japanese community. You have seen him grace magazine covers like Maniera and his face have appeared all over high quality fashion stores like Gabriel, Champagne! Sparkling Fashions and W&Y to name a few. He is represented by many top modeling agencies and recently named one of the finalist for Mister Virtual World. This talented multi-lingual model along with his Sora Tatham, have helped bridge the gap between the Japanese fashion community with the rest of the fashion world.

Please Welcome Apollo Call.

Q: Please tell us about yourself how you ventured into the modeling industry.

AC: I was having fun to create a cool avatar from the beginning of my SL. I joined Starfleet when I was 2 month old here. I just needed the uniform there and didn’t need many civilian’s clothes. About a year ago, a friend of mine told me about BOSL Magazine’s Mr. Virtual World contest. I am getting curious about the SL fashion Industry. I just took the first head shot of mine by myself and sent the application form. I didn’t even know how to walk on runway and pose. When I went to the live audition, I realized most of the contestants were models. They really looked and moved so cool. I saw Phillip and Salvo there and I looked like their kid. I knew I didn’t even have a slight chance to stand next to them. It was a truly exciting experience though. I was glad to have the opportunity to walk on the huge runway. Since then I started to observe SL fashion shows and sent applications to many agencies.

Q: Please tell us about some of your accomplishments within the modeling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modeling career.

AC: Maniera Magazine:July 2009 Cover and Interview & February 2010 Valentine article, Model of the week in SuperElite blog, Mr. Moolto Finalist, Mr. SE Winter 1st Runner up, Mr. Costa Rica Finalist. Print and Cover model for Champagne!, Gabriel, W&Y.

Present Agencies : Agata, BeStyle, Costa Rica Production, EIMA, Evane, iC Motion, IMAGE, JSE, Maniera, Modavia, ModelX, Opium, The SuperElite, 5th Avenue

I am basically very shy, so I haven’t applied so many contests or awards to get focused.
But after I met Topaz Joubert,  Maniera’s CEO, the door to my modeling career had been opened. I met her through Sami Kutanaga, the manager of Maniera, who was once my student at Starfleet Academy. (I am not sure she is happy to hear I revealed her past occupation as a Starfleet officer though.) I had trouble making my shape look better and didn’t know which parts I should change. Topaz took me to the places for skins, eyes, and hair patiently. She also suggested me how to make my own style. She showed me the rope and I am now here because of her great lessons.

Q: You have certainly established yourself well within the modelling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model.  Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

AC: I am still learning and trying to improve myself. I was self-taught at the beginning but I went to 2 academy classes later.( SuperElite Advanced Class and male model class under Mimmi Boa and Salvo Waydelich at Mimmi Boa Modeling School) It might be a quick way to learn about modeling. And also it is important observe models on runway, look them closer with your camera, observe how they create the face features, how to make well-balanced shapes, movements of the body, how to connect pose to pose, how to coordinate the whole outfits… sort of stuff. You shouldn’t copy their style. You have to make your own unique style. But learn how they create their style.

Q: What do you like and dislike about modeling?

AC: I am trying to be a super realistic model, not like close to reality. Beyond reality, looks very real, but can never be create in RL. The process is hard but it’s fun to play around with it.

What I dislike is a drama, as many people might say.  Sadly there are many dramas and political issues in this dream world too. There are many so called confused divas or pre-Madonna. I am trying not to get involved with this ugly side. The modeling is serious issue sometimes but we have to have fun. SL is for us to relax and have fun. We shouldn’t get stressed out in here. If you take it too serious, a drama will be born. We have to have responsibility to act in SL, modeling, building, selling, making love or whatever. We should respect the other avatars. But I don’t want to live in SL like in RL. This should be our fantasy world.

Q: Please tell us what motivates you to be a model. Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

AC: As I said before, Mr. VW was the trigger. And Ms. Topaz is one of my mentors. As a fellow model, Phillip Dollinger is the one who I always look up to. My style is completely different from his. Perhaps, he is French and I am trying to create the image of all American boys with a touch of my oriental roots. But I am impressed every time when I see him on runway or even in casual outfits. His styling is always perfectly done from head to toe.

Q:    What are your plans and goals for the future in modeling?

AC: I am living in SL for 2 years now. (I feel so old like a senior citizen here.) The first year, I was in Starfleet dedicated myself building holograms and star systems in the Astrometrics Deck. The second year, I was busy modeling trying to accomplished something. So, I am looking for more creative and productive work in here. But not sure what I want to do exactly… perhaps explore the strange new SL worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where I have never gone before.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you for choosing me in your blog. I am so honored. And thank you for reading my interview. Have fun in SL, folks!

Thank You So Much Apollo for letting us interview you and for sharing your modeling experiences and tips to our readers. We wish you the best in all your endeavors. Please leave some comments for Apollo.

FASHION & MUSIC: “Here Comes the Sun” by Nina Simone


MUSIC: Here Comes the Sun
ARTIST: Nina Simone (Original sang by George Harrison)
MODEL: RicoRacer Flux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Mikey Batriani
Skin: The Abyss
Hair: Uncle Web



Here comes the sun little darlin’.
Here comes the sun an’ I say,
it’s alright.
It’s alright.

Here comes the sun little darlin’.
Here comes the sun I say,
It’s alright.
It’s alright.

Little darlin’ it’s been a long cold and lonely winter.
Little darlin’ it feels like years since you’ve been here.
Here comes the sun little darlin’.
Here comes the sun, I say,
It’s alright.
It’s alright.

Little darlin’ the smiles are returning to the faces now.
Little darlin’ it seems like years since you’ve been here.
Little darlin’ it’s been a long cold lonely winter.
Little darlin’ it feels like years since you’ve been here.

(Here comes the sun)
Here comes the sun,
aren’t you glad to see it.
I say yeah it’s alright.

Here comes the sun little darlin’,
I say it’s alright little darlin’.

Here comes the sun.
Here comes the sun.
I say little darlin’,
it seems like years since you’ve been here little darlin’.
Here comes the sun, babe it’s alright now.
You can come on out now, it’s alright now.
You can come on out now, it’s alright now.



Wanna be a SUPERMODEL at one of the most prestigious and highly selective Fashion and Marketing Group in SL?
READ BELOW if you got what it takes:

Modavia Fashion Marketing is pleased to announce that we will be holding our Fall casting for the Supermodels group this month. Supermodels will represent Modavia in the Modavia Fashion Directory and will participate in promotional events related to the Directory. Both male and female models are sought.

Semifinals will be held for 50 short-listed models on NOVEMBER 15th at 12 noon & 1pm SLT in 2 groups. Personal invites will be sent to those who will be joining.

Finals for 20 models will be held on NOVEMBER 22 at 12 noon SLT.

FIVE new Supermodels will receive invitations to the Modavia group.

There will be NO rescheduling of casting auditions made for individuals. So please mark these days and times if you are interested in joining.

There will be no public announcement of the list of models who will be in the semi and final castings. All announcements will be sent in the form of personal invitations. Please do not call asking if the selection has completed. You will know if you receive the invitation.

To apply for the casting:

1. Conditions to join:
– You must be at least 6 months old in SL
– Minimum level of English is necessary
– You must be an experienced model

2. Join Modavia Prospective Models group (unless already a member of a Modavia group). All Modavia groups will receive the same casting notices.

3. Insert ONE headshot and ONE full body shot into this note card. Please place YOUR NAME on each texture before inserting into the notecard and make sure that they are FULL PERM. Please note that applications with more than TWO photographs will be automatically disqualified.

4. The theme for this casting is the movie classic Dr Zhivago (key words: snowy winter weather – romantic, dramatic, opulent styling). You will be judged on how you interpret this theme and how you style your look accordingly. We are looking for unique male and female models with a flair for fabulous styling.



3. Answer the following questions:




– Please tell us about your modelling experience (print and/or runway) in FIFTY (50) words or less.



4. Send this notecard (full perm) to KAY FAIREY titled “Modavia Fall 09 Casting – ” by NOVEMBER 10th.