The Event shall be closed off to the public, however it will be streamed LIVE via Metaverse TV so you don’t miss out on a thing!


Saturday June 16th

10:00 am SLT

This event is closed to public.

Watch live on: http://metaversetv.com/live



MEET MVW Mr. Monaco 2012: Maxime Tyran


Hello my name is Maxime Tyran but name me Max, i am 22 years old, i am French, passionate by the fashion industry and always searching for news, i am am more inspired by the casual style and how to be a man with a good style in my every day life. But i like to do new challenges.
I decided to join Mister Virtual World because I love challenge, and in my mind this is the most important challenge in this virtual fashion world. I think I bring a natural side to the competition, because the styles that I do reflects my personality and my character. I also think I bring a young and modern look about fashion.
I know this title is a door on all the fashion industry and with that i would like to work on very interesting and various projects.

Style Card :

Coat : COCO
Pants : Mr.Poet
Shoes : Hoorenbeek
Gloves : Redgrave
Hair : Dura
Umbrella : D


MEET MVW Mr. Luxembourg 2012: Metos Beaumont


Second Life has been part of my existence for 5 years now, with a contantly renewed fascination. As it transformed and evolved, so did my path in the metaverse, going from a mere explorer enjoying the pleasure of various sims to a DJ and a builder. I have not seen it all, far from that, and entering the SL fashion world is one of those transformations. I made my entrance through the small door by djing for BOSL Radio, observing and learning from all those designers, creators and models. This is who I am, RL and SL, a curious frenchie always interested in new things.
I joined Mister Virtual World as a personal challenge, to push my own limits in terms of styling, building, exporessing my personality through an outfit. I hgonestly don’t know what I can bring to the competition aside from my own personality: cheerful, dynamic, imaginative and my own personal belief of what a Mister should be like.
If I win MVW, I would use it to promote the creation on Second LIfe. All forms of creation: fashion, visual arts, music and even litterature. Second Life is a wonderful place for arts and creation and if fashion and music have already taken that amazing importance on the Grid, other form of arts can be pushed on display for everyone to see and recognize.


Body Shot
Hair: salon de Glow – Sugar – Jet Black
Shirt: Gisaci – Cambridge Cuffed Shirt Egyria Red
Tie: Mandala – Smexy Tie Necklace – Polly White
Pants: L&B S’Wear “Buckled Biker” Leather pants with silver belt
Shoes: Exile – Kboots black
Bracelet L: Rozoregalia Nornir Bracelet Simple
Bracelet R: Mandala Reiki Bracelet Black Stone




While I am new to the world of modeling, I have been in SL for a little over three years. I am a fashion blogger for the Boystown Closet and MAD Image. I am also a member of the Boystown Production Team, so you will often find me parked and chatting at one party or another. My interest in the creativity of designers as well as the growing development of men’s clothing options in SL really spurred my desire to take the next step into modeling (it also did not hurt that I was finally graduating in RL, giving me much more free time!). I had the honor of winning the Face of Menswear Fashion Week earlier this year, and it was a great experience. Oh, and I play a wicked game of Greedy!

The reputation of Mister Virtual World definitely precedes itself. Despite being new to the modeling industry, I think very few people have not heard about THE competition for male models. On a basic level, I thought it would be a great way to gain some experience and exposure as a newcomer to the industry. Moreover, I have met a number of inspiring models over the past few months, and quite a few have participated in the MVW contest. These are people I respect and admire. I feel I can bring to the competition my experience styling over the past two years as a fashion blogger. And let’s not forget to mention that I am the only MVW candidate representing gingers this year! 😀

The title of MVW would no doubt open a number of doors and opportunities. One of my proudest accomplishments in SL was being a part of the Broadway Cares “Fight Against AIDS” charity event in 2011. I was a part of the team that won over 700,000L for this incredible cause. I am involved in charities in both RL and SL, and I would love to continue this initiative as MVW. It is definitely a great platform that gives voice to raise awareness throughout the SL community. In addition, I would love to have the opportunity to help give attention to male fashion in SL to promote the industry.


Shirt: Happy Song Tshirt, Balkanik

Jacket: Dark Blue Jacket, Redgrave

Shorts: Comfy Shorts Mesh Blue, Gizza

Shoes: Timber Boot Bright, Miel

Glasses: Augie Glasses, Reed

Hair: Suedehead Autumn, Shag


MEET MVW Mister Greece 2012: Miko Scorpio


I am Miko Scorpio. Born RL in Philippines, and live in USA now.  I come into Second Life to be close and visit with friend and family that there is large distance between us now.  I love fashion and work in it real life. I even have model in real life and that is what bring my curiosity to SL model world. Fashion world  has been long time passion.  I feel very honor to be in Mister Virtual World and wish all contestants luck.  There are big challenge and it has been lots of work but fun!  I put my heart in all I do, love my friends and family much.  I am a friend to all and believe everyone should live in peace regardless of their belief or choice in life.

I  try for Mister Virtual World as a personal challenge.  I am not ‘big name’ model in Second Life, still I  have much education in fashion and runway RL.  I never dream that I would be choice because I am not ‘big name’ but I got on list and very happy.  I will bring to competition what I know, real life knowledge of fashion, model world and how it blends in one beautiful world. I do not wish to hurt others but I will do my  best and hope to be winner if Judges feel I am qualified.  I will also have my personal choice in colors and style. This will show much in the final day.  I wish to step out of the box, with style, fashion, elegance and a fabulous fresh face.
I would try to help other aspiring models who wish to grow, and learn. Give opportunity and chance to those who have desire to succeed.  Also I wish to push forward non profit groups close to my heart.  I feel that in the world today there is much bias and hate.  Many do not get freedom to be who they are because of fear.  This fear driving many to suicide or very bad time in life. It is sad in our world this prejudice and hate is allow.  Many non profits help these people and prevent horrible fall out from hates.  I would like to support and raise awareness to them if I win MVW.  Promote love, and peace through the RL world, it is a big need.


Miko Scorpio Mr Greece

Hair:  -.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ TYLER

Champagne Shiny Gold Underwear
Champagne Wild
Fallen Gods- Arcangel Outfit White
Shoes:  Egoisme Flat Sandals

Finesmith Holiday Tale
Finesmith Melanie Inspiration Headpiece
Gaia Gold Fire


MEET MVW Mr. India 2012: TymonAlexander



Greetings everyone ,  My name Is Tymonalexander 27 years old , a Hair stylist & make up artist  in my real life . I was born in Morocco and  I spent my life  traveling  between France , Spain , and I eventually landed in Belgium , where I have lived for 4 years now .  This is where my  versatile and eclectic  personality, tastes, styles comes from . Sl for me  is  place where people come after work to have some fun and meet nice people and enjoy they times.

My time in sl  is spent between styling, shopping , working  on my Androgynous magazine, going and watching shows , dancing or just talking with my close friends, who I love to pieces they will recognize themselves♥  cause even though it is a virtual world,  we all need support  and people you trust and count on around  you .

I joined  Mister Virtual World  because it seems to be a very unique and exciting experience  to try and I confirm it is .  It push you to your limits and even gets you to see the finest details and become a true perfectionist at your styling and fitting abilities . You learn to search deep  inside your inspiration  to come up  with something new  and different . I become where I will be prepared for anything,  anywhere . But my own main goal for me is for tolerance and freedom , be YOU .

I think what I bring  to the competition  is my eclectic styling which is multicultural and to show people who I am and what I am made of.  I love to help people learn and be the best they can be.

“If i win ” ?  I’ve already won , because I was chosen as candidate and  it means we are all potentially winners and have skills to be  Mister Virtual . It all depends on a few details which can be very a little to make the difference and the judges choices .

But if I get the title, I would do what I do everyday, which is try be inspiration to people ,  help organizations, associations and charities .  I would thank all the people who work so hard in SL for others, Like relay for life, Ashraya, Feed Smiles, Breast Cancer Awareness , Aids Awareness, No Hate , Suicide Prevention and so many more . We do help people and there are always so many that need promotion, people to donate time and lindens too, anything I can help with and be a part of is my honor to do so.

To finish this interview  I would say to all the candidates,  good luck and it is a great honor to be with you guys in this journey .

Have a Great  Week
mister v INDIA 2012


Photographer   tymonalexander  .
Hair : Yasyn’s Honest Fauxhawk – Seal Brown
Jacket : [NSD] Napoleon Jacket
~Tableau Vivant~ Dean jeans – Pants layer
TEN”10 Megas boot mesh black


MEET MVW Mr. Scotland 2012: Erikstyle


My name erikstyle resident, I Can Say That My interest in fashion started by rl. Having a companion who was working as a model in fashion, then I went on secondlife and I met a very good model is to me now from my partner has taught the basics to become a good model. I graduated in August of 2011 from Modway Academy and then to KV Dream Fashion Agency. I started doing shows in all agencies fasshion Italian, then I thought to myself knowing i had to move outside the Italian agencies and know I did. I must say That it was not easy with foreign agencies not intregrarmi HAVING bases the English language, but I gave up and with the patience and the will are Able to enter lepiù Between major modeling agencies in sl. I Know That My career is just beginning and all that I have much to learn and blackberries continue to engage as I have done until now to the best of me.

My SL Fashion / Modeling/Resume:        

Inworld Inc. Official-Model
Opium-Evolution Model
Carisma mdel International Agency -Model
Jen International Agency – Supermodel
K.V. Dream Fashion Agency – Top model
Modway Academy-Top Model
Posh Beauty Models-Model
Avcom Pro Model-Model
Graduated from
Modway Academy 23/08/2011
K.V. Dream Fashion Agency 01/11/2011
♛ Top 2  Finalist for Mr. Avatar World 2012 ♛

I had heard about this contest, one of the most important part where the best models of sl. I said let’s try to participate if they are very aware that there are models much better than me, now that I’m a competitor ufficile. I will give more 100% because I will have a direct comparison with all the best models this is what excites me and an incentive to give my all in this competition.

The title of MVW is very important. Surely this is the biggest contest in Second Life. I’d use this victory to represent some charity that operates in Second Life and rl, for example, the charity Ashraya Project is Miss. Anna Sapphire virtual world, or in the world does not forget that there are only humans who can help, but also animals or nature. Undoubtedly, the competition opens many avenues in the fashion industry, my passion!

styling card:


Tableau Vivant – Orestes shirt
Tableau Vivant – Costume design – Reich pants
Countdown.Iris Lace US
Gizza – Freddie Mercury Inspiration – Belt


Dura hairbase black
Dura-Boy 33 black


Gizza Shalwar outfits Vol.1 boots


Egoisme Addon Eyeliner


Evian – Johan Medium


MEET MVW Mr. Norway 2012: Hikaru Enimo



I am a 24 year old guy from Hong Kong, and I’ve been in Second Life for a little over one year. I was created on 3rd October 2011. In that time, I have had a truly amazing time, and I have met so many unique and incredible individuals, especially within the Second Life fashion industry. It did not take me long to get involved in modeling myself, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

I have been an active model on the runaway and currently with a lot of agencies, some of which include  BLVD Agency,Dream Seeker Production, BeStyle District Agency,Opium Evolution, Look Elite Model, Asymetrique Models, ELEGANCIA Agency and Passion – The Fashion Agency. I have done blogging for Costa Rica, Bestyle and KMADD, and I’ve been voted the Costa Rica Sims Production Top Model of the year in 2011 and Costa Rica  SL Hottest Bachelor in the year 2011. On top of that, I am a print model for Too Sexy Magazine and male stylist for ICON Lifestyle Magazine. But even with everything I’ve done, there’s one more thing I’ve wanted to do; to join the Mister Virtual World contest.

There are several reasons for me joining the Mister Virtual World competition. I wanted to open myself up to more experiences and impressions, to broaden my horizon when it comes to modeling, and I also wanted to challenge myself so that I can improve my own styling and modeling to higher levels. And finally, I wanted to meet new people, to make acquaintances with people who love modeling as much as I do.

I am an animal lover, and cats have a special place in my heart, so I would very much like to make a foundation in Second Life to work for abused animals, and with the Mister Virtual World title I would draw attention to this topic, and try to organize some charity work in Second Life.

I would also like to work for new models, in other words those people who are like I was a year ago; new to the business and unsure about what to do. I would like to help them and guide them, offer them advice on styling and modeling and so on. It would be a way for me to give a little back to this wonderful part of Second Life.


Style Card:

HAIR: Shag – Soldier Boy – blonde
JACKET: Gabriel – Fur longcoat (Black)
SHIRT: COCO – BowShirt_White
JEANS: Poison – Black leather_pants
BELT: MANDALA – Mikoto Belt/black(silver)/male
BOOTS: Kboots- black


MEET MVW Mr. Belgium 2012: Boniefacio


I’m a simple Belgium guy that started in sl because i like fashion in rl and i like music (rl dj). I am at the Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy where i hope to graduate 4 june and i am following the Mr Virtual World Academy. Fashion is an passion in rl and when i did see what u can do here in sl i was wow i got to try this. Making my own designs and mix matching pieces of different outfits together is just great.

When i started i wanted to bring my passion for fashion into this virtual game. And then i did hear u can start a career as a model here. It’s a really challenge to compete against the best of the best and i hope that i can be the one they are looking for. I bring my own creations into the Mister Virtual World competition as much as i can and i will bring some creativity.

As Mr VW, i can have the chance to support different projects and help others. I would like to be know as the Mr. Vw that has a his heart at the right place and shows a helping hand, i would not only represent BOSL but also put Belgium on the world map. There are not so many dutch speaking people that found the way into modeling so i would call out and say try it if you have creativity in you. I would like to support new designers and help people on there way to become a model. My dream is that i can become a model teacher or styling agent and that i can help others that way … teaching is in my blood.


eyes : madesign honesty
Hair  : Cheerno simple hair
Earrings : kris earrings Phoebe piercings and more
Necklace : Gabriel crest necklace black
Headpiece : own creation
Glasses : crie sprung
Rings : Mandala sinra
Make up : Madrid solo distant cousin / ocean’s jade lips red silver
Belt : Rfyre
Rapier : own design/creation
Skin : Akeruka
Boots : Hoorenbeek riding boots – changed to my taste
Pants : Tableau Vivant gatsby pants grey
Jacket : Lazybum Ringmaster jacket black


MEET MVW Mr. Austria 2012: Silvano Korobase


I am a native of Austria and I currently live in Berlin, Germany. I began Second Life a little over 5 years ago. I enjoy my time in Second Life and in many ways it echo’s my RL. In RL I work as a costume creator and tailor for Berlin’s finest playhouse and theatre. In SL I also work in the theatre. I regularly create sets and act, sing, and dance in shows at Theatre on the Hill. Last year I began to model in SL, as a curiosity of fulfilling a dream. I quickly found a great passion for the creative side of modeling. I seemed to acclimate to the art of modeling very quickly. As time went by I also found styling to be my true love. I have been in a relationship with my SL husband Hethwen, for over 8 months. We met at the end of summer last year as we both entered the modeling world. We both walked our very first show together and grew to love modeling and one another. We were married on Christmas Eve. This coming June we will open Kortaus, our new interior design store. It allows us to explore and venture into our creative selves, and surround ourselves with lovely things.

LOL… it was not on a curious whim like my modeling career began. I joined Mister Virtual World as a very planned and well organized move. Both me and my husband Hethwen love to model and compete. We were approached last year about competing in Mr Avatar World and Heth decided he wanted to do it. We mutually decided never to compete against one another. Rather, we would take turns and help one another as we compete. I would help him compete in Mr Avatar World and he would, in turn, help me compete in Mr Virtual World. Heth has years of pageant experience in RL and has trained men and women to compete both in SL and RL. So with our plan well made, I entered the MVW Modeling Academy earlier this year and graduated successfully. For many of the men in this competition it started a few weeks ago, but for me this all started last year. As for what I can “bring” to this competition… myself. I have learned from the best teachers and academies and have earned my credentials. More, the modeling world has not changed me as I see all to often in others. I bring myself, the man (Andreas) behind this avatar that you see as Silvano Korobase. I bring someone who has not changed or become some preconceived notion of what others precieve a Mister Virtual World to be. Rather, someone who has been trained, is prepared, and plans to take this title and work within SL and RL to promote this system. I will bring someone who is confident, well grounded, and who is, and always will remain, humble. I will bring someone who will not sit on this title should I earn it. I plan to take Mr Virtual World to an entire new level. I will also bring one of my most prized gifts that I possess and that is raising money for charitable organizations. It has always amazed me how people will give to organizations that have celebrity affiliates. If being Mr Virtual World offers me “celebrity status”, then I will certainly ride that wave to fullest and raise funds for two primary focuses; AIDS research and childrens cancer research. These two focus interests are very important to me. You asked what will I bring? This, and so much more. I see the opportunity of being our next Mr Virtual World as not simply a crown and title, but a full time job and commitment to maintain a standard of excellence while supporting and promoting the pageant. If I earn this you can expect to see all of this.

If I win MVW, I would support and promote the growth of the pageant and the entire system. My platforms would be to raise funds for the research of, and to find cures for, AIDS and childrens cancer. Beyond this, I would love to do 2 other things. First, create a new scholarship program for the men and women of SL who cannot afford to attend the MVW Academy. Anyone showing a sincere desire to be a model but who cannot financially afford to attend the best modeling school on the grid would have the same opportunities as I have been blessed with. Second, I would create a more visible link to the performing arts here in SL and promote self and creative expression through public exhibits and performances in the arts. I have met many people in SL who come here for the joy of escapism that it offers. Lifting others up and allowing them to blossom and grow through the performing arts is a reward all within itself. If I can help someone to shine for even 1 hour and make them feel that they have joy in their RL and/or SL, then I have done what I set out to do.

In closing, I would like to thank you Rico for this interview and opportunity to allow others to get to know me better. I invite the readers to join us as we work through the next few weeks of style challenges and work our way towards the finals to crown our next Mr Virtual World. Thank you.


Suit: Mohna Lisa Valentino Grey
Shoes: =DeLa*Men= Leather Monk Strap Shoes “Fabian” Black
Hair: >TRUTH< Drake – cocoa
Sideburn:Jaryth’s Barber Shop Sideburns- Light Brown
Jewels: Chop Zuey  Winter Solstice WG Ring


MEET MVW Mr. Canada 2012: Adonis Hansome


I’ve been modeling since July of 2011 and fell in love with it right from the start. I strive at all times to excel at what I do, learning from others and try to help others in the same way. I am always very friendly and easy going. I will never refuse helping someone who needs it as I was once the one asking for help.

Since day one of my modelling career, I had set a goal for myself and that was MVW. This is a huge challenge to stand alongside so many amazing male models and to test my styling abilities while competing against them. I bring my own sense of style and of course personality to this competetion..I love being a model and I always have fun in every show or competition I am in.

To even think of winning would be an honor to say the least. All eyes will be on him and will look up to him as a role model, especially to the up and coming male models. MVW should be a spokes person of the sorts for all new models who wish advice in their future career.  It will be a huge responsibility for the winner as all eyes will be on him. I have learned so much in the time I have been modelling and I would love to be able to pass on my knowledge to our future models and future MR VW’s.


Hair- Dura Boy 30

Jewellry- Fusion Cord Cross Bracelet and Necklace

Trousers- Guarded Cross Chinos Cream

Shirt- Loyus Noir Black Aline

Vest- Sartoria BW vest

Shoes-Inedit Dean


MEET MVW Mr. Spain 2012: Kenshin Xevion



I’m just a regular guy that enjoys his friends, being silly and having fun. Also a part time sim explorer always something new and interesting to find out there *smiles*, most of all I’m just me easy to approach so feel free to talk to me anytime.

I have been a model for almost two years here in SL. I love to challenge myself and continue to grow in the ever changing world of fashion. Mister Virtual World is the most recognized competition in SL and from my understanding the most challenging as well. I joined Mister Virtual World because this way I can push myself to the highest standards it requires.

If I were to win Mister Virtual World, I believe it would open a wide range of communications within the fashion industry for me. It would also present new opportunities for me to expand my knowledge and pass that knowledge along to the new models choosing to endeavor in this creative field.


Hair in Headshot: Tukinowaguma
Hair: Exile Akio
Jewelry: Fusion Bronze Pearl Charm
Shirt: Egoisme Sauvage
Shorts: Micoolie Saruel Vintage
Shoes: Gabriel Leather Bootie
Tattoo: Henna Tattoo 14


MEET MVW Mr. Brazil 2012: Tadeu Gartner


In Real Life: I am Brazilian,  27 year’s old and I love the life. Through friend of work on real life in a conversation he told me about Second Life. Where awakened a interesting about that world virtual, where I could do whatever I like and realize my impossible dream’s. (Some by social prejudice)

I work as a model since April 15, 2010, trying involve a little bit of experience I have on the Real Life to this magic world. I love my career with all my soul, this is all the best I have done here in Second Life. I learned the valorize anything I done into my avatar, because I discovered behind my avatar the sense true word Friendship. I am the sign Virgo, shy, demanding, detail-oriented, sincere in my words and honest in all of the reasons. I often forget my own good to help people around me (forgetting to take care of myself). This is me a human quality and defects true friend for sure you can trust because I always love can help people !!!

About my work done as a model in Second Life here a summary:


♛ Elegancia Passions ♛ (Feb./2012)
♛ Siren Productions ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ Metaverse TV Models ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ House of Heartsdale ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ D’ior Modelling Agency ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ Solo Evane Model Agency ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ Costa Rica Sims Productions ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ KABUKI Boutique ♛ (Nov./2011)
♛ 5th Avenue Modeling Agency ♛ (Nov./2011)
♛ PoBa Models Agency ♛ (Oct./2011)
♛ BLVD Agency Model ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ DMC Modeling Agency ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ Opium Fashion Agency ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ Intern. Modeling Agency Inc. ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ Elite Pasarella Model ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ Inworld Inc. Model ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ noBrix Model Agency ♛ (Sept./2011)
♛ Top Ten Magic Model ♛ (Aug./2011)
♛ Avante Modeling Agency ♛ (Aug./2011)
♛ Beauty Posh Models ♛ (Aug./2011)
♛ GLANCE International Agency ♛ (July/2011)
♛ Maritima Inc. ♛ (Dec./2010) * Closed
♛ ABS Model Academy ♛ (Nov./2010) * Closed
♛ A.M Top Model Agency ♛ (Sept./2010) * Closed
♛ Cazalet Agency Models ♛ (April/2010) * Closed
♛ FineSmith Live Models ♛ (Jan./2012)
♛ Egoisme Models ♛ (Oct./2011)
★ AVENUE Models Academy
★ GLANCE International Agency

I joined MVW because I believe that my vision of fashion goes beyond professionalism. Involved from a very feeling and respect for each organizer, designer, agency, for all who trust in my work! It’s a feeling that runs in my blood, that makes my heart race (either when I’m in a contest or parade). The word defines the love I feel for every step I’m taking from here on since Mister Virtual World.
Being Mister Brazil as well, to be an immense responsibility is to win most respected in the fashion industry in which I’m sure that learning will be crucial for my career. For competition I just want to bring a different look from what I see on the runways. I’m not here to be just another face, but to mark the history of fashion in Second Life and prove that a man knows fashion !!!

Looking on to win the title is to make sure that I will add in my reign as a Brazilian native who can add value, marketing, advertising, knowledge, learning and professionalism especially in all my daily tasks. Because from my point of view (opinion) is a title, a name ever. I want to win more and more the respect of everyone here trust me and my pontential. And I am sure that the responsibility of representing not only my country Brazil as my official name, a person who is having an avatar is even greater. Because I believe that all I want to make here is with love, honesty and caring.

” You have to know the rules in order to break them. And I’m here for that, to demolish the rules, but keep the tradition. ”
( Alexander McQueen )


▌Body Parts
Hair:  -dDx- Sydd – Cool Browns
Nails:  SLink Jolie Prim Nails

Suit:  [VM] VERO MODERO / Achill Bridegroom Pink
Socks:  *Sheer* Knee-Highs
Shoes:  [ hoorenbeek ] Allen 2.0 w/Buckle – Black

Earring:  *Muism* Jewelled Stud/silver.clear


MEET MVW Mr. Mexico 2012: Sothis Sirius

Sothis Sirius

My name is Sothis Sirius and I rezzed in SL on June 1st, 2011. I like to laugh. I am passionate. I am a man that involves himself in everything he does … I quickly discovered the world of modelling in SL when I was spotted by Syl Andel who offered me to integrate the agency where she taught modeling at “Evenementia” where I graduated in February 2012. Very soon after my graduation I started the Mister Avatar World 2012 contest where I ended in the top six … for me it was a revelation and a true passion. During this contest I have meet some fabulous people …. one of my sponsor who has become a true friends is Enzo Champagne, and the second of my sponsor who has become my best friend is Didier Rascon …. a man who is always there for me, from who I learned a lot !

Today, I’m really proud to be an official finalist of Mister Virtual World 2012.
I wanted to enter the contest of MVW because I think that this contest is the ultimate one that exist on SL for a model, and also because I was sure to meet the best male models there! It’s somehow a good chance for me to grow my experience as a model and to compare my skills with the other guys. I wish to go as far as possible in this contest and to have the chance at the end to be recognize as one of the best male models of the moment !

I am french, and I am a good friend of Didier Rascon who was Mr France 2011 in the last year Mr Virtual World 2011 contest. He is my mentor and he pushed me to do this contest also because he trust me and my skills in styling!

If I win MVW 2012, I would love this title to allow me to enter most of the prestigious modelling agencies of the grid, to open me the doors of designers to be one of the best male bloggers of SL! I wish also to help charity events to find money and help RL people of the world !


Skin: *Birth* Nico Skin
Hairbase: *Birth*
Hair:  MADesigns HAIR ~ TYLER ~ Black
Mustache: – Speak Easy – A Wylde Style by Khyle Sion at ~Refined Wild~
Earings: *Gabriel* Achilleus pierce
Necklace: *Mandala* – Shaka- Necklace/silver
Jacket:  *Adjunct*  – Slim Fit Jacket – Black/White
Shirt and tie: ::[ Mr.Poet ]::
Pants:  =DeLa*= Leather pants “Linda” Black
Boots:  *COCO*Homme_EngineerBoots_Black
Belt:  ::Dahlinks::   Gate Gem Belt – Carbon
Glove:  *Davinel* – Ferocious – GANT
Sunglasses:  [Gos] – Custom Eyeware v3.2 – AVIATOR


MEET MVW Mr. Philippines 2012: eLJhay Denver

 eLJhay Denver

I am a simple guy, who have goals and dreams in life that I wanted to achieve just like this, Mr. Virtual World. Who likes to meet other people, be a friend to all and also be a help if needed. Who likes to hang around, learn new things, do things at my best. Who loves to dress up just like how I style myself in rl, kinda vain also and loves to discover things on how I can enhance myself. When I started SL, after a friend brought me to stores I already dreamt of being a model. Unable to pay the fees for school and cannot afford those awesome clothes, I worked in different fields. I may not have succeed but at least I grow. Now I think I’m ready for my long time dream being a model having the chance to be chosen as finalist here in Mr. Virtual World.

Now I’m here in front of you, representing our wonderful country of Philippines. Proud to be one of these misters. May not be as professional like them but promise to show you the best that I can, and learn from them.

First of all, I already entered MVW almost 2 years ago when I was a newbie in Second life. Unfortunately, Lady Luck was not on my side, but I believed Conrad Hilton when he said that achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don’t quit. I have the same goals as to the last time I joined. Ever since I started in SL, I wanted to be one of those models in the ads that everyone will see when they go shopping. I wanted to be that simple, cute and trendy guy that they may even have a crush on and follow how I look. . I find it very nice to show yourself to others, styling myself in different genres and they will follow your trend, the way you dress and all; Be like a role model to them; Be trendy and informative that others will know what’s the latest in the fashion world today; may it be sophisticated or simple, depending on their wants. And this is a huge competition I sure wanna engage myself with, styling, preparations, practicing and all. I wanna test myself on how I can dwell with it as a person who knows nothing about this field but willing to learn all and do my best with it.

Mr. Virtual World was a dream that has came true now that I’m a finalist. Win or lose, this is already a joyous victory for me being line up with professional models around the grid, meeting big and famous people, the experience, and everything about this prestige competition in the whole SL. Hoping that this could be the start of my modelling career.

*If I win, I want to use this opportunity to help newbies develop their avatars to become more like themselves RL or the person they want to be on SL. I want to help the unknown but talented creators/designers obtain a bigger crowd or audience. I would also help each field with all the skills I have, which includes photography, write ups, styling or pretty much anything I could be of help with. I am willing to learn blogging and enroll to a modelling school just to be knowledgeable and be capable to perform the responsibility given.


Hair – [Shag] – Soldier Boy
Shirt –  Aoharu – Woven Shirt
Swimwear – Custom made by Vitamen for me ( Mr. Phils. )
Earrings – +Rozoregalia+ Nornir
Necklace – Mako’s Paradox – Star of Cross Choker
Bracelet – *Blitzed* Legacy Bracelet


MEET MVW Mister Finland 2012: Ramsa Luv


Hi all. My name is Ramsa Luv. I logged in SL July 14, 2010 and started  SL modelling August 2011. I am an Opium Evolution Manager of Style. That means that before any big Opium Evolution shows, I check poses and walks how that goes on show. I love what I do. I can give voice and text tips and info to Evolution Models and support them on the Shows. I come RL from Finland and in Mr Virtual World 2012, I represent proud my RL country Finland, so I am MR. V♛ FINLAND.

My SL Fashion/Modelling Resume:

Opium Evolution Manager/Stylist & Evolution Model
-Miss Virtual World Academy Grad (November 2011)
-Opium Elite Fashion Academy Grad (October 2011)
-Dream Seekers Productions ( Model )
-Gizza ( Model )
-AvCon ( Model )
-Elegancia ( Model )
-Finesmith Designs  ( Model )
-Siren Productions ( Model )

I joined Mister Virtual World because I wanted to experience SL biggest stage again after my Styling Forward II competition and MVW Academy Grad.  I feel this contest to be the number 1 in my SL dreams. I want to experience the stage brought about by the pressures and stress in a healthy. I was starting my model career last year when I saw  inworld that  Jax Aster won the competition and I dreamed that if I’m someday at MVW stage, I try my best. This year is my chance, so I try my best.

If is a small probability at I would win. I would like to help new models and styling a variety of styles and instructors would have to reach my dream. Also represents the opportunity to meet with new faces and to design different kind events.


Pose: MorPhinE – Do it! … Set.1.3
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Ryan 1
Shape: Own
Outfit: **=__MEA CULPA_=**Time Bandit
Hair: blackLiquid HAIR – Quiff black & white
Makeups: Miamai_Doll Red
Lipstick: Miamai_InMutatio Homme Lips 02
Hairbase: AITUI – Standard Hair Base – 001 – Black
Undershirt: Miamai_Ansiotropic Jacket JUST UP
Eyes: ~Tableau Vivant~ Drop of water eyes 10
Eyeslashes: Finesmith Holiday Tale lashes black
Earings:Finesmith Noir Earrings
Neclase: Finesmith Noir Collar
Braclet (Left hand): FINESMITH Love Does’nt grow on trees – Bracelet
Nails: Finesmith spike NailsL 40’s short- DRAAKJE male
Ring: F I N E S M I T H Love doesnt grow on trees ring
Shoes: Violator-Oil and Thornbush-StilettoGrids-AlienBlack


MEET MVW Mr. United Kingdom 2012: World Undercroft

Please give a warm WELCOME to Mr. United Kingdom 2012


I have given all the gentlemen the same series of questions in the interview so it is fair. I wanted to learn about them in SL, why they entered MVW, what can they bring to the competition and what would they do with the title if they win. I hope this will help us get to know them more and what they are all about.

Please feel free to give them your love and support. ❤


I started Second Life in January 2008 with a close friend who shared my passion for places where you could create, where you could express yourself in any way imaginable, be it by a character or by surrounding.  Today, though he has left the game, I still find the excitement of getting a plane past a sim crossing or driving a motorcycle up impossible places. I still enjoy the simple things in SL and also enjoy the impossibles.

I think I try to bring to Mister Virtual World the uncommon, I love a challenge and especially love to challenge myself. It took a while for me to  see clothing not as female or male, but as distinct parts. Every outfit can tell a story if you allow it, and I hope to do my best and tell my story with the best Male models on the grid.

If I win MVW this year, I would like to step up my charity work for RFL and figure out a better way to help them. I also would like to step up my activities for the models workshop and feel the energy from the new models, and to continue my driving through Morris, Fame, and Oak Grove just like in 2008. I don’t want to change, I just want to get better.


Nuuna’s skin
Nuuna’s Glam rocker makeup in gold
Eyes creepy black eyes Nuuna’s (Halloween set)
Vitas Boudoir Kiss my asp pants, shirt
Eshi Otawara carved leather catsuit tshirt layer
Hair and arm tassles Checkmate (black) by Eshi Otawara
[sYs] Psylo – Purple collar and belt
spine element with spikes shine Grim Bros
[NeurolaB Inc.] Fatality Electro boots



Mister Virtual World 2012 Auditions

We are looking for the sexiest male avatar on the grid.

Press Release
April 1st 2012
Miss/Mr Virtual World Organization.

When you enter a room do you hear others say: hmmm, aahhhh, oh my, yumm, etc?

If so, you may be exactly what we are looking for!

➊ – Send us your best headshot 512 x 512 labeled:  MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2012 (Your Name).  Send your photo by e-mail to:  thebestofwebmaster@gmail.com – Please be advised that if your picture is NOT 512 x 512 and if it doesn’t have your name, it will be disqualified, so please get it right!

➋ – Join THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group, which will be the group used for all Mr. Virtual World 2012 announcements.

➌ – All ‘selected’ entry pictures will go up on: http://www.missvirtualworld.info/ If you don’t see your picture there, it means it was not selected by the judges. You may send a different picture to the same email.

➍ – If the judges like what they see, you will be called back for a live audition at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium.  A panel of judges will evaluate you on the runway and will award points for your look, styling, and overall presentation (including your walk and posing).  After the judges have seen all of the pre-selected avatars, the list of the Official Finalists who will compete for the title of MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2012 will be announced.  MISTER VIRTUAL WORLD 2012 will take place on June 16, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. SLT and will be televised live on Metaverse TV.

➎ – Most rehearsals will take place on Saturdays or Sundays at 10:00 a.m. SLT.  If you cannot commit to this schedule, please do not audition.

➏ – Live auditions will be held on the last weekends of April and May.  Please submit your headshot before the 20th of each month.  If you are not invited to the live audition in April, you may submit a different picture for May.

Official Finalists for the title of MISTER VIRTUAL WORLD 2012 will compete in a series of styling challenges as well as a live voice interview before the judges, culminating in the June 16, 2012 televised pageant.  If you are chosen as an Official Finalist, please realize this is a serious commitment of your time.  Additional details will be provided if you are selected to compete.

If you have questions about the upcoming audition process, contact Carilynn OHare.

Let the search begin!

MEET MVW 2011 Mr. MEXICO: Josh Askari


Hair: [NSD] Killian Hair/Noir
Earrings: Culture Silver Hoop Earrings?
Swimsuit: VitaMen Side Ring Bikini Iron-Blue?

It means a great deal for me to be involved with the Mr Virtual World contest. I feel deeply honored to be competing against some of the finest models in the SL male fashion industry. To be a part of this world within a world, it means more than just fancy titles and knowing how to look good. It means that beyond the selfish indulgence in materialistic gain that some embrace, there exists a creative space where one can express the true vision of their inner being. Visually I can show others my soul, and indeed my very essence by how I choose to present myself in fashion and in public. I desire so very deeply to lead people beyond the physical and tangible, beyond the surface of what simply is, to hopefully help them and myself to discover what we all have in common; to find the essence of our existence that binds us as a community and as a people. To be involved with Mister Virtual World means that I am being given a chance to explore not only my capabilities as a model but also is a challenge to my effectiveness in communication of the self. Proudly, I can say that given such a task my full effort.

MEET MVW 2011: Mr. USA: Jax Aster

MR. USA 2011: Jax Aster


Vest: AOHARU_WovenVest_Beige
Shirt: AOHARU_PleatWovenShirt_Beige
Pants: ZC : Chinos *khaki*
Shoes: Kalnins Footwear – Elegance
Belt: Kalnins Belt – Elegance
Bracelets: Mandala – JYUZU SINRA bracelet/men/VINTAGE GOLD
Hat: *ARGRACE* Hunting – Natural Wavy – Blonde

I joined SL 11/10.2006, and I have had the chance to experience many of second life’s opportunities.  I began this journey simply by hanging out with friends and discovering many of the creative sims and creations that SL has to offer.  Second Life has offered me the opportunity to explore my creative side as well.

I began modeling in August 2009 and quickly began to accumulate clothes and accessories from various designers.  Being a fashion addict in real life has afforded me the opportunity to expand my interests even further in SL. I enjoy piecing together the many pieces of clothing from many different designers and seeing what combinations arise.  Throughout my modeling career in SL, I have been gotten to know many amazing people and look forward to the future.

I joined this year’s competition with a group of friends and have gained many more in the process.  It has been a great opportunity to work with different individuals from all over the world that I otherwise would not have had to opportunity to meet. I am proud to represent the USA in the year’s Mister Virtual World pageant and am looking forward to the challenges ahead.


MEET MVW 2011: Mr. Greece Daniele Eberhardt

MR. GREECE: Daniele Eberhardt

Styling Card:

Hairs: Dura Boy&Girls 15
Shirt: Coco BowShirt White
Vest: Tableau Vivant- Orestes
Pant: S041 Sartoria black Gala suit with Band
Gloves: Tres Beau Aspen
Shoes: Redgrave Charlston Loafers

My modeling career begun in April 2009 when I was trained by the wonderful Mimmi Boa at Evane Models Academy, where I learned a lot from her and after my graduation I was invited to join Evane Models Agency. After that, I studied and graduated also at Avenue Models Academy and I was invited to join Avenue Models.

Since then I had the luck to walk in countless runway shows with many agencies and appeared in many important magazine, as well as posing for many advertising and vendors.
I was honored to win some contest as DD Style Testimonial and Mr Sartoria 2010, and I’m very happy to represent these brands.

Another passion I have, besides modeling, is photography and I’m a photographer in sl.
I’m a kind person, helpful and friendly, and I love to hang out with my friends and meet new friends. Friendship for me is very important, in rl as well as in sl.

Last year I tried to enter MrVW but I failed because I wasn’t experienced enough and it wasn’t my time.

After a lot of work and application, I’ve finally joined this important contest, and I’m very happy, honored and proud to be here. For a model the possibility of becoming MrVW represents one of the biggest dream and the highest goal of modeling career. For me this is not only a wonderful goal but also a great way to represent the whole sl fashion world. It means to become a bridge between models, designers and other people that work in fashion industry. MrVW for me should be a reference model for all the people that want advices and help… If I would win, I would try to do my best to be this.

MEET MVW 2011: Mr. Chile: LesPaul Ibanez

MR. CHILE 2011: LesPaul Ibanez

Pic by aRa Sheridan

Jacket: Gabriel Black Stipe Suit Jacket
Vest: Utopia Daniel Vest
Hat: Utopia Hat Fedora Scottish
Shirt and Tie: Utopia Leon Square
Pants: Utopia Leon Square
Boots: Gizza FausT Boots
Hair: Dura-Boy 06 in black
Make Up: White Widow Fentelle Silver
Belt: Finesmith Inspiration Wicca Corset

I am LesPaul Ibanez, and for those who know, my name says some things about me. LesPaul is one of those legendary electric guitar designers, and Ibanez is one of the best guitar makers… so yes, I do play guitar and bass and keyboards RL. I graduated as a Computer Engineer and I have found that I need to compensate what I do for a living with the right side of my brain. Besides music, SL gives me another outlet to explore that artistic side.

That said I do not wish to be defined as a musician, nor as a model, even though I have modeled some. I would not want to be defined as a writer either, even though I started writing professionally the last month. I do not think it would be fair to be defined for the stuff I do in SL to keep my time busy, because I enjoy all that so much. I rather want to be regarded as a professional on all my endeavors and ultimately, I want to be considered as just a regular guy who happens to enjoy what he does, who also wants to meet some nice people and who would do anything on his power to make the people around him happy.

I entered Mister Virtual World because i knew it would give me the chance of doing exactly that: have a great time, and know some of wonderful people. And so far it has completely lived up to my expectations. It has been an amazing ride. Quite frankly, I had no idea what I was getting into. I knew about the contest and I’ve been admiring last year’s misters every time our lives take us to the same runway or photoshot, but I didn’t know it was so much fun. It is an extraordinary amount of work too. There is nothing better that to have fun while doing your job and Mr. VW has delivered on that premise.


MEET MVW 2011Mr. Portugal Matteo Bettencourt

MR. PORTUGAL: Matteo Bettencourt

I am a very dedicated and ambitious individual. I’m continually setting new and higher goals for myself and putting everything I have into reaching them. I love knowledge, learning, life and laughter. I always try to acheive and maintain a positive atmosphere and environment for not only myself, but all of those around me.  I am a truly passionate man and apply that to all that I do, putting no less than 100% of myself into all my endeavors. While I have enjoyed some modest success in the SL fashion industry, I always make time to kick back with my close friends and colleagues and enjoy the simple and pleasurable things SL® has to offer. If I have a motto or some advice to adhere to,  it would be: do everything to the best of your abilities; those things that are most extremely challenging are usually also the most rewarding.

My style mmm … I see myself as a “guy next door” the one that likes to dress cute , but doesn’t have a  problem being funky and who loves to wear a suit and look stunning , the one that wakes up in the morning with messy hair and sits in his closet 😛 looking around and thinking ” what should I wear today” xD

Style Card :

Skin : Belleza Thomas
Eyes : Fashism Sunrise Pale Brown
Hair : Cheerno Max
Hair Base : Aitui Standard Black
Beard : Valient & Scared Beard Dark
Brief 😛 : Intimizzio Classic Brief White and Black
Pants : X-Ray Baggy Diper Pants
Tank : Alpha Angel Bad Boy
Bracelet : Chantkare Colorgy Wristband Red and white
Watch : S2L white leather
Tie: Gisaci Classic Italia Red
Glasses : Reek Park Shades
Tennis: HOC Apparel – Hocs Lowtops tied altern
Bag : Emery – Bag James Pure
Hat : Akeyo Fedora Gingham
Coat : SG – 4Minute – Jacket  Black

When all of us started playing SL, we had no idea what we’d find.  After spending some time in SL I found myself in a place of dreams and possibilities.  SL is not just a common game but a game that engages real people from all over the world.  Here we all have an opportunity to choose to do innovative things and make a mark even if some might consider it small.
Mister Virtual World is perhaps the most glorious possibility of leaving our mark but it also shows who we are through our individual cultures and the culture of our native country, mine being Portugal.  These incentives are what I found to be part of such a great contest and organization.

MEET MVW 2011Mr. United Kingdom: Aspen Parx

Mr. United Kingdom 2011: ASPEN PARX

Style Card

Shape~ MADesign
Skin ~ LaVie- Massimo -shaved Face ~ Jarythe Barber Shop- 5 O’clock shadow
Eyes ~ MADesign- Vanity
Hair ~ CheerNo- Yalli-
dark Jacket ~ Lapointe & Bastchild-
London Pants ~ AgySecret-
Leather Pants Shoes ~ Muism-
Blk Boots Tattoo- Tink-
British Flag Necklace ~ Lapointe & Bastchild-
Couture Dog Tag Belt ~ Aoharu

Aspen Parx came to Sl on May 21, 2008 to be with his partner Hollee Zhora. I came also to learn to surf and hangout in Costa Rica. In Feb. 2009 I entered the first Mr. Costa Rica contest. I found out after I lost that I wanted to learn how to be a good model in SL. Since then my journey has taken me to some of the best academies and to learn from some of the best teachers in SL. I have been fortunate enough to be part of many fine Agencies over the past two years plus. The one thing most people don’t know about Aspen Parx is that he is very generous, and likes to do quiet acts of kindness. It has been a long journey for Aspen to reach the finals of Mister VW, but the wait has been worth it. It was a goal I set wayback in 2009. Representing the country of the United Kingdom is not only a privilege, but also and honor. The title of Mister VW carries a very high profile to whoever wins. If lucky enough to win the title, I will use it as a platform to reach out and not only help others, but to help shape the future of SL Modeling.