Miss Avatar World 2011


Version française après la version anglaise.
(en) Contest Miss Avatar World 2011
Contest organized by Evenementia Agency
May, June and July 2011

Description :
Miss Avatar World is a beauty election contest of female avatars highlighting designers collections too (clothes, jewels, shoes).
It’s open for free to all avatars who want to take part in.
This is the second edition of that election.
Elvira Pelazzi is the first who was elected, in April 2010, she is Miss Avatar World 2010.

This contest is divided in several steps:
* Registration:
You have to be registered by Lalabel Demina, Annah Cham or Kryss Holmer before June 10th.
When you register, please send two pictures of your avatar (a close-up and a full body one) in a notecard indicating name and first name of the avatar, it’s birthdate and your nationality.

* The selection :
The jury of the contest will select a maximum of 20 candidates among all the applications. It’ll be the casting of Miss Avatar 2011 election.
These 20 candidates will then begin the election process of Miss Avatar 2011.

* Beginning of the contest :
– First two turns:
Each turn, selected candidates will parade by performing two runs: the first in evening dress, and the other in a casual outfit. Outfits are chosen by the models themselves in the collection they have done with the designer that has been designated (see section «Models and Designers»).
Otherwise, outfits will be chosen by the models themselves in their inventory. A run of a candidate must not exceed two minutes. If a candidate exceeds the two minutes allowed, then penalty points will be counted (cf. Markings and Jury).
Between the runs, candidates can change hairstyles, accessories and jewels. But they can’t wear another skin or shape.
Obviously, it’s strongly recommended to change outfits at each turn (use at the maximum the wardrobe of the designer chosen).
Each turn, 5 candidates will be eliminated by the jury.
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