New Store for Men: KINGS

Created by the Face of MOOLTO and *QUEENS* CEO, Mina Pelazzi, *KINGS* is a high-end reseller of some of the truly best brands in male fashion, shoes and accessories on the grid. Partnerships with Sartoria, SF Designs, Tres Beau, Styles of Edo and Atelier Bonetto allow *KINGS* to offer fashion-forward men and those that love them the opportunity to buy all pieces needed to put together high-quality and stylized casual, business and formal ensembles from one convenient location.

SF Designs
Tres Beau
Styles of Edo
Atelier Bonetto

KINGS will open with a BANG on Sunday 6/27/10 with a Fashions Show, an Open House and a Dance Party!
Please see the post below for more information.

KINGS Website:

A sample of some of the high quality fashions now AVAILABLE at the KINGS store modeled by RicoRacer Flux and photographed by Mina Pelazzi.

RicoRacer Flux in Tres Beau:

RicoRacer Flux in Styles of edo

CHECK OUT the store:

The FACES of Moolto Winners.

MOOLTO’s official first contest was in search of a male and a female Second Life resident to become the NEW faces of Moolto. Over 250 SL residents have applied to be the Face and Spokesperson for Over a period of two months, the contestants were tested on their beauty, brains, skills, personality and the ability to work under pressure. The 6,000 members of Moolto were encouraged to pick their favorites and they voted by the hundreds to make their voices count for 30% of the total score. Selected VIP judges scores tally up to 70% of the final score.

The search is over. Moolto has finally crowned the FACES of Moolto 2010: Mr. Moolto: RicoRacer Flux & Miss Moolto: Mina Pelazzi.

Mr. Moolto: RicoRacer Flux:

It has been a long and very challenging contest. I have learned so much about myself and my capabilities: both strengths and weaknesses. I believe I have grown so much as a model and as a person throughout this journey. I have met amazing friends and I am extremely grateful for this amazing opportunity.

I want to say a million THANK YOUS to Maxes Loon, Persia Bravin, Lacy Muircastle, and all the Moolto staff for this fantastic contest. Thank you to all the contestants who participated especially the top 20 of which many that I look up to. Salvo Waydelich, Jarl Soderstrom, Nave Fall, Clyde Saunders, Apollo Call, Diconay Boa, Haidyn Inglewood, Julia Brand, Mina Pelazzi, Suri Alex, Spencer Christenson, and so many others. You all are an amazing, extraordinary and talented group of people. TY to all the designers, sponsors and Moolto friends for their participation. Thank you to the designers in which I had the honor of modeling their designs at the Moolto Events: Utopia (Saby Clary) and…

Most of all, I want to thank my FACT family, friends and everyone for their friendship and support. It’s an honor to represent Moolto. A special THANK YOU to Jen Tafler, DJ Wylder, Talyia Tarber, and Diconay Boa. TYSM! Congratulations to Mina Pelazzi for being Miss Moolto and I can’t wait to work with her.

Best Wishes to Everyone.


Miss Moolto: Mina Pelazzi

I want to say thank you all of you …

To be Miss Moolto very big honor for me .. I will do my best to represent Moolto and all of moolto lovers πŸ™‚

Special Thanks to Maxes Loon,Yusuf Xue, Persia Bravin and all Moolto Team … I will be so happy and honored to be in this amazing team and work for Moolto….

And :
Thank you Synthia Quintessa for amazing works on video and she was very patient to understand me.. hugss Synthia!

Thank you Asli Bart .. she always suppots me in my SL and RL life.. Kisses my best friend..

Thank you Bahar Vega .. For you all supporting me πŸ™‚ kisses

Thank you Spencer Christenson, Anabella Ravinelli, Raphael Treves, Merrick Genesis, Ranini Farrella, Mesh Carter, bestcool texan … Thank you for invaluable helping me…

Thank you Mammi Jewell for the amazing bridal .. I love AZUL..

Thank you my dear lovely friends.. Who supported me or couldnt πŸ™‚

And Congrats Rico! I will be happy to work with you for moolto. πŸ™‚

And congrats all my contestant friends .. That was honor to share with all of you that great contest..

Thank you my children for their big patient for my hard working days.. I love both of you πŸ™‚

and Thank you my love! you always belive me πŸ™‚ I LOVE YOU.

Please pick up a copy of MANIERA Magazine March Edition Available Now for the FACES of Moolto Interview. Pictures above is courtesy of Maniera Magazine and the fantastic photographer: Barney Roundel. TYSM.

Contest Results: Mr & Miss Moolto 2010 FINALISTS

Over 250 SL residents have applied to be the Face and Spokesperson for
Thirteen Men and Thirteen Women were chosen to be a Pre Semi-Finalists.
Maxes Loon, CEO of Moolto, personally interviewed each contestant to pick the TOP TEN MEN & TOP TEN WOMEN to be Semi-Finalists.

And the competition just began….
Over the next few weeks, the 6,000 members of Moolto were encouraged to pick their favorites and they voted by the hundreds to make their voices count for 30% of the total score.
On January 23, the semi-finalists were grilled with tough interview questions in a live stage to be judged by a selected panel of high profile talented VIPs from across all fields in SL. The judges scores tally up to 70% of the final score.
You can see the a script of the event here:

AFTER All the trials and tribulations…

*From Maxes Loon:
The Finalists:
The management team is proud to announce the ten finalists in this year’s Mr. and Miss Moolto contest.
Those going forward into the finals are:

Apollo Call
Jarl Soderstrom
RicoRacer Flux
Salvo Waydelich
Spencer Christenson

Diconay Boa
Haidyn Inglewood
Julia Brand
Mina Pelazzi
Suri Alex

Congratulations to the finalists and many thanks to ALL the contestants who made it as far as the semi finals.

So what’s next?

This contest is far from over! So far we have seen how the entrants responded to the pressure of appearing in public while answering some difficult questions. The next stage will determine how well they work in teams and will give them chance to express their creative ideas in front of an even tougher panel of judges at the grand final on February 27th. members will also be asked to vote for their favorite finalists from the 13th-27th February.
Make sure you keep watching this group for postings on what the finalist’s next challenge will be over the next two days.
Sincere thanks to everyone who has taken time to vote in this contest. As a member your opinions matter!

And a felt ‘Thank You’ to all the sponsors of this contest:

Maxes Loon


PLEASE no further public votes until after Feburary 13th when the next part of the MMM challenge will be revealed. Any public votes until the 13th will not be counted.

*Taken from Press Release at Mr & Miss Moolto Group Contest:

CONTEST: Divine Couture Photo Model’s Fair 2010

Divine Photo-Model Contest :

Sponsored by:,Glance Magazine,Glance Agency,SLFONE, Fashion Art Photo Studio by Hermes Kondor and Mina Pelazzi,Priscilla Collins Jewels

Divine Couture is excited to announce that in 2010 we will select an official female model each month!

How to join:

1. Wear an outfit from Divine Couture (gift dresses and subscriber gift dresses are not allowed) and make photos of yourself. Your photos may not include nudity or content related to sex, pornographic images or unsuitable web content.

2. Join the group Divine Couture in world and on PixeLook ( * Be sure that your nickname on Pixelook is the same as your in world name.

3. The photos will be posted on PixeLook and shared in the Divine’s forum group.

4. Each participant may submit 2 photos, one each of 2 different outfits, or two looks with the same outfit.

5. Photos can be modifiable with Photoshop or similar programs, but should not contain text.

6. Participants should include Divine Couture Main Store in their profile picks.

Deadlines and dates :

Entries must be submitted by 12:00 AM slt on the 21th of each month.
Finalists will be announced on the 25th of each month on PixeLook Group
The winner will be selected by Divine Staff and a technical jury, will be showcased in Divine Couture Group and on PixeLook, and in world at a special event organized by Divine Couture Headquarters on the 28th of each month.

AWARDS :::β™›β™›______::β™›β™› 55,000 L$:::β™›β™›______β™›β™›

The winner will be and will win :

* The title of Divine PhotoModel for the current month and will be the unique and official model for vendors and advertising images for the month, displayed in all Divine Couture Stores around SL. Photos will be taken by Fashion Art Studio by H.Kondor and M.Pelazzi, photographers.

*A linden prize of L$10,000 offered by

* A class in Glance Academy , value of 8,000 L$

* A spread on Glance Magazine ( as model for Divine for the month)

* A SLFONE The Evolution, value of 5,000L$

* A Divine Couture Gift Card of L$12,000L

* A Model Book Offered By Fashion Art Studio by Hermes Kondor and MIna Pelazzi, value of 15,000L$

* Special Crown and Jewels Set offered by Priscilla Collins, value of 5,000L$

Registration for the competition involves the transfer of the rights of the image(s). Divine Couture reserves may use the images for commercial purposes / information / advertising without any reservations or advance notice. The staff reserves the right to eliminate competitors, without notice if they do not comply with the regulation.

For information contact:

Giselle Temple, Divine Manager
Celeszta Szondi, Divine Manager

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