The Fashion Teller: FEMME FATALE – Wicca Merlin as “MORGANE LE FAY”


“MORGANE LE FAY” – Wicca Merlin

MODELS: Wicca Merlin & Todd Anton
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Enzo Champagne (Portrait) & Spartin Parx (Scene)
FASHION: NV Corsetry

THE FASHION TELLER: Femme Fatale “Morgane Le Fay”

Morgane Le Fay was the most powerful sorceress during the times of King Arthur. She possessed a gifted intellect and many abilities such as her ability to mystically manipulate the environment, cast illusions, project mystical bolts, create mystical force shields, transform into other shapes, and remove spirits from their bodies and place those spirits under her control.

A great battle was waged between two very powerful sorcerers bringing the world into complete chaos. It was as if the world was about to end as the earth trembled and the mountains crumbled. Morgane Le Fay will not surrender until the powerful Merlin is defeated. This evil enchantress will continue to fight until her wicked appetite is sated.


Our sincere gratitude and appreciation to:
-Alexandra Nichols & Khurt Vargon for designing this amazing outfit.
-Enzo Champagne & Spartin Parx for their amazing talents in making these beautiful art
-Wicca Merlin & Todd Anton for their breathtaking portrayals of the characters

Thank you everyone for all your support.

Rico & Edi

The Fashion Teller – Femme Fatale CAST: Wicca Merlin as Morgane Le Fay


“MORGANE LE FAY” – Wicca Merlin

FASHION DESIGNER: The talented team behind NV Corsetry, Alexandra Nichols and Khurt Vhargon, have been making realistic and extremely detailed corsetry and outfits in Second Life. They created an outfit that is fierce and powerful for the Femme Fatale character, Morgane Le Fay. Picture above is not the actual outfit.

We can’t wait to present all the fantastic outfits in Femme Fatale Story Book this weekend. We will have a fashion show as well in the next couple of weeks to present The Femme Fatale collection. All the designers really have outdone themselves in making new amazing outfits for the characters. Thank you designers.

MODEL: When we decided to cast for the Ultimate Sorceress and Enchantress, Morgane Le Fay, we could think of no other model who is fierce and just fits perfectly well with the persona than Wicca Merlin. She has the look and talent that is magical and enchanting. Wicca has been a standard pillar in SL Modeling World for 4 years and she is still at the top of her game. Her talents extend beyond modeling to photography and blogging among many things. We are proud to have her in Femme Fatale to play Morgane Le Fay: A dark and powerful sorceress that has a deadly combination of beauty and power. Wicca is joined by Todd Anton who will play Merlin, The Great Wizard.

Femme Fatale will be released this weekend.

Picture above done by Wicca Merlin