Menstuff Hunt

Menstuff Hunt

> 150 Designers
> Exclusive gifts for Menstuff
> Menstuff Competition

If you only do one hunt this season this is the one for you. With over 150 stores from all over the grid and over 30 exclusive gifts, this is the MUST hunt for men’s content on the grid!

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Menstuff Hunt is on now!

MENstuff Fashion Hunt
Fashion conscious men of Second Life? The hunt is on…..
June 3rd – July 3rd
Starting on Friday 3rd June, Second Life ™ will see the largest and most exciting fashion and accessories hunt ever designed exclusively for male residents.
With over 150 of the grids top designers participating, this hunt will offer high quality free items designed for the fashion conscious man, so guys get ready for some cool new looks for the hot summer months!
Pay a visit to the main teleport area and you will find 60 free welcome gifts plus full details of how to join the group, and then set out across the grid to uncover the incredible items the designers have created-including bespoke items not available anywhere else.
This hunt has been produced by an all-star team and the management includes well known fashion industry leaders, so you are guaranteed only the very best, trend setting items.
There’s never been a better time to be a man in SL!  But what makes this hunt so different form all the others? Just ask some of the 7,500 members already in our group:

u43hr4play Lanley:  In a “world” where 80% of the stuff is for females, the hunt lets guys find where the really good stuff is! (And not just another pair of jeans!)
quicksilver blackheart: It exposes us men to different vendors and style that we aren’t commonly exposed before to. Helps us men to create different style from the regular ones that are in Second Life.
Random Toocool: new stores… great clothes
ken001 Silverfall: Best way to move from ‘average’ dresser to ‘sophisticated’ dresser.
Brayden Islay: Great way to find new stores!
JuliusCaesar Byron:  A great help to newbies
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Hunt Organisers: Ivy Maverick, Rob1977 Moonites
Ivy’s Email:
Hunt Manager- Skintrader Greyskin
Press Enquiries: Persia Bravin