“Scene It” Opium Presents “Moments Embraced” Video

Opium Fashion Agency
Anastacia Markova, CEO

Chat Hosts-Katherine Comet
Writer: Rhonda Pennell
Director Marcus Night
DJ/MC Seren Dawes

Herradura Baar
Sabine Blackburn
Accacia Brissot
Dancer Dallagio
Kay Fairey
Veronica Krasner
Locked Semaphore
More Ying
Rhonda Pennell
SC Tracy

Lacombe New York
M.E. Fashions
My Precious
SF Designs
Purple Rose
Virtual Impressions

Film * Editing
PriMajicka Studios
Synthia Quintessa, CEO

“Scene It” Siren Production’s Menswear Fashion Week Pictures

Come relive the moments, catch up on the shows you missed or just enjoy the beautiful pictures from the Menswear Fashion Week presented by Siren Productions.

Siren Production’s Menswear Fashion Week Pictures are available at their flickr Website:

“Scene It”: Kabuki Presents Donna Flora “DIAMONDS” REVIEW/Second Look.



OH MY!!! Did you miss Kabuki’s Premier Runway Show featuring Donna Flora in “DIAMONDS”?
Never fear… You can watch the amazing video below. =)

WATCH: KABUKI Presents “Donna Flora: DIAMONDS”

FLASH Productions – Ethan Haalan & Lola Baudin
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