“SIRENS” – LovelyMiwako7399 Menna

FASHION DESIGNER: Tatanka Kaligawa “Mea Culpa” enchants us with a totally outrageous and fantastic new look for SIRENS. He captured the very essence of these deadly and enticing creatures who lure men to their misfortune with their sweet melodies and voices. The “look” is beautiful yet dangerous with lots of amazing details. Mea Culpa is very well known for their breathtaking and stunningly outrageous designs. This outfit is perfect and fit to be called Mea Culpa. Just you wait. :) Thank you Tatanka.

We can’t wait to present all the new fantastic outfits in Femme Fatale Story Book and Runway Show this End of Summer 2012. All the designers really have outdone themselves in making new amazing outfits for the characters. It is worth waiting for, I promise.

MODEL: LovelyMiwako7399 Menna kicks off the first of the three beautiful SIRENS. Be prepared as she lures you with her edgy and fierce look as a SIREN, worthy to be called “FEMME FATALE”. LovelyMiwako is a multi talented woman who is a model, photographer, pose maker and designer. Her LovelyMi makeup designs are simply FABULOUS which I always wear to complete a look. We are happy to have you in Femme Fatale. ❤

STAY TUNED as we reveal more Amazing Femme Fatale Cast and Crew.

MODEL: LovelyMiwako7399 Menna
PHOTOGRAPHER: Trinetty Skytower


The Fashion Teller CASTING


They are the most notorious, mysterious and seductive woman throughout history. Their charms ensnare lovers in bonds of irresistible desire and passion. They have inspired literature and art for centuries. Wars have been fought and nations have crumbled over their beauty, charm and sexual allure. They are the baddest of the bad girls….they are FEMME FATALE!!!

Got a face that could launch 1000 ships…think you have what it takes to live up to the label?

Ladies (sorry men) present a jaw-dropping unique styling, using at least one of our participating designer’s outfits and accessories, depicting a famous femme fatale in action…fact or fiction. Sponsors: Bliss Couture, Vero Modero, Champagne Sparkling Couture, Mea Culpa, Pipins, Wildchild and Muse & NV Corsetry. Jewelry by L’ Atelier. These amazing talented designers have taken the challenge to create a unique look of their vision of a particular Femme Fatale from Cleopatra to Medussa and so many other fabulous deadly stunners.

The winner will be featured in our Femme Fatale book as a special character, perform in our runway presentation, and be invited to join the Fashion Teller group as a model for future projects.


1. Present a style depicting a famous femme fatale FACT or FICTION using items from our participating designers: Bliss Couture, Vero Modero, Champagne Sparkling Couture, Mea Culpa, Pipins, Wildchild and Muse & NV Corsetry. Jewelry by L’ Atelier. Hair and other accessories may be purchased elsewhere, but main styling and outfit must be from one of the designers listed. Please credit the photographer and mention the name of the participating designer’s outfit you are wearing in the picture description and your accompanying notecard.

2. The Picture must be 1024×1024 in size and be of high quality and high fashion. May use Photoshop or GIMP but Morphed pictures are not accepted.

3. All contestants are encouraged to join THE FASHION TELLER Flickr group and post their picture entry in the group. Please join the -UrWorld SL- online group as well because we will be announcing the winner in the UrWorld group. Ask Editorial Clarity for UrWorld invite and notice perms.


The picture must be titled FEMME FATALE CONTEST: (Name of Contestant).

4. Create a notecard titled FEMME FATALE CONTEST – YOUR NAME and include the picture and styling details on the notecard. Send a full permission copy of the notecard to Jade Spectre in-world. Please make sure your picture is full perm as well. You may contact by email at, or by notecard if you have any questions or concerns.

5. Include in your notecard the name of your character and a brief summary of her story and what you believe makes her a femme fatale.

6. The Winner must be available for the photo shoots and is willing to follow the photographer/designer’s requests and participate in a runway show to be announced at a later date. By submitting an entry, you are giving Fashion Teller all rights to your photo to be published, presented, and utilized at anytime as we see fit.


Good Luck!!!!

RicoRacer Flux-Clarity
Editorial Clarity-Flux
Jade Spectre

**ART by sadbab Shan**


Mea Culpa 50% off Sale Offer

MEA Culpa Christmas Special

For a special Christmas offer Mea Culpa will set up two gowns and one pair of shoes for 50% off .

They will be changed every wednesday until Christmas ! 🙂

For the next 7 days you will find :

Polar Light

Frozen Countess

& Feeling.


You can find them left hand side on the upper floor !

Best regards
Tatanka Kaligawa ________________


The Nutcracker 2010: Feel the Magic…..

Top SL Supermodels and Select Designers have gathered together for a ONE of a Kind EVENT

to give THANKS to the SL Fashion Community this Holiday Season.

We present our Gift of ROMANCE, BETRAYAL, LOVE, GRACE and BEAUTY

in a completely reinvented Fairy Tale Romance Story of:

The Fashion Teller:

The Nutcracker 2010

Agtaope Carter,  Apollo Call, Arisia Ashmoot, dancer Dallagio, Editorial Clarity, Frolic Mills, Kay Fairey, Leandra Breen, Liam Netizen, Louise McWinnie, Luralie Bailey, Mikey Batriani, Miaa Rebane, Mimmi Boa, Phillip Dollinger, RicoRacer Flux, Rhonda Penell, Roe Woodford, Salvo Waydelich, Sora Tatham, Tesan Lane, Todd Anton, Veronica Krassner and Wicca Merlin.

(Thank you so much for all the interests but casting is closed for this project.)

Cade Nansen, Ginevra Babii, Julie Hastings, Mikey Batriani, Talyia Tarber


Angel Dessous, Body Talking, Champagne! Sparkling Fashion, Finesmith Jewelry, Garded Secret, Mea Culpa and Violator.

Some never before seen collection of fantastic outfits, makeup, skins and poses will debut.

Coming Soon


Body Talking Presents Synthesis 10/30 3PM SLT




An exclusive assortment of some of the best and very talented designers in SL – all in one show!!!

Body Talking, Mea Culpa, Faster Pussycat, House of Fox, White Widow and 3636 Designs…

Come see Top SL Supermodels styled fiercely in this edgy and not to be missed Runway Event.

Today, Saturday the 30th of October – 3PM SLT!!!


-Arisia Ashmoot
-dancer Dallagio
-Harsch Sharktooth
-Kay Fairey
-Louise McWinnie
-Miaa Rebane
-Rhonda Penell
-RicoRacer Flux
– Roe Woodford
-Tandra Parx
-Wicca Merlin



GRAND Opening of Mea Culpa & Body Talking Sim PARTY & Fashion Show

Greetings Dear Guest!

We are cordially inviting you to a grand night of new sim/mainstore opening party and an exclusive mini-show by Mea Culpa & BodyTalking.

Featuring brand new releases and exclusive collections from both brands.  Be the very first to own these fantastic new releases from both brands. The mesmerizing sim opening fiesta and fashion show will be open to the public at  1 pm slt on the 23rd of October.

We’ll be honored if you choose to grace us with your presence on the special occasion and we’ll be looking forward to see you!

~~~~~~~Thanking You,

Arisia Ashmoot                            Tatanka Kaligawa
CEO BodyTalking           &              CEO Mea Culpa

~~~~~~~RSVP via IM or NC to:
Tandra Parx
COO BodyTalking