The Fashion Teller 2012 Fashion Calendar: August 2012 “The Boys of Summer”

The Fashion Teller 2012 Fashion Calendar:

August “The Boys of Summer”


MODELS: Clyde Saunders, Frolic Mills, Matteo Bettencourt

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

AUGUST: The Boys of Summer

Clyde: VITAMEN White Briefs
Frolic: Birthday Suit
Matteo: VITAMEN white Briefs and Tank

GRAB A COPY INWORLD or Request from Editorial Clarity, Natzuka Miliandrovic or Jade Spectre.
MANY THANKS TO THE MODELS, DESIGNERS and STAFF in making this happen. ❤

A special THANK YOU to Vitamen Hax of VITAMEN, Our Spotlight Designer.


NEW RELEASE: Champagne! Sparkling Couture “LIGHT”


Guys, when you are looking through your wardrobe for something casual to wear out on the town with a touch of flirty fun, are you coming up short?

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture has the perfect solution for you with the new release of LIGHT. LIGHT will transition easily from Spring into the Summer months ahead.

The fabulous tank is sheer, showing off your chiseled abs and perfect physique! Layered over the tank top is a sharp bolero-length jacket covered with satin flowers, and with each flower containing twinkling center gems that will catch the eye!

The Bermuda jeans are nicely detailed with belt loops and pockets, and have separate cuffs right at the knee. These jeans will go with so many of your shirts and jackets when you want a change of pace!

You will love LIGHT. There are so many wonderful ways to style up this outfit, some of which you can see below done by SL Supermodel Matteo Bettencourt, who appears on our vendors and advertising.

Choose from the following glorious colors: White, Dark (Black), Sun (Golden), Passion (Red) and Chlorophyll (Mint).

Men, LIGHT is sexy and fun, perfect for a weekend adventure, a fabulous outing, or dancing at your favorite club. grab yours now!

MODEL: Matteo Bettencourt

SL Events and Shows Coverage – Red Carpet Gala

The Grove and OGLAM


at The Grove Country Club

The Grove Country Club Estates hosted a red carpet formal gala Sunday April 1st to welcome Outrageous Glamour (OGlam) to the community. The Grove and OGlam recently joined forces to provide the Second Life community the convenience of elegant, luxury living combined with a newly enhanced shopping experience and fashion expertise. OGlam has been rapidly evolving into a very successful agency with their unique innovative shows combined with a fantastic comprehensive academy and a top of the line shopping experience. The joint business venture makes the partnership certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Now on to the event…

The lovely Viola Rookswood greeted each guests as they arrived into a beautiful red carpet entry to the Grand Ballroom. One should feel like a star as Miss Rookswood makes you feel special with her warm welcome and interview. Below is a picture of OGLAM CEO Matteo Bettencourt with his partner OGLAM CMO Vixie Rayna, being greeted by Viola Rookswood as they arrived to the event.

After the long walk at the Red Carpet into the main ballroom, guests were guided to their seats where the table display is nothing short of extraordinary. The attention to detail is impeccable from the creme colored roses that adorned each table to the carefully folded napkins and table settings. We were treated to delicious tapas being served by uniformed waiters from Del Vino Tapas and Wine Bar. That is me below enjoying the dining experience. ;p

As the guests enjoyed their meal, the beautiful musical stylings of Sultry Sonata serenaded the room. Below is a picture of The Grove Owner, Umberto Giano, as he scans the room to make sure guests were enjoying themselves as the evening progresses. VIP guests include Leandra Breen, Aphrodite Briana, Editorial Clarity-Flux, Miaa Rebane, Emery Milneaux, Gozii Faith, Florentine Rau, Filipa Thespian, Lacy Muircastle,  Cindy Gedenspire, Linda RedDevil, August Lusch, and many more. Sorry if I can’t recall all the guests, had too much wine. 🙂

The evening ended with full on dancing with DJ Clark Bowenford rocking the crowd. Leandra Breen above and Gozii Faith below showing off their dance moves. It was a sensational evening filled with wonder and magic amongst friends and terrific acquaintances. Thank for the invite and BIG CHEERS to OGLAM and The Grove for a long and fruitful partnership. Pictures are courtesy of Viola Rookswood and The Grove.

Please click HERE for more pictures of the event.


Anyone can see this photo

The FASHION TELLER 2012 Fashion Calendar: JANUARY New Year’s Celebration

The Fashion Teller 2012 Fashion Calendar: January "New Year's Celebration" by Fashion Teller

   JANUARY: New Year’s Celebration

MODELS: Rissa Friller, Matteo Bettencourt

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

Rissa: Fellini Couture Z Gown
Matteo: PEOPLE James



GRAB A COPY INWORLD or Request from Editorial Clarity, Natzuka Miliandrovic or Jade Spectre.

MANY THANKS TO THE MODELS, DESIGNERS and STAFF in making this happen. ❤


***Thank you so much to Rissa Friller and Matteo Bettencourt for being part of this calendar. A million thank yous to Joy Fellini and Didier Rascon as our featured designer in this picture. Our gratitude to Natzuka Miliandrovic for the amazing pictures.

The Fashion Teller: Fashion Calendar 2012


The Fashion Teller is bringing you


Each month is filled with beautiful models representing each month in high style and intrigue.

Grab a copy from Editorial Clarity, Natzuka Miliandrovic or Jade Spectre.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic


Angel Dessous, Bliss Couture, Champagne! Sparkling Fashion, Fellini Couture, House of Europe, People, Tres Beau and VITAMEN. Featured Poses by Body Talking with Makeup by Lovely Mi. Guest Props Designer: PATRON.

Rissa Friller, Carilynn OHare, Anna Sapphire, Wicca Merlin, BlackBarbie Bravin, Leandra Breen, Natzuka Miliandrovic, Jade Spectre, Arisia Ashmoot, Matteo Bettencourt, RicoRacer Flux, Editorial Clarity, Angelik Lavecchia, Didier Rascon, Daniele Eberhardt, Clyde Saunders, and Frolic Mills.

Our gratitude and appreciation to the models, designers and staff involved in making this happen.

Edi and Rico
Arisia is wearing Angel Dessous.
Edi and Rico are both wearing Vitamen.


The Fashion Teller 2012 Fashion Calendar Teaser

The Fashion Teller

2012 Fashion Calendar

This Holiday Season, the Fashion Teller is bringing you THE 2012 FASHION CALENDAR as our gift and appreciation to SL Fashion Industry.
Every month is filled with beautiful models representing the month in high style and intrigue.
Naughty or Nice? Sweet or Sexy? Innocent or Provocative? All of the above?
You just have to wait and see…..

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

Angel Dessous, Bliss Couture, Body Talking, Champagne! Sparkling Fashion, Fellini Couture, House of Europe, Loveli Mi, People, Tres Beau and VITAMEN.

Rissa Friller, Carilynn OHare, Anna Sapphire, Wicca Merlin, BlackBarbie Bravin, Leandra Breen, Natzuka Miliandrovic, Jade Spectre, Arisia Ashmoot, Matteo Bettencourt, RicoRacer Flux, Editorial Clarity, Angelik Lavecchia, Didier Rascon, Daniele Eberhardt, Clyde Saunders, and Frolic Mills.


❤ ❤ ❤

CSLTM AGENCY SPOTLIGHT: Outrageous Glamour by Matteo Bettencourt

1. Tell us a little about OUTRAGEOUS GLAMOUR AGENCY. When Did it start etc?

OGlam started one year ago , exactly on 30th October. We Opened on a small 1/4 sim with an amazing show sponsored by Miamai *chuckles* seems that was years ago.

Outrageous Glamour agency was founded by 3 people at the beginning . Drae Dinzel that unfortunaty is no lounger on sl , Lovely Miwako and myself .

Actually Oglam ( as we like to call ) is managed by another team .

Oglam is a agency consisting of an Academy and Mall, where we try to develop our vision and ideas of fashion, offering an excelent service not just for Designers but for Models and for a new generation of models that are giving the first steps

2. What is the main vision of the Agency and how do you think it is different to all the others?

SL is a place where many are innovated and give expressions to their dreams. Is hard do something diferent .

The inspirations to create OGlam comes from the needs to create something that gave back to the community, as well as inspiring it’s members to do better. As a models we are , Lulu Breuer COO , Vixie Rayna CMO and Myself CEO are passionate about our love of fashion. What better way to give back than to serve in this capacity and working in both directions facing both model and designer

The vision is create a community and co-operate between both worlds , designers and models and offer the SL community and public in general fashion shows and access to high quality brands.

3. Besides yourself, who are the other staff members at OG and what are their roles?

The staff actually consists of Lulu Breuer COO , Vixie Rayna CMO , Linda Reddevil , Executive Director and Manager , Keeley Cooperstone , Academy Director , Amethys Inglewood Academy Executive, Angelik Lavechia and Nala Kurka Teachers, Aprhodite Brianna and Liam Netizen Runway Managers , Editorial Clarity Host Chef , Natzuka Millandrovic and Annough Lykin Photographers and Secret Baily Design Graphic .
Ahhhhh and of course our lil Bloggers . Cindy Gedenspire and Josh Askari

Wow big team 😛

4. What are your goals and plans with the agency, and do you have any exciting future plans for OG? *Can talk about bday if you want there*

*laughs loudly*

Hmmmm…Well to be honest. Yes. Absolutely! We’re an agency and vibrant. In a short time, we have grown and we attribute this to our attention to detail and the quality of our service in the little things people take for granted. So of course, things will be changing a lot as we continue to grow and we constantly review ourselves and put things in place to benefit ourselves and our Patrons. Changes are definitely coming, taking into account real-life commitments which we plan around, off course.

 But, *chuckles* I will say this. We are currently reassessing the models in our agency, to ensure we have not only the best in styling, but the most professional and reliable bunch who share our standard of both service and quality. This enables us to serve as their advocates with confidence, as well as guarantee the very best to our clients. We will go to whatever lengths needed to keep things this area of our commitments intact.

Also we are planning a big suprise for a near future ! But well you all most have to wait to see it *laughs*

And this weekend with so many proud we are celebrating our first
OGlam Birthday Weekend Events:
1. Kick-off Charity Event benefiting United Nations World Food Program (WFP) – Crisis in the Horn of Africa. OGlam Shopping Designers will be joining together to raise money and awareness for WFP. Designers will be selling exclusive items benefiting WFP.

2. Birthday 50% sim sale at OGlam Shopping November 4-6, 2011.

3. Runway Celebration featuring a 3-part show “Around the World with Love” on November 5th.
Nemesis “From Paris with Love” at 1pm slt
PEOPLE “From London with Love” at 3pm slt
Coeur Noir “From New York with Love” at 6pm slt

5. How does a model get into the agency. Do you have castings, the inside contest?

Actually there are only 2 ways to enter OGlam.
iNSIDE Contest – where monthly we pick by a individual and independant judge panel, a model to join the pool.
And Invite where we invite models that highlight with their work at attitude.

The Fashion Teller: Seven Deadly Sins +LUST+





A Sin of obsessive and excessive thoughts or desires of a sexual nature. Giving in to lusts can lead to sexual or sociological compulsions and/or transgressions.

The Goddess of LUST, Aphrodite Brianna came and conquered Ancient Rome with her sexual sorcery and desires. She tempted both Gods and Mankind in unrelenting passion that created a war which lead to the downfall of the Roman Civilization.


Grab a copy inworld or View it Here:

LUST: Aprodite Brianna with Matteo Bettencourt and Tyler Barineaux

Featuring FINESMITH Designs



Seven Deadly Sins

GIVE IN TO SIN….. TODAY, October 27, 2011.



Don’t miss this high quality, high fashion story book centered around The SEVEN DEADLY SINS, featuring only the best SL models and photographers modeling the amazing FINESMITH jewelry. Prepare to be amazed as SEVEN fabulous SL supermodels represent a sin and they are DEADLY.

Please contact Editorial Clarity-Flux inworld for a book copy/kiosk or if you are a designer and want to be featured in an upcoming book.

Don’t forget to put a kiosk in your store or place of business because we have so many exciting projects and books coming up. The Fashion Teller is BACK with a BANG and we are expanding to Fashion Videos and Artsy Shows. Stay Tuned.

Our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who made this project possible:

Yula FInesmith: Our Featured Designer
LovelyMiwako Menna: Graphic Layout/Book Binder
Natzuka Miliandrovic: Cover Art and Photographer
Frolic Mills: Fashion Teller Kiosk Help
Arisia Ashmoot: Co-Creator/Issuu Help

Natzuka Miliandrovic
Pam Astonia
Sophy Violet
Varaderobiker Blackburn

BlackBarbie Bravin
Anna Sapphire
Melanie Sautereau
Rissa Friller
blackLiquid Tokyoska
Aphrodite Brianna
Miaa Rebane
Carilynn OHare
Arisia Ashmoot
Rusalka Callisto
Matteo Bettencourt
Zachary Zufreur
Tyler Barineaux
Harsch Sharktooth
Jax Aster

Editorial Clarity-Flux and RicoRacer Flux-Clarity

*This book is our gift to Yula Finesmith.


WONDERLAND….. Coming Soon!


Discover the Magic

August 27, 2011

Saturday, 11 AM SLT


The Hosts

Editorial Clarity and RicoRacer Flux

The Entertainers

Frolic Mills, Kimmera Madison, Topaz Joubert, Persia Bravin, Enzo Champagne, Amutey Decuir, Nando Korobase, Leandra Breen, Carilyn Ohare, Matteo Bettencourt, Yula Finesmith, Didier Rascon, Angelik Lavecchia, Talyia Tarber, Maddox Kaestner, Arisia Ashmoot, Jen Tafler, LoveliMiwako7399 Menna, Serene Faith, Miaa Rebane, Takeshi Kiama, BlackBarbie Bravin, Falbala Fairey, Varedobiker Blackburn, Saleena Hax, Locked Semaphore, Jade Spectre, Rissa Friller, Veronica Krasner, Mikey Batriani, Todd Anton, Darling Tomorrow, Zachary Zufreur, Linnda Scofield, Ponchituti Boucher, Tyler Barineaux, Anna Sapphire, Daniele Eberhardt, Lali Arbizu and many more…

The Set Maker

Zandy Oh

The Event Photographer

Tillie Ariantho


CC Teardrop



MEET MVW 2011Mr. Portugal Matteo Bettencourt

MR. PORTUGAL: Matteo Bettencourt

I am a very dedicated and ambitious individual. I’m continually setting new and higher goals for myself and putting everything I have into reaching them. I love knowledge, learning, life and laughter. I always try to acheive and maintain a positive atmosphere and environment for not only myself, but all of those around me.  I am a truly passionate man and apply that to all that I do, putting no less than 100% of myself into all my endeavors. While I have enjoyed some modest success in the SL fashion industry, I always make time to kick back with my close friends and colleagues and enjoy the simple and pleasurable things SL® has to offer. If I have a motto or some advice to adhere to,  it would be: do everything to the best of your abilities; those things that are most extremely challenging are usually also the most rewarding.

My style mmm … I see myself as a “guy next door” the one that likes to dress cute , but doesn’t have a  problem being funky and who loves to wear a suit and look stunning , the one that wakes up in the morning with messy hair and sits in his closet 😛 looking around and thinking ” what should I wear today” xD

Style Card :

Skin : Belleza Thomas
Eyes : Fashism Sunrise Pale Brown
Hair : Cheerno Max
Hair Base : Aitui Standard Black
Beard : Valient & Scared Beard Dark
Brief 😛 : Intimizzio Classic Brief White and Black
Pants : X-Ray Baggy Diper Pants
Tank : Alpha Angel Bad Boy
Bracelet : Chantkare Colorgy Wristband Red and white
Watch : S2L white leather
Tie: Gisaci Classic Italia Red
Glasses : Reek Park Shades
Tennis: HOC Apparel – Hocs Lowtops tied altern
Bag : Emery – Bag James Pure
Hat : Akeyo Fedora Gingham
Coat : SG – 4Minute – Jacket  Black

When all of us started playing SL, we had no idea what we’d find.  After spending some time in SL I found myself in a place of dreams and possibilities.  SL is not just a common game but a game that engages real people from all over the world.  Here we all have an opportunity to choose to do innovative things and make a mark even if some might consider it small.
Mister Virtual World is perhaps the most glorious possibility of leaving our mark but it also shows who we are through our individual cultures and the culture of our native country, mine being Portugal.  These incentives are what I found to be part of such a great contest and organization.