Maniera Men of Style 2011 continues its search for the Triple “S” Threat

    Maniera Magazine Presents

Maniera Men of Style 2011

Photo by Barney Roundel

Tired of all those contests that cater to the long legged female models with their meticulously tailored frames and faces? Intrigued by something that is laced with masculinity served with a cup of fierce fashion? Then look no further!

Maniera Magazine, Second Life’s Lifestyle / Fashion magazine is searching for 5 Eligible Bachelors to feature in our August issue that can shine like gods among the mere men that walk the sims of SL.

We are looking for single eligible men from various backgrounds and industries who can give us the TRIPLE “S” THREAT! Men who embody: Substance…Style…and above all Sex appeal! If you feel like you’re one man who can live up this high set standard…then read the information below and be sure to enter. The judges at Maniera are tingling with anticipation waiting for your entries!!!!

The five winners will appear on the August cover of Maniera Magazine and receive a 2-page magazine photo spread and bio.


Maniera Magazine, Second Life’s top fashion and lifestyle magazine, is searching for 5 eligible men to feature in our August issue.  We are looking for men of substance, style, and sex appeal!

Contest begins Tuesday, JUNE 23, 2011  until Saturday, JULY 18, 2011.


The Five will be picked by a panel of judges.


Rules and How to Enter

-Please pick up an application at Maniera Inc. HQ.

-All contestants MUST be min 90 days old- No Exceptions.

-All contestants must enter the My Maniera group and stay until end of the contest. Winners will be announced through group notices.

-Contestants MUST be single, no partnerships in SL.

-Photos must be full perm: 1 head shot and 1 full body. 512×512.

-Application must be named Maniera Men of Style-(your name) date

-Application must be fully completed or will be disqualified.

-Please send completed application to Topaz Joubert CEO Maniera Inc.

Maniera Magazine Men of Style Winners 2009

This would have to be one of the most memorable moments in both of our modeling careers. We were lucky enough to become Maniera Men of Style winners and featured as cover models along with Breckin Clarence, Charlie Absent and Vortimer Ethaniel.

The Story Behind IT:

When we first heard of the contest, we were fairly new models.
We thought, There is absolutely no possible way they would pick unknown models like us.
SO we waited and waited until the very last possible minute to enter.
We finally decided to do it because we figured there is really nothing to lose.
We hurried to the Maniera Magazine’s office and filled out the application like lightning. LOL
We must have sent in our applications at the very last second.
We are so happy and honored to be picked as winners.
We thank Maniera especially Topaz and Sami for all their support.

The point is…
Nobody will believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.
Nobody will listen if you don’t make a sound.
and You will never win if you don’t take a chance.