Hello SIRS:

Here is a contest that you possibly cannot pass up.

Maniera Magazine is picking 5 men again this year to represent the Maniera Magazine Men of Style 2010.

I won last year and it put my career on the map.

What does it take to be a Maniera Man of Style?

Substance, Style and Sex Appeal.

Think you got what it takes? Prove it.

Starting June 1st, 2010, Maniera Magazine will launch its 2nd annual MEN OF STYLE (2010) contest.

All entrants must be SINGLE in Second Life®.  Contest will begin June 1st and run until July 3rd.  At that point, a panel of judges will decide the next 5 male avatars to wield the Maniera Men of Style honors for 2010.

Word of Warning: Expect dozens and dozens of messages from the single ladies if you win. LOL.

Stay tuned and PLEASE Check the Maniera blog for more info: