FASHION & MUSIC: I Wanna Go All the Way Starring RicoRacer Flux

I Wanna Go All the Way

MODEL: RicoRacer Flux



Hair: Uncle Web

SKIN: Belleza

TATTOO: White~Widow


GLOVES: Cheerno

MUSIC: I Wanna Go All the Way

ARTIST: Britney Spears




Lately I’ve Been Stuck Imaginin’
What I Wanna Do and What I Really Think, Time To Flow Out
Be A Little Inappropriate Cause I Know That Everybody’s Thinkin’ It When The Lights Out.

Shame On Me
To Need Release

I I I Wanna Go o o, All The Way ay ay
Takin’ Out My Freak Tonight
I I I Wanna Show ow ow
All The Dirt ir irt
I Got Running Through My Mind (Repeat)

Lately People Got Me All Tied Up
There’s A Countdown Waiting For Me To Erupt.
Time To Blow Out!
I’ve Been Told Who I Should Do It With
To Keep Both My Hands Above The Bl-an-ket
When The Lights Out!

Shame On Me
To Need Release

I I I Wanna Go o o, All The Way ay ay
Takin’ Out My Freak Tonight
I I I Wanna Show ow ow
All The Dirt ir irt
I Got Running Through My Mind.

Shame On Me
(Shame On Me)

To Need Release
(To Need Release)


I I I Wanna Go o o, All The Way ay ay
Takin’ Out My Freak Tonight
I I I Wanna Show ow ow
All The Dirt ir irt
I Got Running Through My Mind

I I I Wanna Go o o, All The Way ay ay
Takin’ Out My Freak Tonight
I I I Wanna Show ow ow
All The Dirt ir irt
I Got Running Through My Mind


RICORACER FLUX “The Journey”: It’s been a while since I posted something about my journey into the SL world of fashion. I have taken a little break from doing runway shows due to a very busy schedule but I really had fun doing Miami Fashion Week: SyS Show where the models are old robots and mannequins in a conveyor built waiting to be repaired or discarded. A very innovative idea from OGLAM/OPIUM Agencies. Been doing a lot of “Print” jobs including upcoming works such as AUGUST FINESMITH DESIGNS advertisement, BOSL August Issue SHAN Spread, The Fashion Teller “Seven Deadly Sins”, Maniera Magazine shoot, OGLAM Ad and a lot of store vendor pictures. What else is new? Recently got invited as a model to join D’IOR Modeling Agency, OGLAM, Costa Rica Sims Production, FINESMITH Models and the upcoming BVLD Model Agency. I’m truly honored and grateful.

Aside from modeling, my time is usually consumed these days producing The Fashion Teller “Seven Deadly Sins” storybook featuring FINESMITH Designs. I am really excited about this gorgeous project and we are getting ready to shoot.  I write articles for SL magazines as well with my latest article released by BeStyle called “Unpretty” about the dark side of modeling. I’m also planning my SL Wedding to Editorial Clarity next month and it is going to be huge and amazing. Sorry, can’t say more or Edi will kill me. ;p lol.

I will also be launching in the near future a charity/awareness project called “STAND FOR LOVE” promoting visibility for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Awareness in SL. I wish there is no need for this but it saddens me that there are still a lot of gay teens committing suicides. Many gay people are still facing violence and discrimination. And Are you kidding me that Gay People Can’t Still Marry??? I will be doing this with my partner, Editorial Clarity and very close friends: Zachary Zufreur, Lovely Miwako,  Tyler Barineaux, Celestial Lunasea and many more. If you are interested in being a part of this charity, kindly contact me, Editorial Clarity or Zachary Zufreur. We are in need of photographers.

Most of all, I want to thank all my family and friends who fills my SLife with laughter and great times. My sincere thanks and appreciation to the people who have given me opportunities and supported me in this endeavor. Thank You <3.

FASHION & MUSIC: Bette Midler’s “The Rose” Starring RicoRacer Flux


MODEL: RicoRacer Flux


FASHION: The awesome regal couture outfit is called Prince Rose from Cheerno. Grand red flower petals surround the collar which is contrasted by the starch white shirt. The pants goes very high up the waist which makes the outfit very unique and couture. I really love this outfit. Cheerno also made the butterflies around the face. The jewelry is from Mandala…both the necklace and the bracelets. They are actually women’s jewelry but they fit very well with this outfit. Hair is a new release from Tukinowaguma called Chus.

PIC INFO: I came to Talyia with an idea of a Spring Rose just “AWAKENING” after the bitter cold of the winter. The super talented Talyia actually build roses around my legs as I posed. Thanks so much Talyia. You always amazed me.


ARTIST: Bette Midler




Some say love..
It is a river that drowns the tender reed.
Some say love…
It is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love..
It is a hunger, an endless aching need.
I say love…
It is a flower and you, it’s only seed.

Its the heart, afraid of breaking,
that never learns to dance,
Its the dream afraid of waking,
that never takes the chance.
Its the one, who won’t be taken
who can not seem to be,
And the soul afraid of dying,
That never learns to live!

When the night has been too lonely,
and the road has been to long,
And you think, that love is only,
for the lucky and the strong!

Just remember, in the winter,
far beneath, the bitter snow,
lies the seed, that with the sun’s love,
in the spring, becomes the


CSLTM Model Call ~ Summer 2010

Good morning.   Well, it’s morning for me.  Tuesday at 1:58 am and I just finished the pictures.  Now I know I’m late, and I apologize.  For one, I found out that the Cool Viewer sucks for taking pictures.  So, ya, I’m not doing that again.   And on that note, it took me so long to finish because I had to rebuild the pictures. *passes out*

Now, my friend Ethan Haalan wanted to come by and watch.   Little did I know that he was secretly doing a video while we worked. So to all the models, congrats you are also in our first ever commercial!  😀  There are two versions which you can see here:

1. CSLTM Summer 2010 Commercial (30 second version)
2. CSLTM Summer 2010 Commercial (2 minute version)

And now, without further adieu, here are the wonderfully talented models for CSLTM Summer 2010 showing off their styling talents.   And as part of this, a styling card is included so you can run and grab all the great designs showcased.

A special thank you to all designers and creators of Second Life.  With out you we would be naked and living on beach. Ummmm….nevermind (Jen Tafler shuts her mouth).

Mimmi Boa:

Bikini: Jacinta pink by Nicky Ree
Hat and tulle transparent dress: Maratea by Bianca Foulon
Jewels: Arturo set by Donna Flora necklace + earrings
Prim Nails: CCD long pink
Hair: JF April in white beach blonde
Shoes: City wedge by Kookie

HoneyBear Lilliehook:

Hair – W&Y 137
Suit – Water Babies – Shades Bikini (Aqua)
Beach Bag – INDI Beach Bag (Rose)
Feet – SLink Sheila Thongs Turquoise Flowers
Anklets – SLink Jolie Pied Anklets Leather and Stone

Veronica Krasner:

Hair: W&Y HAIR New 9 (hat tinted to pink) – Waka&Yuki
Skin: Elle BR Fair – Belleza
Eyes: EyeReal DeepBlue – *YourSkin & YourShape*
Bathing suit: Belinda Swimwear – Jador Fashion
Flip Flops: Ladies “Shoes” Flip Flop (tinted to pink) – Water Babies
Bracelet: TAKARA Bangle/metal white – [MANDALA]
Earrings: AMIDA earring/white – [MANDALA]
Necklace: Amida necklace/yuki white/Female – [MANDALA]
Tattoo layer: *FACE TATTOO**EVERYDAY 015 – Tattanooga
Lashes: Thorn Lashes – [Detour]

Leah Portland:

Hair-Eclat 02 by Lelutka -blonde/fair
Bikini-Ariel by Luxus – White
Cover-up – Corsica by sf design- mauve
shoes – flip flops by Taboo-featuring colour change hud
beach bag- St. Tropez by Jador
Sunglasses – RG1 by Dela- Pearl blue
Bangle – Pearl rain bangle by Mandala-purple

Maddox Kaestner:

Shorts – B-side Couture – Bloom Couture Shorts
Flip Flops – Elle et Lui – Flip Flop Relax – Contreverse
Sunglasses – [Gos] – Custom Eyewear v3.0 – Razor
Necklace – Silvery K *Hawaiian Necklace for Men
Bracelet – M.R.M. Factory – Surf Bracelet *White Shell*
Hair – Uncle Web – Daniel – Meteoric Storm
Earrings – Pierced Soul – Bar Bell Earrings
Tattoo – [HUZ] – Tribal Simplicity

AlexanderVyper Avedon:

Hair – .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ AKAMI ~ NB III
Sunglasses – [Gos] – Custom Sunglasses v3.2 – AVIATOR
Earring – JCNY – ICONOCLAST, Classic Diamond Stud Earring
Necklace – NC Jewelry Designs – Shark Necklace
Shorts – Action Mens Bloom Swim Shorts – Sting
Sandals – Kalnins Sandals – Earthshine

Suga Leakey:

Skin – LAQ – Martina peach glow skin
Shape – NOON – Alexia
Eyes – Beauty Avatar Diamantie Eyes 17
Eyelashes – Chaisuki – lashes07
Hair – Tukinowaguma OTOHA – Gold
Bikini – Rock Me Amadeus – Summer Bikini
Sarong – BOOM – Summer Sarong – Red
Bag – ibizarre Beach Bag
Glasses – VANNESSA FRANCE – New Chanel Sunglasses
Jewellery – UZURI – Nahla Necklace and Braclets
Shoes – Purple Rose – PRJ Red Summer Shoes with Prim Toes

Darling Tomorrow:

Hair by Magika – Ribbonetta dark auburn
Skin by Redgrave moon/natural
Dress by “daru” shiroko red
Heels by B&G Julia Marron
Bangles & Nails by Mandala Takara Bronze
Necklace by ZC: Parnini *amber
Earrings by !SyDS! Gold Flowers

Diconay Boa:
Hair – MrS – Languid – Assymetric Haircur . Black
Trousers – Ce Cubic Effect – Flare Trousers / Grey
Fur Gilet – (Madsy) Fur Gilet – black (size L)
Shirt – Part of a Gown – [LeL.Ultra]-SUNDAY/redBLACKwhite
Underpants – Part of a gown – [LeL.Ultra]-SUNDAY/redBLACKwhite
Gloves – part of an outfit from DIRAM – NOA Attire Red
Bangles – [PACADI] – Efate Bangles
Earings – not showing – JCNY – Ultra Classic, Diamond Studs, ICONOCLAST Collection
Nails – CCD Short Red Diva Nails
Shoes – Lelutka Saffron Pumps in Electric Red

Jenie Jennings:

Outfit – Zaara Mrinali Bights Blossom
Jewelry – R.A.Crystal Noel Pink Diamond Set
Nails – Candy Nail Hana Pink
Hair – W&Y New 92
Shoes – B&G Woman Shoe Julia Fucsia

Rissa Friller:

Hat- [Lelutka] AUDREY Hat (black)
Top – [SC] Surf Couture Hermana Tank (white)
Skirt -[SC[ Surf Couture Summer of Stripes (black)
Shoes – #OC# Melanie in Satin Silver
Sunglasses – ARMELLE Diva Sunglasses
Necklace – {*Aglaia*} Haute Couture Cream Pearl Necklace
Earrings – YS&YS Pearl Earrings in Night
Bangles – YS&YS Bangle Gold/Black
Bag – [Lelutka] Ruiz Bag in Eggshell blue w/ cream scarf
Skin – LARA (Lucy)
Nails – Belleza (Roco Kit) Passion 4

Arisia Ashmoot:

Jewelery – Zaara
Dress – LeLutka
Hair – Truth
Shoes – LeLutka
Nails – lovesoul

Amber Quinzet:

Hair – Truth
Jewellery – Zaara
Top – Mimikri
Trousers – Pheonix Rising
Shoes – Stiletto Moody
Belt – *UM*
Handbag – designer lv

Thank you again to everyone who submitted their pictures and styling cards showing how wonderful you all are in styling. I wish I could have picked you all but know that I will hold another one and hope you will join us again.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day/afternoon/evening. And for now, I am signing off and passing out. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Filmed on location at Costa Rica Sims. For more information please visit here ~ Limo to Costa Rica Welcome Center

Happy Shopping

~ Jen : )