MODEL’S CLOSET: The Talon Faire Male Subtle Touch Eyelashes

Hello Men,

Get ready for this amazing male eyelashes that will add a subtle POP to your eyes but won’t be a distraction.
The super talented Amaranthim Talon from Talon Faire has invented a way to add PIZAZZ to men’s boring eyes.
Why should only ladies have all the fun? HA! =)

Talon Faire is introducing Eyelashes! for men. This is a challenge because they must be subtle and add to the overall look without stealing the focus from the model or distracting from the garments he is modeling. We think we have achieved this with our first offer for men, Subtle Touch.

INFO about Talon Faire:

Talon Faire has been at the same location for the past two years. In that time we have had limited success with ladies fashions and home decor. The Eyelash! Bar has been a huge success though and finally Talon Faire is receiving recognition and even a modicum of acclaim.

Recently I was interviewed for Affinity Magazine and will be featured in the next issue. You can imagine my excitement! But more than anything it is the feeling of knowing folks are enjoying my creations enough that they are wearing them.

I am very happy to have a little hand in the beauty of Second LIfe, that my little lashes add a bit to others’ enjoyment is the greatest happiness.

Amaranthim Talon