CONTEST: Herradura Baar’s “Make It Work” 2010

It’s 2010 and WE’RE BACK AGAIN with a new Make It Work Contest Series!!!

This time we’ve upped the ante again. BIG TIME………………….

Join us on Thursdays at 5:00PM SLT @ the Model’s Workshop Inworld.

We also have a great new sponsor for the entire year of 2010 – Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau Designs.

Kim has graciously agreed to sponsor this event, monthly, for the entire year. Tres Beau will not only provide the outfits to makeover, but she will also contribute gift cards and other goodies as prizes. We are working hard to get other PRIZE sponsors for things like hair, jewelry, eyelashes, fingernails and shoes to make SL even easier on your wallets in the future.

The contest will work like this.

Each month Kim (or one of her sweatshop elf lackeys (just kidding really she does ALL her own work)) will create an original Tres Beau design. This design will have a bunch of different pieces. Jackets, shirts, undershirts, skirts, etc……. All the parts will be in the box that gets handed out. Some will be female, some male, some unisex and some other (we are nothing if not supportive of alternative Lifestyles at Tres Beau – heh). This outfit will be given away free each month to Model’s Workshop and Tres Beau group members.

Then you get to style the outfit and send Herradura Baar a pic of your efforts. Herradura will put the pictures up on a Flickr page. Herradura’s group of unbiased, fashion industry judges (not Nave Fall because you all know he’s biased as hell, can’t be trusted, has no fashion sense and wouldn’t know a good outfit if it smacked him in the face) will select a group of semi-finalists to walk their talk at a Model’s Workshop weekend event on the Tres Beau mainstore runway. We may do this twice to accommodate other timezone locales.

The judges will confer. A vote will be taken and a winner selected who will get a ton of good stuff….. Katherine Comet, Herradura Baar and Nave Fall are working together on getting more prize sponsors for the winners.

We will be including the men in this contest too. No fear……………….. If any man is in a rush and wishes to take the woman’s outfit and style it, go for it……..feel free or vice versa. Kim tells us that Tres Beau’s COO, Model’s Workshop’s own beloved Nave Fall wears her gowns frequently. Nave took the “5th” when asked to respond to that remark and left mumbling to himself about “free” women……… >>>giggles<<<

Herra’s intention is to allow you all room to stretch out and experiment in this event without a $L1000 “entry fee tuition” investment. We want you to have have fun with this. If the guys decide to wear the women’s outfit they’ll have a lot of room to stretch out in……………….

A comment we had from judges after a previous contest was "These people aren't taking any chances"; I think the key thing missing was guts. Be FIERCE in your styling. Next week we’ll have the outfit ready to go and hand it out. This outfit will allow lots of room to style, detail, accessorize and play with a variety of looks and themes. The winner of this event will know how to accessorize it just right so s/he stands out from the pack. And for you men – maybe we’ll find something that you can use to enter the contest. No promises though………. Tres Beau is going to do men’s accessories if Nave gets his way: Canes, smoking stuff, belts that don’t look like hula hoops, and so on…..

The first round will, once again be a photo contest. Contestants submit their pics to Herradura Baar. The pictures will be numbered, the names will be removed so only she know who is in each picture (and btw, she’s not a judge). This should eliminate some of the bias often found in contests like this and the subsequent grumbling about fixes and nepotism. When Herradura puts your photos on the FLICKR site the judges will look them over and pick the top 10 styled looks.

The 2nd round will be a runway show at a special Saturday “Make it Work” seminar on (tentatively) Saturday February 6th at 10am SLT at the Tres Beau Runway (again tentatively). You must be a part of this runway event to win! The winner will be the one who receives the most cumulative points from both the photo shoot judging and runway event.

We may give out random awards for things like best pic, best pose, best hair, gutsiest bad entry etc………. We reserve the right to hand out prizes for any reason or no reason whatsoever. Nave won the right to blog about the doings at Model’s Workshop and Tres Beau as his punishment for accusing Herradura of being the Fashion Critique SL.

This is all Wenedrenia Soderstrom’s fault btw she thought that Herradura was the Fashion Critique SL and made Nave do it. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

This collaboration between Model’s Workshop and Tres Beau is an SL first. The first time Kim has found a way to return some of what the modeling community has given so frequently to her……………. love and affection, expressed tangibly, and without any reservations. Thank you all and Happy New Year from Kimmera, Nave, Katina, Jasmine, Seren and the elves who make all the Tres Beau stuff………….

Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau is one of SL’s oldest, high fashion, design destinations. On a historical note, ▶▷Kimmera Madison ◁◀ was an SL beta tester back in the day. Her rezzday is 7/1/2004. In 2010 Tres Beau will be startling, energizing, and enthralling, the fashionistas of the SL fashion world with a continuous stream of new women’s releases and, what are sure to be, trendsetting men’s fashions as well. The Tres Beau group will announce these well in advance and offer frequent specials for its members
Don’t miss what promises to be a challenging and fun contest each month


Date: This will be an ongoing monthly event

Time: Every month for the entire year of 2010

Venue: Model’s WorkShop and the Tres Beau Runway

For more information regarding the Herradura Baar, Tres Beau, Model's Workshop – Make It Work 2010 Contest Series please contact: Nave Fall (Tres Beau PR/The Strong Persuaders)

Rules for Herradura Baar's “Make it Work” 2010 contest series.

❇ You must use, at least, 3 items from the “Make it Work” box. You may mix & match the items.

❇ All 3 items must be visible in some way in the photo. They do not need to be totally visible but we should be able to see them without a microscope

❇ You may use your own Shoes, Hair, Skin, Shape, Jewelry and other accessories.

❇ You may use other clothes provided that we still see the 3 items from the “Make it Work” box.

❇ You may resize the items in the “Make it Work” box but you may not recolor them.

❇ Photographs will not be judged on your ability to Photoshop; however, remember to frame the picture so you & the outfit is being sold – not excessive scenery!

❇ Only one entry per person.

❇ No nudity or sexually explicit photos. We’re running a fashion contest not Penthouse Pet centerfold. No matter what Nave says.

❇ Do not Photoshop your name into the photograph. It will be removed by the judges before posting.

Suggestions on how to win!

❇ We’ve done 3 of these contests and there seem to be some consistencies on who wins the contest and the comments from the judges. Hopefully some of these suggestions will help you to create a winner!

❇ Take chances! Models who have won in the past have gone to great lengths and detail to create an image. They've taken risks with their choice of accessories to add to the photograph.

❇ There are 3 outfits in this box – do not feel you need to create a picture using pieces from just one of the outfits. Mix & match. We have added outfits with similar colors so they can easily be mixed around to create a brand new outfit.

❇ Styling means using some of your stuff too. As long as we can see 3 items from the outfit we’re fine with whatever else you use. My motto with styling has always been ‘Think Outside the Box’ – yours should be too!

❇ Remember, ultimately, you are selling yourself and the outfit you are wearing. If you’re overwhelmed with background scenery how can we tell if you have a great outfit? Even though we don’t want excessive photoshopping, make sure you crop the photos so you and your outfit is the focus of the photo – not the scenery or the props.


❇ January 14th, 2009 – Contest is open! The entry box is free to all contestants and will be sent out in group notices to all members of Model Workshop and Tres Beau. Anyone else wanting to enter will need to go to Tres Beau store and pay a small entry fee to purchase the entry box.

❇ January 29th, 2009 at 11:59 – All entries must be sent in at this time.

❇ February 1st 2009 – Judging opens for contestants. Judges will be voting in an unbiased manner so that quality of picture is selected and not name of the contestant

❇ February 4th 2009 at the 5pm Model Workshop – Finalists will be announced! Top 10 vote getters will be invited to compete in round #2. (I would highly suggest not tossing out those entry boxes!).

❇ February 13th at 9am SL time: Final round of “Make it Work” will be held at the Tres Beau runway. Finalists will show off their first outfits and create a new outfit using the remaining parts in the box.

☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ TIME TO VOTE ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑

Winner will be based on the votes from the photo contest AND votes from the runway show combined.


❇ Shopping Spree at Tres Beau valued at $10,000L. 2nd & 3rd place will also received gift cards to Tres Beau.

❇ Opportunity to do an upcoming photoshoot for Tres Beau with one of her top winning designs

❇ A Balut Runway HUD with personal instructions on using it from its designer Monica Balut

❇ A scholarship to Maniera Academy, compliments of Topaz Joubert, CEO of Maniera

❇ A set of poses from Sizzle Poses compliments of creator Lorra Undercroft.

❇ $5000 Linden Cash Prize

We will also have prizes & gifts to hand out along with a scholarship to MWC Academy, donated by CEO Jennifer Warden to our most promising model.


Kimmera Madison, CEO & Designer for Tres Beau
Miaa Rebane, Miss Virtual World 2010, SL Supermodel and former Make it Work Contest Winner
Nave"not a model" Fall, COO of Tres Beau and Model Workshop PITA
Monica Balut, Leader of the Model WOrkshop and creator of the Balut Runway HUD
Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency Director, Miss Virtual World Model Academy CEO, and Team edo Director
Kat Msarko, Executive Director for Ora Trei Designs and Model Workshop Leader
Glitter Bolissima, Ms SL International 2009, JCNY Modelfest Winner Oct 2009 and Model Workshop Leader
Rouge Anthony, SL Supermodel and Model Workshop Leader
Katherine Comet, Maniera Academy Instructor/Runway Mgr & SuperElite's Miss SuperSearch Autumn 2010
Frolic Mills. CEO & Publisher of BOSL Magazine and Boulevard Agency
Sabine Blackburn, SL Supermodel and SuperStylist, Miss Switzerland 2010


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