FT – THE ART of DANCE: Tango “Di’s Opera Poses”





POSES by DI’S OPERA (Di Hoorenbeek)
MODELS: Maddox Kaestner and Mimmi Boa
PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne

Our bodies are hot like fire, melting together in a sensual and passionate movement.
We are pressed tightly together and your arms are holding me in sweet confinement.
The soulful melody of the saxophone fills the air as our bodies dance The Tango in such intoxicating enchantment.

Let us show you the dance of love in our new high fashion story book art:

Magazine casting

Love styling?

Always wanted to be featured in a magazine?

Your chance is here!!!

Style Kingdom has a limited amount of places left to feature guests with styles that can make us go WOW!!



1) Avatar has to be at least 8 months old.

2) You have been styling and posting your styles on your flickr account for at least 4 months.

3) Active to date in posting styles on your flickr account.

Please send a flickr mail to Dougie Boxen with the subject “Style Kingdom casting” along with your SL name (NO nicknames). Make sure your avatar is searchable in-world as we will check to see if you meet the first requirement. We will contact you if you passed.

For any enquiries, please send a flickr mail to Dougie Boxen. Inworld IMs will be ignored.

Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/dougieboxen/


AVENUE Magazine Announces New Editor-in-Chief



PR Contact: Jesika Contepomi, Chief Marketing Officer, AVENUE Inc.

AVENUE Magazine Staff Transitions

One certain thing in both our real and second lives is that change is a certainty, and today, we at AVENUE Magazine are embracing something new with the stepping down of Isadora Fiddlesticks, who has served our publication as Managing Editor, and also with the promotion of our new Editor in Chief, Sensuous Soulstar. Isadora has been an important part of the AVENUE family for several years, and she leaves her position having made many significant contributions for which we are so very grateful. We wish her much happiness and good fortune on her journey to come, but are pleased to announce that she will remain a part of the AVENUE family and may return to contribute again in the future.

AVENUE is pleased to announce the well-deserved promotion of Sensuous Soulstar to Editor in Chief. Sensuous came to AVENUE two years ago bringing with her a plethora of real life and virtual world experience in journalism and management. She began as a writer and was soon promoted to senior writer, and most recently, she has excelled in her role as General Manager. Sensuous possesses a real world communications and publishing background, having journalism experiences that include working as part of the newspaper staff during her university years at Howard University, as well as performing as a regular contributor to the Law Review during her law school years. Currently employed in the legal field, Sensuous enjoys the creative opportunities presented to her through her work with AVENUE Magazine. When asked about her future plans at AVENUE Magazine, Sensuous offered this: “As for my plans, I intend to continue the outstanding legacy that AVENUE has created. We will continue to provide readers with the most current trends in fashion, the most talented artists in SL and RL, the best places to call home, and of course continue to salute those that are in SL for a higher cause. I will continue to keep an open rapport with the staff and hope to remain a liaison between the staff and management, as that’s been one of my favorite aspects of my work as General Manager. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I do know that the future looks incredibly blessed for AVENUE, and I’m grateful to be a part of that future.”

Please join us as we welcome Sensuous Soulstar to her new position as Editor in Chief of AVENUE Magazine. Indeed, we are looking forward to the many ways in which her contributions will enhance our future.

AVENUE Inc, the parent company of AVENUE Models, AVENUE Studio, AVENUE Models Academy and AVENUE Magazine, was founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO in 2007.  With a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals, AVENUE strives to continuously promote the Second Life Fashion Industry to a higher level.

Leading the first fashion track and publishing AVENUE Magazine in print at the Second Life Community Convention 2009, AVENUE continues to break new grounds in fashion marketing and publishing within and outside of Second Life.

For more information please contact Jesika Contepomi.


Jesika Contepomi


AvCon seeks staff for magazine


AvCON Production is seeking individuals’ talented personals in the following field for the launch of our digital magazine. Those individual must be team players, work in coherence with each other to produce the quality we are aiming and maintain the quality we seek.

These jobs are paid positions with competitive salaries based on experience and talents.

1. Art Director
2. Photography and graphics Director
3. Marketing Director
4. Production Manager
5. Writers / investigating reporters

Please submit your resume in a note card  for personal interviews to PINKY ( petitelittlegirl pinklady ) and Candylicious Forster no later than June 6/7/11. Make sure to name the Notecard as (AvCON – Job Position- your name)

If any question arises , please feel free to contact the undersigned .

Candylicious Forster
AvCON Productions