The DRAX FILES: Editorial Clarity

5ff8378b09d6ee5272c2515ac1adcc5bThe DRAX FILES: Editorial Clarity

The latest Drax Files by Draxtor Despres is out and it features my hubby, Editorial Clarity.
Watch how Edi started out as well as his plans for LTD Magazine and Interior Designs.

I am in the video as well and I am honestly terrified and very hesitant to do it.
I have always been very private and have avoided posting any RL pictures of myself.
I am very self-conscious of my looks and have a self-image problem so this was very hard for me to do, but Draxtor was very friendly and professional which made it easier. He is the best at what he does and he did an amazing job with the video.

The video also tells the story of how Editorial Clarity and I met and fell in love.
I agreed to do this video because I want everyone to know that LOVE IS POSSIBLE, even in a virtual world. Many people have doubted us and so many things were always in the way, but we have made it work despite of the distance and the obstacles. We are planning on getting married in Real life and will be living together in Chicago. ❤



rico Trouble_004-TROUBLE-

MODEL: RicoRacer Clarity-Flux
PHOTOGRAPHER: Editorial Clarity-Flux

Gabriel Mesh Body Belt Suit with Dress Shoes
HAIR: Dura #42
POSES: HISpose by Sixx Yangtz

Apple Fall Dress Form
Apple Fall Monogram Luggage
Apple Fall Portable Camera
Apple Fall Tea Time Tea Set
Apple Fall Tea Time Tins
Apple Fall Sketchbook
Apple Fall Recycled Desk
Apple Fall Reflector Light
Apple Fall Vintage Camera with Tripod
Apple Fall  L’ Olivier Plant
Sway’s Breakfast Around The World ‘Somewhere’ Rare Tray

LOCATION: Taken at Apple Fall Paris Loft Skybox

rico Trouble_001Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago…
I was in your sights, you got me alone.
You found me, you found me, you found me.
I guess you didn’t care, and I guess I liked that.
And when I fell hard, you took a step back…
Without me, without me, without me.

And he’s long gone when he’s next to me
And I realize the blame is on me.
‘Cause I knew you were trouble when you walked in,
So shame on me now.
Flew me to places I’d never been,
‘Til you put me down, oh.

I knew you were trouble when you walked in,
So shame on me now.
Flew me to places I’d never been.
Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble.
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble.

rico Trouble_003No apologies. He’ll never see you cry.
Pretends he doesn’t know that he’s the reason why.
You’re drowning, you’re drowning, you’re drowning.
Now I heard you moved on from whispers on the street.
A new notch in your belt is all I’ll ever be.
And now I see, now I see, now I see.

He was long gone when he met me,
And I realize the joke is on me, yeah!

I knew you were trouble when you walked in,
So shame on me now.
Now I’m lying on the cold hard ground
Oh, oh, trouble, trouble, trouble

And the saddest fear comes creeping in…
That you never loved me or him, or anyone, or anything.

</3 </3</3

Little Things

angelLittle Things Make it Better

I have been a nurse for many years now and I have to admit it has been wearing me out. It is not an easy job especially working in Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room. It is very stressful and one mistake can cost a life. Sometimes going to work is a battle and I pray before each shift to give me the strength to help others, even when I’m feeling sick, depressed or tired.

Being in this job has broken my heart so many times, seeing death and loss. Yet, I also see hope and miracles. Last night, I was feeling really down as I am dealing a lot in my life at the moment. I was taking care of this man who is gravely ill and connected to life support. It was just a usual night and it went by smoothly. As I was finishing up my shift, the man’s little daughter gave me this picture she draw. She said it was me and she wanted to be a nurse someday like me. This really affected me and it gave me the energy and strength to go out there again and do my job as a nurse, helping others. Maybe this was an answer to my prayer. ❤ ❤ ❤




Editorial Clairty & RicoRacer Flux



ACCESORIES:  SEY: Stole, Krieger: Yellow Aviators, Mandala: Silver Cuff
PANTS: Legal Insanity Hefunky Yellow
SHOES: Entente L’Equipe Kicks White
SHIRT: SEY Gilet and Vest plain


ACCESORIES:  Decoy: Maya Scarf Stripped Yellow, CHEERNO White Gloves
PANTS: Legal Insanity Hefunky Orange
SHOES: Entente L’Equipe Kicks Gold
SHIRT: Legal Insanity Hefunky Jacket Yellow
HAIR: Dura hair # 42

Yesterday, We celebrated our 20th month Anniversary since we got married. It was a lovely day as we worked on creating an amazing secret garden. The place is just fantastic and so peaceful. Edi and I have been through so much in the past two years. Several friends have even tried to break us apart but they all failed because one thing is clear.. LOVE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL. If you ever find love in SL or RL, don’t let anything or anyone ruin it.  Love is all that matters. In less than two months, we will be spending time in RL all summer. We can’t wait.

You can check out the garden here:



You won’t find him drinking at the tables…
rolling dice and staying out til 3.
You won’t ever find him being unfaithful.
You will find him, you’ll find him next to me.

You won’t find him trying to chase the devil…
for money, fame, for power, out of grief.
You won’t ever find him where the rest go.
You will find him, you’ll find him next to me

Next to me ooooh
Next to me ooooh
Next to me ooooh
You will find him, you’ll find him next to me.

When the money’s spent and all my friends have vanished
and I can’t seem to find no help or love for free.
I know there’s no need for me to panic
cause i’ll find him, i’ll find him next to me.

When the skies are grey and all the doors are closing
and the rising pressure makes it hard to breathe.
Well, all I need is a hand to stop the tears from falling.
I will find him, will find him next to me.

When the end has come and buildings falling down fast.
When we spoilt the land and dried up all the sea.
When everyone has lost their heads around us,
you will find him you’ll find him next to me.

Never in my life have I met someone like him.
I’m blown away by his love for me.
If you ever wonder where it is you’ll find him,
you will find him, you will find him next to me.

Next to me ooooh
Next to me ooooh
Next to me ooooh
You will find him, you’ll find him next to me.

Next to me

Love Happens <3


I finally met my Second Life husband several weeks ago in Real Life and it wasn’t what I thought it would be.
It was so much better. It was magical and more than what I could ever imagine. We are more in love than ever.

When I first met Editorial Clarity, it was his voice I heard first. He was hosting a show and I just arrived and heard this really sexy voice on the stream. I am extremely shy so I usually never ever message anyone especially to flirt, but that day something told me to contact him. I remembered saying hello and asking him, “Is that really your voice? You sound sexy.” LOL. I know..very cheesy. :p At the start, he hated me and couldn’t stand me. I went to a magazine job interview once and I knew I didn’t get hired because he was one of the judges. (And I was right. ;p) It was one of the really few jobs that I applied and didn’t get hired. I was very shocked because during that time in my SL modeling career, I was winning almost every contest/jobs/castings that I would go for. I was a fairly new model and Edi hated the fact that my face was everywhere…shows, vendors, magazines. Eventually we became friends and he used to wait up for me late at night to chat. I knew he was starting to like me but people used to warn me to stay away because he belonged to someone else. I’ve always known he was gay and he used to change the topic when I ask so I would always joke with him and ask him to marry me. LOL. One night he messaged me and asked if we could properly date. I said yes and a few months later, we got married on August 27, 2011. The wedding was just magical.

I have always wanted my SL to be separate from my RL. I am a very private person and I had very clear boundaries between my SL and RL. Due to bad past experiences, I wanted to keep my RL personal information private including what I look like in RL. I had a couple SL relationships before Edi and I have always treated it as “SL Fun” or deep friendship at most. I never wanted to fall in love in SL but with Edi, it happened. When I married Edi, I thought it would be just an SL “fling”. Then it got deeper as we spend more and more time together in skype. He used to beg me to put my skype video on and I would find whatever excuse I could not to. You see, I lied to him about what I look like. I sent him fake pictures of a RL friend and pretended that it was me. (YES, my friend knows.) Only very few people in SL have seen what I look like in RL. Am I ugly in RL? HEll NO! ;p I’m not Brad Pitt but I can still get a lot of dates. To be honest, I wanted to show him the RL me before we got married but part of me was afraid. I wanted to trust him more to share something very personal. The more I lied, the harder it got to tell the truth. One day, I finally told him and showed myself on skype video. I thought it would be the end of us especially since we were going through a hard time. I felt horrible and was ready to take whatever punishment he would give me, but he looked at me on skype video and he smiled. He said, “That’s my Rico”. He promised he would never leave me and he is still on my side. He forgave me and I know I would never lie to him again. It is always best to be honest from the start. We are stronger than ever. We went through so much crap…from people trying to break us up, friends not believing in us, and tough circumstances we find ourselves in. The thing is, Edi and I have always managed to fight our way through and it made us stronger each and every time. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry. He makes me frustrated, He makes me proud of him. He makes me yell obscenities, he makes me write love poems. Most of all, he makes me be a better person and I love him with all my heart.  If someone ever hurts him, even one hair on his head, I know I would fight and defend him no matter who it is. Edi made me see what is important in life….not fame or fortune..but just to live and make the most out of life. To love and be loved in return is the greatest thing.

If you ever find love whether in SL or RL, don’t let anything or anyone stop you. Love is LOVE. It is special no matter where you find it. I used to be one of those people who thinks SL relationships should be kept just to SL but sometimes things don’t turn out as you plan… turns out better. I can say for sure that it is worth it. Meeting Edi for the first time in RL was just amazing. The first time our eyes met, it felt like time stopped. The first RL touch, smell, kiss…..It’s like getting everything you want for Christmas and so much more. We both felt like we have always been together in RL and everything was so natural and carefree. I don’t know what the future holds for me and Edi. I know we are very happy and we will take it one day at a time and live each moment. Miracles do happen and Anything is possible. Love overcomes everything. ❤

LOVE <3 <3

Love<3 ❤

Many people confuses love with many other things but it is really quite simple and uncomplicated. Mind you, I’m not an expert on love but this is what I’ve learned in my experience and from what I see in successful relationships around me whether between lovers or friends. I certainly have made plenty of mistakes and I don’t claim to be perfect, but I try to live by these standards.


When you love someone, it is not entirely about you. You don’t judge someone by what they can do for you. You don’t based your degree of love on the amount of things they can give you. If you truly love someone, you love them for who they are and not what you can get out of them. You love them unconditionally and wholeheartedly. You give them your time, energy, love, everything….but you should expect and demand NOTHING in return. Many people have been hurt by love, so they limit their love and devotion by the amount they get back. The truth is if it is meant to be, it will be. If it is not, you move on and be stronger but never hardened your heart because you’re only closing yourself to endless possibilities out there.

A perfect example of this would be a mentor and his pupil. A mentor teaches and guides his pupil. A true mentor wants his pupil to grow, flourish and succeed. Just like a mother bird that teaches her baby chick to fly out of the nest, a teacher encourages and supports without expecting anything back. And when the pupil gains the necessary knowledge and wisdom to be independent, a true mentor will be happy and wish them the best. It is not about the pupil doing something back and owing a debt to the teacher. The mentor will realize that the gift is in knowing that he have helped someone and hopefully that lesson will be passed on to others.


Many couples put so much expectations and rules for each other. They want to create the perfect partner in their minds, so they try and change the other person into what the definition of a perfect man/woman/lover/friend is in their minds. They give tests and ultimatums and to do lists to prove their worth. I do admit that I’m a bit guilty of this but I am learning. I just need to remember what made me fall in love with my partner in the first place….that he is special and what he is doesn’t need changing. He is his own unique individual and as long as he loves me in his own way, everything is perfect.


If you both love each other, nothing and no one else should matter. Just look at each other, hold hands and face the world. 🙂
Whether you set goals and accomplished them together or fail at making something happen, the most important thing is you have each other.
Whatever you are the end of the day, there is great pleasure in looking at your partner and knowing you have each other.
Some people equate love and happiness with work, accomplishments and responsibilities. I pity the man who can’t find happiness at the simple things in life. Happiness isn’t always about winning or accomplishing a goal. It is finding peace and beauty in your life and surroundings ….whether smelling at a beautiful rose or enjoying the rays of sunlight in your face. Love and happiness is about helping others and doing things you truly enjoy. If you don’t like your job, you are not going to be happy being stuck in it no matter how much fame or fortune it provides. You are not chained to your job or profession….go out and find something else that makes you truly happy. LIVE because life is truly short my friend. I recently lost a patient of mine who is very well known and have accomplished a lot in her life. She lived to be 104 years old and the only thing she cherished was the love and memories she built with her husband, Not the massive fortune she has or that she is a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth. I missed hearing her stories and advices. She used to serve me tea and crumpets when I come to visit. Almost always before I leave, she would point to my heart and say… That is what really matters.

The most important thing to remember is only you have the power to make yourself happy. Not anyone else.

RicoRacer Flux


STAND4LOVE: Editorial Clarity

Why Do I Support STAND4LOVE?

Simple really. Im 20 years old, and only in the last 2 years I have been openly gay. Well, I say ”openly”. I really mean, I have been open to a handful of people about being gay, and most of them are online friends. Some of my family know, not all. It’s not that they will disown me or be angry if I tell them that I am gay, not at all. It’s just hard for me to say it when it really shouldn’t be that hard of a thing to do, right?

I denied the fact that I was gay to myself for years, even though I knew deep down and quite an early age I was. I don’t think it is right for me to feel this way. Afraid to tell family and friends who I really am. What kind of world is that, where we cannot even be open to the people closest to us, who brought us up? Its ridiculous. The industry I eventually want to get into, Entertainment, is a mixed feeling for me. There are plenty of gay people who are successful in the entertainment business, however, the way that News reporters go about exploiting the fact that someone is gay, or spreading rumours that someone is gay…really scares me. If Justin Bieber wrote a press release tomorrow announcing he was gay, can you imagine the reaction? Why should something so natural, get a reaction like it does in todays society?

I support STAND4LOVE because I do believe that one day in the near future, everyone will be able to love anyone, openly and free with no worries about what people will think of them or how they will be judged. There will always be Assholes in this world yes, it’s just not giving a damn about those few individuals and accepting who we are, and being as open as we want about it. We all have the right to live a happy life, we all have the right to fall in love with that one special person, no matter what sex they are. Love is an amazing thing, it’s what makes the world go round. I’m gay and i’m proud of it, and one day I know I will be 100% comfortable with showing it. Awareness Campaigns like this help, because it shows the amount of support people give, which makes me feel there is nothing to be ashamed of. I guarantee after this experience, I’ll be different…and for the better. I hope you are too, and I hope you also give your support no matter what sexual orientation you are. It’s all about the love.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



SL Art Couture: The Fashion Teller: Je T’Aime “Brokeback Mountain” Starring Maddox DuPont & Kirk Claymore


The Fashion Teller: Je T’Amie

We believe in LOVE and ROMANCE whether in RL or SL and we know how hard it is to maintain a relationship against all odds, so we decided to honor very special Second Life couples in our new book: Je T’Amie. This Book of LOVE features high profile couples in SL in the most famous romantic movie scenes. It is a high quality, high fashion book that spotlighted the top designs of Shiki, PurpleMoon, CHANTKARE and Tres Beau which will make you fall in love.

Maddox DuPont & Kirk Claymore


LOVERS: Maddox DuPont & Kirk Claymore



Maddox DuPont is wearing Male resort w/ leggs resort 2011 from CHANTKARE.

Kirk Claymore is wearing CHANTKARE Franki Suit w/ winter scarf and CKD dark blue jeans.

Get Them Now!


POSES: BodyTalking


Maddox On Kirk
There are some people in your life that enrich you in the ways you can not even imagine. People that show you what humanity and love is all about in the ways you have never known before. Kirk is kind, gentle soul that that attracted me with has magnetism and displayed true care for people. He also makes me laugh all the time and is able to tolerate my frequent bitchiness. LOL

Kirk on Maddox
Maddox has filled my world with meaning.  He makes me so happy and more fulfilled as a person. My life has become a  wonderful journey with him – where every turn means discovery and every road leads to our dreams in both our lives. He has renewed my life.  And I can never thank him enough for taking me as I am; loving me and welcoming me in his heart. He is my husband, my friend, my business partner, my soul mate…

Pick Up a Copy of the Book for more Amazing Couples or View it Online Here:


FASHION & POETRY: Love by RicoRacer Flux


POETRY: LOVE by RicoRacer Flux
FASHION: JEANS: Emery Denim R.F. Black


Love is a pain that squeezes your heart.
It’s a full speed train that breaks you apart.
Love is a suffering with no one to call.
It’s an offering with your heart and soul.
It’s a loneliness that eats up your mind.
It’s a sickness with no cure to find.

Love is a craving… so full of hunger.
I thought love is forgiving, but it’s a never ending anger.
Love is like a flower that dries up and die.
Love is not a power ‘cuase it breaks down and cry.
I’ll never love again, I can’t stand this mystery.
I don’t want love in, I won’t survive this misery.