FASHION CALENDAR: A Preview from IMAGE Agency: New York Fashion Week 2-11 till 2-18

IMAGE Models Agency is launching 2010 with a New York Fashion week which is being held in honor of Olympus Fashion Week in New York City. Lola Baudin, the COO of IMAGE Models Agency has lived in New York City and has traversed the very grounds where Fashion Week is held in Real Life. “This project is very special to me because New York City is where I found my deep love of fashion and it is a place I want pay a tribute to in Second Life. Although the concept of Fashion Week isn’t new in Second Life; I wanted to bring my interpretation of New York City and the amazingly fashion forward people who live there.”

The Fall 2010 Collection is set to launch for the week of February 2010-2011 and IMAGE Models Agency will correspond with the same dates in the Second Life grid. Virtual Reality has gotten much press in the recent crash of the economy; even USA Today wrote an article on this recent Trend. People are now turning to shopping and living in virtual world as a form of entertainment since it provides those same values for much less. As Jayne O’Donnell, reporter for USA Today states, “Unlike Reality, Virtual Retail Sales are Hot Especially For Avatars“. But this isn’t just about sales and profits. It’s also about creativity and energy that thrives in Virtual Reality. “The thought and and the ideas behind the designs surpasses anything we can find in Real Life. Unlimited by gravity, production cost, and imagination; Virtual World Fashion is something truly spectacular to be seen and experienced,” Baudin states. It is with this premise that NY Fashion Week has emerged.

Even though the events are still in planning stages, some of most notable Second Life Companies are on board. Maxes Loon of Moolto will be our sponsor for the event. We will hold the Fashion Week on Moolto Event Sim and also be a featured event for Moolto. Topaz Joubert of Maniera Magazine has graciously agreed to sponsor IMAGE Models as well. “We are still speaking with several Second Life companies about sponsorship opportunities including Real Life Fashion Companies,” Baudin states. This is a fashion event not to be missed.


Please check out the IMAGE Agency Site:

*Taken from Image Blog

FASHION CALENDAR: IMAGE Model Agency Presents: The Gift 12/20 3PM SL

IMAGE Models Agency is proud to present
Sunday, December 20th @ 3 SLT


◈ Nymphetamine Boutique ◈
◈ RedStar Creations ◈
◈ WishBox ◈
◈ CheerNo ◈


IMAGE Models cordially welcomes you to our Gothic Winter Wonderland featuring some of the best Second Life’s designers in realms of creativity and imagination. The designers are also the very best of fantasy wear couteliers. As always, IMAGE Models Agency provides original set design, music carefully selected according to the theme and some of the most professional & innovative fashion models on the grid.

◈ Nymphetamine Boutique ◈

Paeoti Pomeray is a designer after a woman’s heart. Established in 2005, Nymphetamine Boutique provides a sensual, and a touch of naughty lingerie and gothic wear that is well constructed and flattering to a women’s body. Nymphetamine newest lingerie collection is sweet as well as flirty. A definite must have for any woman’s wardrobe.

◈ RedStar Creations ◈
Bastian Redstar is the creative force behind RedStar creation who makes some of the best role playing/fantasy skins that is feral and visceral . Featured in BOSL twice, Redstar is best defined as an avant garde skin artist.

◈ WishBox ◈
Whimsical and Effervescent, Wisp Jinn is THE Fantasy Couturlier Wishbox is a fantasy clothing label specializing in imaginative, vivid designs. Bored with the everyday? Believe in magic… Open the Wishbox! You’ll find a special treasure every time.

◈ CheerNo ◈
CheerNo Destiny specializes in men’s fashion and is regarded one of the best haute couture designer for Hommes. Well constructed and masculine; CheerNo quotes “The modern men can be sexy like a girls are.”

IMAGE Agency Models:

✰Annabelle Fleury
✰BridgetMarlane McDonnell
✰Elahna Dyrssen
✰Lauren Mureaux
✰Liliya Avedon
✰Linnda Scofield
✰Lola Baudin
✰Maile Michinaga
✰Phillip Dollinger
✰Seth Diabolito
✰Tempest Rosca
✰Wipster Baxter

✰Seashell Dench

Ethan Haalan CEO of IMAGE

Merry Christmas from Image Models Agency


PRESENTING A Very Image Christmas Video:

INFO: *A traditional Christmas dinner, leads to thoughts from a family member.. which lead to a day dream… of what the perfect Christmas celebration should be – Dancing the night away!*

MODELS: RicoRacer Flux, Seph Ishelwood, Amber Quinzet, Diane HAndschuch, and others.

VIDEO by: Ethan Haalan From Flash Productions

IMAGE models agency
C.E.O – Ethan Haalan
C.E.O – Lola Baudin


IMAGE models agency
C.E.O – Ethan Haalan
C.E.O – Lola Baudin
Runway Coordinator – Cate Honie
—————————————- ———–Brought to you by————————————– —–
FLASH Productions The finest in casual and formal wear that defines James Bond and the Bond women. It is Elegant & Sophisticated with a hint of danger featuring the finest design of

☆ Shiryu Mushashi of Mushashi-Do ☆
☆ Sysy Chapman of Sysy’s ☆
☆ 2408 Alekseev of 24 Shoo Shoes ☆


Amber Quinzet
Anastacia Markova
Burning Bright Nightfire
Cate Honi
Rod Insippo
RicoRacer Flux
Seashell Dench
Seph Ishelwood
Seth Diabolito
Wicca Merlin

Host: CandiO Conteponi
Runway Coordinator: Lola Baudin
Machinma: Ethan Haalan


IMAGE Models Agency cordially invites you to 007 Goldfinger Fashion Show, Saturday, November 28th 1:30 SLT
The finest in casual and formal wear that defines James Bond and the Bond women. It is Elegant & Sophisticated with a hint of danger featuring the finest design of

☆ Shiryu Mushashi of Mushashi-Do ☆
☆ Sysy Chapman of Sysy ☆
☆ 2408 Alekseev of 24 Shoo Shoes ☆


Amber Quinzet
Anastacia Markova
Burning Bright Nightfire
Cate Honi
Rod Insippo
RicoRacer Flux
Seashell Dench
Seph Ishelwood
Seth Diabolito
Wicca Merlin

Host: CandiO Conteponi
Runway Coordinator: Lola Baudin
Machinma: Ethan Haalan

FASHION CALENDAR: SuperELITE Presents “Colors of Autumn” 10/31 1PM SL


Saturday 31th October 2009 at 1 PM
SLT at Fashionista Island

You are cordially invited to join us to admire the fabulous creations and designs from House of Beningborough and SF Designs as well as the incredible skins from SaWoDe, before assisting at the election of “Miss and Mister Autumn” !

Come to be charmed by the choreography of our SuperElite models and support our amazing finalists Models of the SuperELITE SuperSearch 2010 !

As with all our shows, seating is limited, so we encourage you to arrive early.

*¨¨*☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆*¨¨*

DESIGNS BY: House of Beninborough – SF Design – SaWoDe Design

Alexia Speizer – Annabelle Fleury – Chirzaka Vlodovic – Lola Baudin – Lorelei Maggs – Nezsy Herstein – Veronica Krasner – Daniele Eberhardt – Mangosio Lohner – Phillip Dollinger – RicoRacer Flux

The SuperElite SuperSearch Team:
Yasmine Kidd – Rena Mascot
Angelik Slade – Phillip Dollinger
Lorelei Maggs – Tiara Calvert
Seashell Dench – Miguelina Cazenove
Mangosio Lohner

*Picture and Advertisement taken from *~* SuperElite SuperSearch 2010 *~*’s Flickr photostream

We offer CONGRATULATIONS and the BEST of LUCK to all the FINALISTS who will be competing for the SuperElite SuperSearch 2010 Title.

~*~*~* W.O.M.E.N. FINALISTS ~*~*~*
Amber Quinzet
Diconay Boa
Jen Tafler
Katherine Comet
Linnda Scofield
Maile Michinaga
Maribel Penucca
Miaa Rebane
Monica Balut
Sabine Blackburn

~*~*~* M.E.N. FINALISTS ~*~*~*
Apollo Call
Aspen Parx
GeorgieBoy Juliesse
Liam Netizen
Manu Reggiane
Marcus Night
Mikey Batriani
More Ying
Roland Zepp
Tesan Lane

Congratulations Ladies and Gentlemen !

CONFESSIONS Agency Spotlight: IMAGE Models Agency

IMAGE models agency


IMAGE MODELS AGENCY has been created to provide the fashion industry with models who are exceptionally capable of representing the designer’s creations with flare and ease.

The plan is to keep IMAGE a tight niche group of dynamic models who have integrity and superior work ethics.
IMAGE MODELS AGENCY have a very high standard in their expectations of their models because they want to provide the best for their clients. Every model who wants to go to an IMAGE casting call must be FIERCE and be READY to walk a super long and challenging runway. Oh and they check every inch to make sure all the prims are properly attached and where it should be.

IMAGE models agency provides SL’s fashion industry with dynamic and exceptional professional models. We are a full service modeling agency offering original runway design and videography using innovation, cutting edge technology and versatility.

IMAGE Models Agency is a full service agency within Second Life. We represent established models with vast experience but also nurture up and coming ones to represent the new faces of tomorrow. We pride ourselves in innovation, cutting edge technology and versatility. IMAGE Models represent the leaders within the Second Life Fashion industry with their professionalism, dedication and impeccable work ethics.

We are a core group of select models chosen for their uniqueness and recognition of their talent. The models themselves offer myriad of experience including print, mannequin and runway. Not only are they models, but they are also writers, builders, agency directors, and teachers. We also offer a decade of Real Life marketing and branding experience working with some of the top fashion brands including Diesel and premier event management companies such as the Opium Group.

IMAGE Services include

☆ Fashion Show: Conception Development and Execution. Including an original set according to concept and running the entire show with models, coordinators and event photographers. Videography is also available at any of our fashion shows.

☆ Music Video and Machinima

☆ Photography

☆ Model Consultation and Development

☆ Brand Marketing

☆ Store Grand Openings and Event Management

We welcome new designers as well as established ones. We are seeking dynamic and innovative people to collaborate with and enrichen the Second Life experience for all.

CEO – Ethan Haalan
Head Model – Lola Baudin
Runway Manager – Cate Honi
Location: Bagheera (166, 22, 38)


Let’s Ask CEO Ethan Haalan.

Q: What attributes must a model possess in order to gain admission into your agency?

EH: Attributes a model must possess in order to be in IMAGE models agency are: Well, they should have a good personality, a good understanding of how second life works, a passion for modeling, be Unique , something that makes them stand out, should be able to walk a runway. Those are the basis to what you would need if you were considering admission into IMAGE models agency.

Q: Is a potential candidate for your agency required to undertake training specifically with your model academy?

EH: No, any model/upcoming model looking into becoming an IMAGE model do not need to take any “COURSES” with the agency. It’s not required for the simple fact that it isn’t necessary if they already have training.

Q:There is a general perception amongst models that some agencies only hire those who have established a reputable name for themselves, whether it be with a top-tier agency or otherwise. Is this important to you? Model training aside, are you willing to take a chance on a model who is new to the industry?

EH: As far as who I accept into the agency, no – names, or titles don’t matter to me, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE absolutely LOVE a fresh face, I love to see someone new walking a runway, it literally makes me smile to know, WOW – look what you can do and know that they can possibly be one of SL’s next supermodels. As far as having training at all, you MUST have training, some sort of training, because not only for our sake, but for the models, you should know what you’re getting into, what the agency asks of you, what you would be capable of doing, and how you would go about it. But as I said before, if you are a model under the radar with training, and you can add some sort of fierce-ness to my runways then hey! welcome to IMAGE :).

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Ethan Haalan and IMAGE AGENCY for letting us interview you and for sharing with our readers what IMAGE AGENCY is all about.

ARE YOU FIERCE ENOUGH TO BE AN IMAGE MODEL? Please Tell Us What You Think And Leave A Comment. TY.