REDGRAVE: Liquid Mesh

Liquid Mesh

You ask why?

Let´s start here! We believe most of you are desperately waiting for the Mesh Deformer to come! Mesh clothing these times makes us try different sizes first, then change our body shapes for every piece of clothing we want to wear. And even worse every change to our shape makes us less being that unique individual that we have created in months of hard work and passion.

These times a

re over!

Our innovative team at REDGRAVE added a great new technique called LIQUID MESH to our mesh products! Available tomorrow!

So what is the revolutionary thing here?

Really simple! Our new LIQUID MESH products automatically adjust to your body shape! That means no more changes to your shape needed!

But we went even further. The mesh also follows certain body shape sliders. That means you can even kind of resize our products along with your shape which is not possible with any other mesh till now.

Are our products based on “Standard Sizes” that many creators use?

As you get only one size thats fits most shapes there is no need for standard sizes anymore. Surely this relates only to products of the REDGRAVE LIQUID MESH collection. But our products surely fit all these standard sizes.

What body shape sliders are now working with LIQUID MESH products in comparison to other brands mesh products?

Up to now all mesh products followed certain settings like height. But with LIQUID MESH you can adjust your mesh now also with sliders for:

Body Fat

– Leg Muscles
– Butt Size
– Saddle Bags
– Knee Angle
– Foot Size (to change pants cuffs width)

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Greetings your REDGRAVE Team!