Get HOT & STEAMY with us at CSLTM!

TAKE A  PEEK as Rico and I, along with Top Models Wicca Merlin & Dimitri Shinn, entice you into the sexy world of CSLTM – bringing you a “blush inducing” steamy summer fashion book featuring the wonderful designs of Angel Dessous and VitaMEN.

Enjoy Now…..

Confess Later.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

Now that you’ve seen all that…*passes you a pitcher of cool water to rehydrate and a towel*  lol

I’ve included limos to Angel Dessous and Vitamen.  Thank you Nando Korobase, Leandra Breen and Vitamen Hax.  Hope you like the pics.  😀

And thank you to Arisia Ashmoot of Body Talking for doing a custom pose for Rico for me.  *hugs*  : )

Limo to Angel Dessous

Limo to VitaMEN

Happy Shopping!

~ Jen