Essence of Ebony Seeks Applicants

THE ESSENCE OF EBONY CONTEST was designed to recognize aspiring women of color through out history and the modern woman of today. The contest will recognize your beauty and your upcoming achievements here in sl.  In honor of Black history month ( February) we want to honor you.
This Pageant seeks to give young, talented Ebony women a platform to impact their SL communities while gaining grid wide exposure. It is an opportunity for these newer Ebony models to obtain a sense of well-being and self-confidence by competing for a prestigious title that will continue to enhance their second lives.


The mission of Miss Essence of Ebony Contest is to identify, develop, and promote awareness of Ebony Models within Second Life.
This mission is served through intensive contestant development and by working with our contestant/models on a continuous basis by providing scholarships and ongoing training. This pageant was developed to celebrate the many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures of women of EBONY descent and to provide a forum for those women to showcase their talents.

The spirit of this contest is for the fun and enjoyment of the contestants and to promote and impact cultural awareness . The rules are designed to promote fair play and good will.

You must submit your application in order to be considered for the competition. Please read through and complete  THE ESSENCE OF EBONY CONTEST- APPLICATION BEFORE SUBMITTING.

Monthly Photo submissions will be accept April 2011-Dec 2011. Photo submissions close on the 18th of each month. You May enter as many times as you wish if your not chosen the first time you applied all the way until December 18, 2011

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