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August 27, 2011

Saturday, 11 AM SLT


The Hosts

Editorial Clarity and RicoRacer Flux

The Entertainers

Frolic Mills, Kimmera Madison, Topaz Joubert, Persia Bravin, Enzo Champagne, Amutey Decuir, Nando Korobase, Leandra Breen, Carilyn Ohare, Matteo Bettencourt, Yula Finesmith, Didier Rascon, Angelik Lavecchia, Talyia Tarber, Maddox Kaestner, Arisia Ashmoot, Jen Tafler, LoveliMiwako7399 Menna, Serene Faith, Miaa Rebane, Takeshi Kiama, BlackBarbie Bravin, Falbala Fairey, Varedobiker Blackburn, Saleena Hax, Locked Semaphore, Jade Spectre, Rissa Friller, Veronica Krasner, Mikey Batriani, Todd Anton, Darling Tomorrow, Zachary Zufreur, Linnda Scofield, Ponchituti Boucher, Tyler Barineaux, Anna Sapphire, Daniele Eberhardt, Lali Arbizu and many more…

The Set Maker

Zandy Oh

The Event Photographer

Tillie Ariantho


CC Teardrop



Styling Forward Season II Announced



STYLING FORWARD returns after a sensational success last year! Kimmera Madison, Frolic Mills and a different weekly guest judge will be responsible for finding a new styling master!

Are you an amazing STYLING ARTIST? Do you have what it takes to create jaw-dropping outfits that will inspire others to follow your lead?

If so 100,000 Lindens could be yours!

STYLING FORWARD will be aired on METAVERSE TV every Wednesday at 3:00 pm SLT starting August 10th through to October 5th 2011.

If you cannot commit to this schedule, please don´t audition.


AUDITIONS will be held on Wednesday August 3rd at 3:00 pm SLT at Boulevard Agency




Style a mix and match AVANT-GARDE look. We will be looking for uniqueness, great taste and overall look.





Your brand could be one of our partnered sponsors and your logo will appear at the beginning of ALL 9 shows!

Live mentions will also be read out during the live transmission.

Please send Frolic Mills and IM for further information.


GOOD LUCK and may we find the new styling GOD or GODDESS of Second Life!

Frolic Mills

SL Art Couture Presents Je T’Aime “LOVE Book”

MODELS in PIC: Miaa Rebane & Takeshi Kiama by Lybra Rage

SL Art Couture: The Fashion Teller


Let’s Celebrate LOVE Hollywood Style featuring the hottest couples in SL who have managed to keep their love alive against all odds.

Maddox DuPont & Kirk Claymore, Rusch Raymaker & Jesika Contemponi
Mimmi Boa & Salvo Waydelich, Mikey Batriani & Todd Anton
Miaa Rebane & Takeshi Kiama, Applonia Criss & Long Pausch
Nave Fall & Kimmera Madison, Yula Finesmith & Spliph Placebo
Leandra Breen & Nando Korobase, Kay Fairey & Aris Earnshaw
Poulet Koenkamp & Martin414 Timeless, Shinichi Mathy, Linnda Scofied
Editorial Clarity, RicoRacer Flux & Arisia Ashmoot.


From Here to Eternity, Ghost
Brokeback Mountain, My Fair Lady
Breakfast at Tiffany, Dirty Dancing,
Roman Holiday, Moulin Rogue,
Snow White, Pretty Woman, Gone with the Wind.



Julie Hastings, Pam Astonia, Ginevra Babii, Sophy Violet, Miaa Rebane, Mikey Batriani

BE INSPIRED! Fall in Love…..


Tres Beau ~ Always in Style

Well, she’s back. Kimmera has done it again for you. The latest releases bring beauty, style and class. Nothing less, and we never except anything other than that from a leading designer in Second Life.

Now, as my profile states, I’m supposed to be on vacation. But…when I got an offline message that she had new releases, well, I logged in to check them out. As usual, I’m very impressed. See for yourself below. I’m sure you’ll be impressed too.

Now this sexy number is called Chaplin. It’s beautiful and classy.

The top is a see through blouse with no sleeves. Now I could call it a tank top, but I think it’s a little classier than that. The sleeveless blouse is a nude beige lace with a slightly darker bustier underneath (yes, your nipples are covered lol). The front is decorated with gathered lace of the same material, done in a soft way and put together at the top with a small black bow.

The pants are slightly loose and black with a corset-like flare at the top. At the waistline it’s brought in with a simple belt and for that added touch, suspenders are also added to give a definition of the torso lenghtwise. Now, if you thought suspenders were just for guys, think again. Kimmera has tied this nicely with this outfit giving the whole look a classy feel.

This gives a more business/casual feel.

You can see I took a trip to the Italy sim, taking pics and walking around. This outfit is great for those lunch get togethers or going to a business meeting. An outfit with many wear-to possibilities.

The next outfit is called Milea.

Now excuse my language, but…..oh nevermind, I won’t. But I looooove this outfit. It’s avant garde and very sexy.

This dress starts off with a corset, on top is lovely dark plum lace and from the breast down it’s black. The jacket layer is a corset, full of cinched satin, lace appliqués and metal clasps. At the back, is the same lace at the top but the corset wraps around and matches the front white/black appliqué. Topping off the neck and shoulders is a full plume of beautiful black and dark plum faux feathers.

The skirt prim dips in a U lengthening your torso and hips, making you look longer and taller. And to highlight your hips, the skirt prim fans out, but not too much, giving you the balance visually with the faux feathers on top.

And not to forget about what adorns your head and hands. A sexy brimless hat in the same dark plum and black mid length gloves. Not only does the hat add further height and the gloves that extra glam, but they add a fierceness to the outfit – making you a stand out anywhere.

The third outfit is call Monarch.

So, between the beautiful Monarch wings (spread around in a beautiful pattern) and the black faux feathers around the chest area I can’t think of anything more appropriate than wow. It’s hard to take a living creature and turn it into a wearable work of art without making it cheesy looking. But this gown is by far the best I’ve seen in taking this to the next level.

And best part too, the skirt comes in 4 types, short (sculpted and flexi) and long (sculpted and flexi). Making this a veratile dress or gown to wear at any occasion, even touring the beautiful gardens of SL.

The last outfit for this posting is called Tiffany. This is a perfect name since the RL Rose, called Tiffany, is just a beautiful.

The gown is tightly fitted around your body and topped at the shoulder and neck line with a flowing mass of rose petals cascading around you. The skirt prim is of the same beautiful rose petals with an added train of white translucent silk and ending with rose petals. You can wear this without the train, turning this into more of a dress, but not just any dress, one that will make you smile just wearing it.

I sure looked like a princess wearing this dress. Made me feel like I was in a fairy tale.

I have included a limo below, whether it’s a magical pumpkin or a fancy limo with a driver, you decided.

Limo to Tres Beau Mainstore

Happy Shopping. : )

~ Jen

Tres Beau ~ New Line Part 2

Well, I have a few words to say.  In honor to Kimmera Madison, CEO, and Nave Fall, COO, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TRES BEAU!!!!  I did say in BOSL chat a couple of days ago, but wanted to say again in conjunction with my massive posting which I’ve been a bit late for you.

On that note, Sorry  >.<  Turns out some pics needed extra attention and I’m still learning and my time estimating isnt up there yet.  So enough of me yapping and let’s get down to business, what you’ve been waiting to see.

This first outfit is called Sail.  A perfect outfit for those hot days, out on the water, sipping a chilled glass of champage on a yacht, or lunching with friends at the marina or local restaurant.

Now the whole outfit is in a white, blue and red theme.  Now these are standard colors for a typical outfit, but, what makes this outfit different are the details.

Going from head to toe, the hat (in blue and white with a red bow) is a perfect shader for your face and head.  The woven straw material allows the cool breeze flow though the holes chilling you more on those hot summer days in the sun.

The top, a wrap around , provides a sultry view of your cleavage and is adorned with frills at the bottom and a beautiful red bow, giving it a soft look to the horizontal stripes.

The accompaning white pants light and airy, providing a cool way for your lower half to take care in the hot sun.  The pants are are loose with wide leg cuffs and tied at the front in a criss-cross style design with white string.

From ship to shore, this outfit is classy, sexy and innocent all rolled into one.

This next outfit is called Buckwheat.  A casual, down-to-earth dress in a beautiful teal color.  This dress has multiple layers adding flow and rhythm when you walk or dance, or even when the wind blows across the field.  The top part of the dress has frills in the same main teal color and the arms have matching bands of frill to bring the line of sight straight across from one side to the other.  This draws the eyes to see all sides of you, not just at the main dress.  Because of this, this make the person looking at you wonder what else is on the dress and focuses on all of you to see if there’s more.  And there is.

From the waist down, the skirt is created with perfectly placed, multiple horizontal fabric layers that when in motion, create a wave-like effect.  Kinda almost hypnotic.  And to break the teal color, there is a stunningly detailed, soft brown leather corset that has teal colored flowers and three silver buckles.  A nice way to add a feminine touch but also to show off your sexy waist.

If you need a dress, one that is casual, sexy and feminine for those long walks through fields of tall flowers, or one for a get together in a backyard party, this is a definite must.

Now, this next outfit is casual in a classy way.  You look and feel sophisticated walking down the street while shopping or going to a luncheon with friends or business partners.

The top is sleeveless with a long open black collar.  To offset the stark black, silk fabric in colors of white, silver, gold and black dance in a metallic design reminiscent of asian motives.  At the bottom, layers of long frills hug the waist in the same silk fabric and end with a band of black.  This way of placing the black and silk fabrics almost give a start and end, like a story.

Also included in this outfit are plain black pants that not only add a sense of power and a focus for the top, but they are also loose allowing for a sense of freedom when you walk.  Also, a matching black hat is included that finishes this outfit in style.

I consider this outfit a perfect match for a shopping/dinner date with the girls, or a semi-formal business meeting.

Now a trip through your inventory and you can possibly say that this is one dress style you don’t have.

A blend sex appeal, elegance and haute couture, this dress has it all.  The fabric, a stunning red silk with silver and gold designs of crown-like motive gives this dress the ability to make you stand out from the crowd.  When you wear this dress, you are saying that yes, you are sexy, yes, you are elegant, and yes, you are confident.

The form fitting style is started off with a halter style top, held up by a neck collar that is secured by a black knotted asian button and loop.

The middle showcases ruffles along the sides of the hips and runs back to the deirier, this not only provides a line of sight of you straight down the center, but it also gives focus on your curves – both on your hips and backside.

At the bottom, the high leg slits on both sides gives a view of your sexy legs, a treat for the eyes, and a way to get either attention from the crowd or your loved one, who may in fact want you to wear this only for them.  lool

Needing a number that says you want it all, a dress that says you are classy, graceful and sexy all in one?  Well, I’ve provided a limo below for you to see for yourself how beautiful this dress is.

Now I’m going away from my usual color shots to show the next outfit called Geo in black and white.

I did this to show just how amazing this dress is.  It’s not everyday you can take a dress in black and white and actually have it stand out.

With the hug fitting form, carefully adorned with gems of crystals and onyx in horizontal stripes, this mini dress is a great addition to your classy party section of your wardrobe.  The mini dress alone is great for clubbing or those fancy parties, but if you want to add that extra kick to it Kimmera has leveled it up.  By adding the shoulder frills, something so creative and unique, it sets up apart from everyone else and speaks volumes of your personality, fashion and style.  And what I also like about it is that it is not so short that you almost see your underwear.  You still get a great amount of thigh view but enough is hidden to keep the onlookers coming back for more.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t already been to Tres Beau, then hurry, Kimmera has a limited edition dress that is helping RFL.  It’s coming down tomorrow, so Move It!!!  lool  (and yes, I already got mine).

Limo to Tres Beau Main Store

Happy Shopping : )

~ Jen

The Orient – Tres Beau ‘Asia’

After a hectic two weeks in both RL and SL I was delighted to hear that Kimmera Madison came out with lots of new releases.  Now I am a week behind so instead of posting two or three pics in one shot, I will tease you with this one shot and then post a massive one soon. : P

The latest new release is an Asian inspired two piece with bright colors and sexy details.  Although a trip to the Orient may not be in the cards for you, or me at this time, this outfit surely takes you there (as much as possible).

The lively and cheery pink color of this ensemble, contrasted by the multi-colored detailing in the design, brings out that happy summer feeling.  My first thoughts of this outfit were of Oriental Cherry Blossoms and its petals floating in a fresh breeze across a meadow.

The halter-style top is adorned with a black button applique on the neck high collar, giving a sophisticated look, while exposing your sexy shoulders.  The bottom of the top is cropped baring your stomach and surrounded by flirtty loose frills, which adds a softness to the companion collar and a heightened sex appeal.

The pants are extra hot.  The left leg is opened from the waist down to the ankle and held together by six of the same button appliques as the collar.  This gives a peek-a-boo effect to the skin underneath and shows off the sexy legs you have.  Also, on both sides of the hips, a fan-like motif is adorned in the same fabric, accentuating your curvy sides.  Both the open leg and fans provide an eye catching teaser to those watching as you walk by or sitting down with your legs crossed as you sip on your Merlot.

This outfit is great for those summertime parties, a day out with friends or events where you want to be unique and noticed.

I have included a limo link below to take you down in style to visit the Tres Beau mainstore.

Limo to Tres Beau Main Store

Happy Shopping.  : )

~ Jen


For a long time now, Rico and I have agonized over CSLTM’s first designer spotlight. Who should it be? Who do you love? There are so many premier designers out there that we could have chosen and it was a painful task to come up with our first one. In the end, we’ve selected one of our favorite people, someone who is about to experience her brand’s 6th anniversary in SL. Someone who has been consistently, and unrelentingly, supportive of SL’s modeling community. Someone generous to a fault and unquestionably one of the best high-end designers out there.

Tres Beau’s Owner/Designer Kimmera Madison.

Kim has been interviewed, chronicled, blogged and dissected, time and time again and CSLTM is nothing if not unique in our approach. We wanted to avoid the same ol’ same ol’ questions and take Kimmera somewhere she rarely goes in a interview like this. To the edge…

We could have asked “safe” questions like these:

Where do you get your design inspirations from?

What are the essential elements for success in SL’s fashion industry?

Who are your favorite RL/SL designers?

What drew you into SL in the first place?

What advice would you give to someone starting a fashion business in SL?

What is your graphics design background?

What photo/3D software and hardware tools do you use to create with these days?

You’re created over 400 designs in SL to date which are your favorites?

What are your plans for tres Beau’s future?

But questions like those would be too mundane for us at CSLTM and for our most important people, you.

We wanted Kimmera to spill, to dish, to be unabashedly honest with us. Like it was just the girls having a chat. So Rico and I thought long and hard about this and our candid questions and her startling answers are detailed below.

JT: We know you work, work, work at this since it’s your RL job.  We heard you recently agreed to design 3 Mr Virtual World Contestant’s, (Specifically: Mr. Canada, (More Ying), Mr. Brazil (Maddox Kaestner) and Mr.Italy (Marcus Night)) National Costumes. Tell us about those designs, how you turned around 3 costumes in such a short timeframe (almost overnight?) and how it was working with these 3 talented models? Which outfit was the most fun???

KM: LOL, well, it wasn’t exactly overnight, they gave me a week! And it was great fun!  I love creating clothing, I have had my hand at Medieval, Pirates, Victorian, Mardi Gras, Costume Balls as well as my Bridal and High Fashion.  I love it all!   It’s fun to research a look and come up with a concept then have to figure out how to execute it. Which was my favorite to make?  They were all fun to make, though the Mountie with the beer bottle belt was kind of a kick..and making Maddox go half naked was fun as well!  All three guys were a dream to work with, they had some definite input to what look they wanted…well..all except Maddox  HAH!   But like true guys they all had their say and then let me go nuts with my own concepts, gotta love it!

JT: You were selected from all the women’s formal wear designers in SL by Mimmi Boa to design the final outfit she wore as Miss Virtual World 2009.   Tell us what set you apart in the selection process and how it was to work with such an amazing Supermodel.

KM: Why? Because of my amazing charm and personality?  Ok ok, I lied…actually it was Frolic Mills who asked me, then made me change things on it 3 times when I finally told him to bugger off and asked Mimmi her opinion, we over ruled Frolic and made him cry  LOL Why was I chosen? Frolic had a vision and knew it was my style and that he and I could work well together on its creation, smiles.  Just this week I was asked to make Miaa Rebanes final Miss Virtual World gown, I am again, deeply honored.

JT: We heard you have a fierce attitude when it comes to dealing with diva models and show directors. Is that true Dish… Spew… Tell us what you look for in a model or agency and what you don’t stand for.

KM: A Professional never admits to their dislikes, they just graciously move away, smiles sweetly.  Fierce Attitude, hmm, when I hire an agency or a model I simply expect to receive their best efforts in providing the service they sold to me. If they do not follow through, I won’t use them again, enough said.

JT: Tres Beau’s notorious COO Nave Fall has been out-spoken about Paid vs Free Fashion shows and Model’s rights in SL.  As models ourselves, Rico and I are advocates.  Where do you stand on this spikey issue?

KM: I stand firmly behind it, I have always paid the models that have done work for me whether it was through the fee I paid to the agency (which I always follow up on to make sure that the models were paid from that fee) or though a tip given after the show.  Models put alot of time, effort and passion into what they do, they deserve to be compensated for it.

JT: At the recent RFL Clothing Fair, a gown of yours was on the poster and was the top selling creation at the event.  What inspired such a beautiful piece of art?  How many times did that sell and how much did it raise to support such a wonderful cause?

KM: That dress was inspired by the RFL Clothing Fair Poster.  LOL  I saw it, IM’d Nevar and asked if it was made yet, he said no, so I made it.  It sold like crazy! The dress is sold for 1000 Lindens with all proceeds going to RFL. At the end of the two week long Clothing Fair, I had sold 130+ and have sold many many more since in my shop. I am thrilled that the dress was a success and has raised funds for an organization that is helping find a cure for an ugly disease that has touched so many of us.

JT: Tres Beau is frequently copied/knocked off.  Care to comment on the “semi-legitimate” copies???  Tres Beau was involved in a recent copybotting scandal after you found your designs being sold by Edika Hax of Allegra Versace.  That led to with many other famous SL designers creations being discovered subsequently.  I heard that he banned many top designers from entering his sim not long after being discovered.  What happened and how did you catch him?  Did he really admit it?

KM: We caught him somewhat by accident..call it fate. Did he deny it, hell yes he did, outright lied about it.  Has action been taken, yes, has there been results of that action?  YES!  We are pleased to see that not only is he no longer found in game but his sim is gone as well…will he come back, probably, but he got an expensive slap for his abuse of others work.  If you find or are given something that is a stolen creation, please do not support those actions and PLEASE Report that person(s).  Creators of all types work hard at what they do, show them the respect they deserve!  SL is a platform created by its users, everything you wear, see and experience was created by someone who gave their heart to it’s creation.  Please don’t let thieves and scammers destroy that.

JT: You’ve done many shows, fairs, and charity benefits this year.  To help those that plan on attending such events please tell us what do you liked and disliked, and what went right or wrong?  How do you decide what to support to balance RL and SL?

KM: What do I like?  I like events put on by people with an honorable vision, who put they’re all behind it to ensure that it goes well and has an outcome that benefits those involved.  If it’s a charity, I look for the ones that are legitimate and support a RL organization and prove that the proceeds will indeed go to those organizations.  I have been involved in some amazing events, The RFL Clothing Faire, The Haiti Tent Project to name just two.  I applaud the efforts and the care that went into them!  The few that went wrong were basically due to the lack of effort put towards the project and sadly a few were scams.

JT: After 6 years in SL, where is Tres Beau headed now and what do you like most about your SL job these days?

KM: I daily look for ways to improve, it’s my personal challenge.  Where is Tres Beau headed?  Well, we’ve made it 6 years and there’s many more to come!  I am excited to hear that Mesh will be introduced and look forward to playing with it and being blown away by what others do with it.  What I like most is the people I meet, the joy of creation and tormenting Nave Fall on a daily basis!  My dream for Tres Beau is to make people smile.


BLOG: Tres Beau WordPress Blog

LM:  Limo to Tres Beau Mainstore on Lace Sim

A special ‘Thank You’ to Kimmera Madison and Nave Fall for their time and accepting to be our first Designer Spotlight interview.

And to all our special CSLTM fans, a BIG ‘Thank you’. Without you we wouldn’t be here and we do appreciate you. If you have any comments or requests, please let us know. We are here for you.

~ Jen : )

Tres Beau ~ Triple Hit (Part 2)

With all designers, whether you are creating jewelry, clothing or architectural structures – like furniture or buildings, the fine details is what brings the whole outlook together.  This is of the utmost importance for the customer because a well designed piece is just like art.  It enhances you or your room and adds a sense of feeling, or it should.  Let’s face it, if you aren’t happy with it you won’t want to buy, wear or show it.

Kimmera Madison is one such designer that strives for high quality and detail.  She takes her time and makes sure every piece is just right.  Unless she has that feeling, that feeling of pride and accomplishment and would wear it herself, she won’t showcase it in her store.

This first cocktail dress is called Solange, aptly named after Solange Benoir, President of Pulse Point Marketing, LLC.  The richness of the mocha color combined with detailed shadows along the creases and edges gives this a beautiful 3D effect.

The top and waist comes with silky fan-like attachments that add a flair and eye-pleasing visual, emphasizing the neck, shoulders and waist.  All the places that a woman finds pleasing to be touched by her special someone.  For an additional feminine touch, a darker mocha rose is placed in between the top and waist fans.   The bubble skirt, in the same lovely mocha color, is fun and flirty and has darker low lights at the bottom which makes the color stand out.

This cocktail is perfect for those semi-formal parties, weddings and grand openings.

This is one of the latest gowns from Tres Beau called Jori.  The bold silver on soft silk calls out elegance and grace.

The top is adorned with a V-Shape neckline trimmed with delicate lace that goes from the front, along the shoulders and down the back.  This gives the silk a jewelled-like accessory.  The top is like a corset, adorned with lace and hugs the upper and lower torso with ripped silk that is met with a beautiful lace applique. The skirt is also accentuated at the front with a piece of layered silk that is laid horizontally in waves, adding a free flowing feel.  There are also matching silver gloves.

Not to forget about decorating your beautiful up-do.  Kimmera has designed a matching silver rose that fits perfectly with any hair up-do.  This rose completes the outfit, making the whole picture come together from head to toe.  As well, this rose looks great on either side of your hair.

This gown is a must have for any wardrobe for elegant high-class occasions.

This last outfit I’m showing you today is called Phe.  A hot lingerie piece that brings about thoughts of passion, sexiness and temptation.  Temptation because anyone you wear this for will most certainly not be able to keep their hands off of you.

The bodice is decorated with multiple layers of criss-crossing black silk ribbons over almost see through black fabric, giving form your upper and lower curves.   With it, an optional shoulder wrap providing sensual eye candy for your sexy shoulders.  The skirt is made of the same see through black fabric with additional highlights of gold in the middle and a black lace design at the bottom.  This gives the skirt multiple areas to which you loved one can use to admire your hips and legs.

When you want to give that special someone a present, something so beautiful and confident, one that no one else can give – and I mean you – this is most definitely the outfit you should wear.  Hands down.

I have included a limo below for you to check out these and the other wonderful Tres Beau lines.

Limo to Tres Beau Main Store

Thank you for reading and happy shopping.

~ Jen  : )

Tres Beau ~ A Triple Hit (Part 1)

I was delighted after being gone for two weeks to hear that Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau was releasing new designs.  Yes, I am partial to her creations as she does a superb job.  So, without further adieu, I give you the first three of her new designs coming soon.

This gown is just beautiful.  The way it shimmers when the light hits it shows the great skill Kimmera put into this gown.  This is not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to applying sheer to a prim.

The top, made of the same material, blends perfectly with the gown prim making it seamless.  With the multi colors of champagne, bronze/brown and gold it’s like wearing a piece of art – well it is in fact.  Add to it a beautiful shawl and side drape with detailed orchid flowers in gold and champagne, makes you feel like you are walking in heaven.

This gown is perfect for those special occasions, parties and social gatherings where you will certainly be the centre of attention.  Just be sure to make time for your sweetie.  ; )

Now when I first saw this gown, I thought of richness, decedance and glamour.  Kinda like how movie star used to be in RL.  I also got a craving for both dark and milk chocolate, because, well, those beautful rich browns reminded me of that too.  (And yes, I did go to the store later and used needing a few groceries anyways to validate my craving for a chocolate bar :P)

Not only are the colors exquisite, but the smoothness of the fabric makes you (or at least me) want to really feel it.  Like it’s supposed to be soft and silky. But no, I didn’t reach out and try.  But that is just a testimate to Kimmera’s talent.  The flow, the draping of the fabric in the light brown gown and how the full cape in dark brown hugs around you.  It’s like wearing a piece of heaven.  And the brooch in the middle adds that panache and sparkle that draws your eyes to whomever is wearing this work of art.

When you wear this gown to an art opening, the opera or a gala event, you will be surely at the centre of attention.

Now, my last piece for this posting is the new hot pant outfit call Chek.  I am wearing the red version, but it also comes in Bronze.  And it’s hot too.

The checkered texture and blended low lights in the pants shape your body and shows off your hot little curves.  Adding to that, the piece de resistance, the jacket.  Now, if you want to step out on the scene and make a dramtic entrance, well, just look at this outfit.  Need I say more?  I wore this outfit out after taking this pic and I got so many compliments and people asking me where I got it.  I was sad to tell them it wasn’t out in store yet but it would be soon.

Now back to the jacket.  lol  The duo sleeves and high collar give a Tokyo high fashion look.  This definately makes you stand out as no one else has come up with this type of designing *crosses her fingers Kimmera comes out with more colors* ; )  This outfit is hot, sexy, stylish and perfect for those club openings, fashion shows and networking social gatherings.

I will be coming out soon with more, but hopefully this is just enough for now to wet your appetite.

Limo to Main Store

Happy Shopping

~ Jen  : )

Tres Beau “Exotique”

Okay, I have one word….Wow, Wow, Wow  O.o

I loooove the new Exotique lingere from Kimmera Madison.  This outfit comes with many options, allowing you to mix and match.

For those cool nights, you can wear the bra, shoulder boa, gloves and hip skirt with the matching bow.  The bra wraps around highlighting your torso and sexy shoulders.  The matching skirt has a high cut and lets your left leg peak though showing the sexy stockings that have the same applique as the underwear.

On warm summer days, take off the hip skirt and bow and bare it all.  The underwear has a hot applique and see-through fabric.  This shows just enough skin to hint at what’s underneath and hugs your behind in all the right places.  A design sure to make wherever you are hot and steamy.

If you are looking for a sexy outfit for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, this is surely one to put a permanent smile on your or their face.

Thank you Kimmera, for designing outfits for us that show our confidence and sexiness.

Outfit ~ Exotique by Tres Beau
Hair ~ Resse in Bitter Chocolate by House of Heart
Skin ~ So Cute in Caramel 2 by Aimesi
Shoes ~ Verve in Black by Maitreya

LM to Tres Beau Designs and Weddings

Happy Shopping

~ Jen : )

“Scene It”: Boulevard Agency Presents The Tres Beau Collection Video

Boulevard Agency, THE Mecca of Model Management Brings you the 1st Collection of 2010 from Kimmera Madisons, Tres Beau. These gorgeous designs to die for, are presented by La Creme De La Creme of Supermodels of the Boulevard Agency….

Boulevard Agency
Founded by Frolic Mills

Kay Fairey
Producer, Director, and Hosts

Aris Earnshaw, Music Director, Composer and Arranger

Blvd Models

Miss Virtual World 2010- Miaa Rebane
Miss Virtual World 2009-Mimmi Boa
Miss Virtual World 2008-Isabel Brocco
Mikey Batriani
Katherine Comet
Phillip Dollinger
Tiffany Dragonash
Wicca Merlin

Tres Beau-Kimmera Madison

Film * Editing
PriMajicka Studios
Synthia Quintessa, CEO * Videographer
Constantine Carpaccio, CEO Videographer
WEB: http://primajickastudios.blogspot.com/

CONTEST: Herradura Baar’s “Make It Work” 2010

It’s 2010 and WE’RE BACK AGAIN with a new Make It Work Contest Series!!!

This time we’ve upped the ante again. BIG TIME………………….

Join us on Thursdays at 5:00PM SLT @ the Model’s Workshop Inworld.

We also have a great new sponsor for the entire year of 2010 – Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau Designs.

Kim has graciously agreed to sponsor this event, monthly, for the entire year. Tres Beau will not only provide the outfits to makeover, but she will also contribute gift cards and other goodies as prizes. We are working hard to get other PRIZE sponsors for things like hair, jewelry, eyelashes, fingernails and shoes to make SL even easier on your wallets in the future.

The contest will work like this.

Each month Kim (or one of her sweatshop elf lackeys (just kidding really she does ALL her own work)) will create an original Tres Beau design. This design will have a bunch of different pieces. Jackets, shirts, undershirts, skirts, etc……. All the parts will be in the box that gets handed out. Some will be female, some male, some unisex and some other (we are nothing if not supportive of alternative Lifestyles at Tres Beau – heh). This outfit will be given away free each month to Model’s Workshop and Tres Beau group members.

Then you get to style the outfit and send Herradura Baar a pic of your efforts. Herradura will put the pictures up on a Flickr page. Herradura’s group of unbiased, fashion industry judges (not Nave Fall because you all know he’s biased as hell, can’t be trusted, has no fashion sense and wouldn’t know a good outfit if it smacked him in the face) will select a group of semi-finalists to walk their talk at a Model’s Workshop weekend event on the Tres Beau mainstore runway. We may do this twice to accommodate other timezone locales.

The judges will confer. A vote will be taken and a winner selected who will get a ton of good stuff….. Katherine Comet, Herradura Baar and Nave Fall are working together on getting more prize sponsors for the winners.

We will be including the men in this contest too. No fear……………….. If any man is in a rush and wishes to take the woman’s outfit and style it, go for it……..feel free or vice versa. Kim tells us that Tres Beau’s COO, Model’s Workshop’s own beloved Nave Fall wears her gowns frequently. Nave took the “5th” when asked to respond to that remark and left mumbling to himself about “free” women……… >>>giggles<<<

Herra’s intention is to allow you all room to stretch out and experiment in this event without a $L1000 “entry fee tuition” investment. We want you to have have fun with this. If the guys decide to wear the women’s outfit they’ll have a lot of room to stretch out in……………….

A comment we had from judges after a previous contest was "These people aren't taking any chances"; I think the key thing missing was guts. Be FIERCE in your styling. Next week we’ll have the outfit ready to go and hand it out. This outfit will allow lots of room to style, detail, accessorize and play with a variety of looks and themes. The winner of this event will know how to accessorize it just right so s/he stands out from the pack. And for you men – maybe we’ll find something that you can use to enter the contest. No promises though………. Tres Beau is going to do men’s accessories if Nave gets his way: Canes, smoking stuff, belts that don’t look like hula hoops, and so on…..

The first round will, once again be a photo contest. Contestants submit their pics to Herradura Baar. The pictures will be numbered, the names will be removed so only she know who is in each picture (and btw, she’s not a judge). This should eliminate some of the bias often found in contests like this and the subsequent grumbling about fixes and nepotism. When Herradura puts your photos on the FLICKR site the judges will look them over and pick the top 10 styled looks.

The 2nd round will be a runway show at a special Saturday “Make it Work” seminar on (tentatively) Saturday February 6th at 10am SLT at the Tres Beau Runway (again tentatively). You must be a part of this runway event to win! The winner will be the one who receives the most cumulative points from both the photo shoot judging and runway event.

We may give out random awards for things like best pic, best pose, best hair, gutsiest bad entry etc………. We reserve the right to hand out prizes for any reason or no reason whatsoever. Nave won the right to blog about the doings at Model’s Workshop and Tres Beau as his punishment for accusing Herradura of being the Fashion Critique SL.

This is all Wenedrenia Soderstrom’s fault btw she thought that Herradura was the Fashion Critique SL and made Nave do it. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

This collaboration between Model’s Workshop and Tres Beau is an SL first. The first time Kim has found a way to return some of what the modeling community has given so frequently to her……………. love and affection, expressed tangibly, and without any reservations. Thank you all and Happy New Year from Kimmera, Nave, Katina, Jasmine, Seren and the elves who make all the Tres Beau stuff………….

Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau is one of SL’s oldest, high fashion, design destinations. On a historical note, ▶▷Kimmera Madison ◁◀ was an SL beta tester back in the day. Her rezzday is 7/1/2004. In 2010 Tres Beau will be startling, energizing, and enthralling, the fashionistas of the SL fashion world with a continuous stream of new women’s releases and, what are sure to be, trendsetting men’s fashions as well. The Tres Beau group will announce these well in advance and offer frequent specials for its members
Don’t miss what promises to be a challenging and fun contest each month


Date: This will be an ongoing monthly event

Time: Every month for the entire year of 2010

Venue: Model’s WorkShop and the Tres Beau Runway

For more information regarding the Herradura Baar, Tres Beau, Model's Workshop – Make It Work 2010 Contest Series please contact: Nave Fall (Tres Beau PR/The Strong Persuaders)

Rules for Herradura Baar's “Make it Work” 2010 contest series.

❇ You must use, at least, 3 items from the “Make it Work” box. You may mix & match the items.

❇ All 3 items must be visible in some way in the photo. They do not need to be totally visible but we should be able to see them without a microscope

❇ You may use your own Shoes, Hair, Skin, Shape, Jewelry and other accessories.

❇ You may use other clothes provided that we still see the 3 items from the “Make it Work” box.

❇ You may resize the items in the “Make it Work” box but you may not recolor them.

❇ Photographs will not be judged on your ability to Photoshop; however, remember to frame the picture so you & the outfit is being sold – not excessive scenery!

❇ Only one entry per person.

❇ No nudity or sexually explicit photos. We’re running a fashion contest not Penthouse Pet centerfold. No matter what Nave says.

❇ Do not Photoshop your name into the photograph. It will be removed by the judges before posting.

Suggestions on how to win!

❇ We’ve done 3 of these contests and there seem to be some consistencies on who wins the contest and the comments from the judges. Hopefully some of these suggestions will help you to create a winner!

❇ Take chances! Models who have won in the past have gone to great lengths and detail to create an image. They've taken risks with their choice of accessories to add to the photograph.

❇ There are 3 outfits in this box – do not feel you need to create a picture using pieces from just one of the outfits. Mix & match. We have added outfits with similar colors so they can easily be mixed around to create a brand new outfit.

❇ Styling means using some of your stuff too. As long as we can see 3 items from the outfit we’re fine with whatever else you use. My motto with styling has always been ‘Think Outside the Box’ – yours should be too!

❇ Remember, ultimately, you are selling yourself and the outfit you are wearing. If you’re overwhelmed with background scenery how can we tell if you have a great outfit? Even though we don’t want excessive photoshopping, make sure you crop the photos so you and your outfit is the focus of the photo – not the scenery or the props.


❇ January 14th, 2009 – Contest is open! The entry box is free to all contestants and will be sent out in group notices to all members of Model Workshop and Tres Beau. Anyone else wanting to enter will need to go to Tres Beau store and pay a small entry fee to purchase the entry box.

❇ January 29th, 2009 at 11:59 – All entries must be sent in at this time.

❇ February 1st 2009 – Judging opens for contestants. Judges will be voting in an unbiased manner so that quality of picture is selected and not name of the contestant

❇ February 4th 2009 at the 5pm Model Workshop – Finalists will be announced! Top 10 vote getters will be invited to compete in round #2. (I would highly suggest not tossing out those entry boxes!).

❇ February 13th at 9am SL time: Final round of “Make it Work” will be held at the Tres Beau runway. Finalists will show off their first outfits and create a new outfit using the remaining parts in the box.

☑ ☑ ☑ ☑ TIME TO VOTE ☑ ☑ ☑ ☑

Winner will be based on the votes from the photo contest AND votes from the runway show combined.


❇ Shopping Spree at Tres Beau valued at $10,000L. 2nd & 3rd place will also received gift cards to Tres Beau.

❇ Opportunity to do an upcoming photoshoot for Tres Beau with one of her top winning designs

❇ A Balut Runway HUD with personal instructions on using it from its designer Monica Balut

❇ A scholarship to Maniera Academy, compliments of Topaz Joubert, CEO of Maniera

❇ A set of poses from Sizzle Poses compliments of creator Lorra Undercroft.

❇ $5000 Linden Cash Prize

We will also have prizes & gifts to hand out along with a scholarship to MWC Academy, donated by CEO Jennifer Warden to our most promising model.


Kimmera Madison, CEO & Designer for Tres Beau
Miaa Rebane, Miss Virtual World 2010, SL Supermodel and former Make it Work Contest Winner
Nave"not a model" Fall, COO of Tres Beau and Model Workshop PITA
Monica Balut, Leader of the Model WOrkshop and creator of the Balut Runway HUD
Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency Director, Miss Virtual World Model Academy CEO, and Team edo Director
Kat Msarko, Executive Director for Ora Trei Designs and Model Workshop Leader
Glitter Bolissima, Ms SL International 2009, JCNY Modelfest Winner Oct 2009 and Model Workshop Leader
Rouge Anthony, SL Supermodel and Model Workshop Leader
Katherine Comet, Maniera Academy Instructor/Runway Mgr & SuperElite's Miss SuperSearch Autumn 2010
Frolic Mills. CEO & Publisher of BOSL Magazine and Boulevard Agency
Sabine Blackburn, SL Supermodel and SuperStylist, Miss Switzerland 2010


Contact Information:
To visit Tres Beau’s main shop: <
To learn more about Tres Beau visit the blog: http://www.kimmeramadison.blogspot.com/
To contact Nave Fall (Tres Beau PR/The Strong Persuaders) by email: naveonsl@gmail.com
To visit Model's Workshop: 􀀻
Balut Software:􀀺
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