The Fashion Teller Fashion Calendar: JUNE 2012 “The June Bride”

JUNE 2012: The June Bride

MODELS:Leandra Breen, Didier Rascon

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

Leandra: Tres Beau Miaa
Didier: Champagne! Sparkling Fashion Noble

GRAB A COPY INWORLD or Request from Editorial Clarity, Natzuka Miliandrovic or Jade Spectre.
MANY THANKS TO THE MODELS, DESIGNERS and STAFF in making this happen. ❤


Thank you to Didier and Leandra Breen for modeling June. A special thank you to Enzo Champagne of Champagne! Sparkling Couture and Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau- Our featured designers in this picture.
Ty to Natzuka for the incredible pics.

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Vero Modero Model Hunt June Contestants announced

Congratulations to the VERO MODERO’S MODEL HUNT – June Contestants
Riley Abrastraza
Jadhe Saeed
Leah McCullough
Katime Vacano
Aphrodite Brianna
Blue Porchers
Pedrinho Naire
Luiza Riddler
Enelya Swansong
Issy Flatley
Peace Edenflower
Mie Trill
TerrenceD Resident
Keyma Aldrin
Quatamila Horan


—     J       C       N      Y    —

::::::   MODEL’FEST Expo,  ‘ JUNE –  2011  Edition ‘     ::::::::

~~~~~~~ “$30,000L – GRAND MODEL PRIZE”  ~~~~~~~

“THIS IS FASHION …”  — ” We make New Models Everyday.”

This is the ’41st Edition of JCNY MODEL’FEST Expo in
Second Life. We are the longest running and largest
Modeling Expo in Second Life. If you are looking for a
modeling resume builder… JCNY always looks good
on your modeling resume. How to Enter? Read below…


Note from JD Hansen of JCNY Collection …

::::   WE’RE BAAAAACCCKKKKKK ~! ! ! ! ! – Did you Miss Us ? ? ?

This month we are proud to announce the 41st Monthly Contest sponsored by fashion
house, JCNY Collection. Joining this contest… is more than just a contest … MODEL’FEST is
an experience. Its also a place where new models can work with our professional staff
and grow into pro models. JCNY’s MODEL’FEST has launched many veteran models in SL.
MODEL’FEST is the original SL modeling contest and is wide respected as the best show
on the grid. We will compete week to week, until the end of this months Award Show.
Read this notecard for information on how to get your career started in Fashion Modeling.

– ‘Best Wishes and Success in Fashion’, – JD Hansen, JCNY Collection.


MODEL’FEST Expo, Entrys thru – June 1 – June 29th, 2011 ::::::::

JCNY – MODEL’FEST Awards Show, June 30th, 3pm SLT.
MODEL’FEST June Theme:  – ” 2011 Summer Fashion Edition “

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