Last Minute Auction!!!

We have till today raised L$825,615 thanks to all the amazing supporters of JRF!!! Thank you so much!!!!

To reach our goal of L$1 Million mark, we have added a mini-auction, generously donated by the one and the only, Mr. Skip Staheli! So come on over and bid TOMORROW:)


Skip Staheli, the 2011 BOSL Awards winner for Best Photographer, has generously donated two photo sessions, which will be individually auctioned this weekend at the Japan Relief Fundraiser.

Mr. Staheli is one of the most well-known, respected, and gifted photographers in Second Life and his clientele consists of high-profile creators, designers, and models. His art is known and beloved by many as he focuses on enhancing the picture rather than changing the original, keeping the avatar and the object close to reality, but adding his magic and imagination to finish a piece of art.

Mr. Staheli is currently on hiatus and is not taking appointments, but has still offered his services to be auctioned for the Japan Relief Fundraiser and the AmeriCares Organization. Through Mr. Staheli’s generosity and kindess, the JRF will continue its goal of raising money to assist the people of Japan.

Each auction includes the following:

* Your choice of 1 Headshot or Bodyshot to be taken by Skip Staheli, to be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient.

* You will also have the option to book an additional 2 sessions with Mr. Staheli at his normal rate.

If you are one of the winners of this auction, please consult with Mr. Staheli directly regarding your appointment and please respect his schedule as this was offered strictly to support Japan.

***** Mr. Staheli is NOT taking any appointments at this time, so please respect his wishes and do not contact him about appointments outside of this auction******

Happy Bidding!

Thank you for your support,

Japan Relief Fundraiser