JM Models seeks Designer Liaison

JM Models is seeking a dynamic individual who wants to be involved in all aspects and behind-the-scenes action of a runway show business.

The following position is currently available and only serious applicants need apply:



As a JM Models Designer Liaison you will be responsible for liaising with designers and communicating the JM Models show offering.  You will be required to book shows and be the main point of contact for all communication relating to a JM Models show production.

You will be required to walk the designer through the process of a JM Models production, for example, collecting information about the designers business for promotion, collecting clothing to showcase in the show, being involved with all aspects of show production on an advisory level.

You will be required to send out group notices to publicise the shows.

In addition to this you will also need to attend rehearsals to relay information back to the designers and attend shows to greet designers and guests.

You may be called upon to be more involved at a creative level with the production of shows if you express this desire.

This is a paid position.

You must meet these requirements to be considered:
–    Excellent communication skills (fluent in English)
–    Friendly yet professional disposition
–    Self-motivated and energetic
–    You must be someone who can be online and available daily for lengthy periods of time
–    Your avatar must be polished and presentable, above average in appearance with model looks and great style
–    You must possess a professional work ethic

Desireable but not a deal breaker:
–    Photoshop skills for photography
–    basic blogging skills
–    writing skills

Fill out below:
Your Name:

SL Rezz Date:

List Previous experience*:

Times You are Online & Available:

Payment expectations:

Are you interested in doing more than listed in this position? if so, what?:

*Previous experience is not mandatory if you possess drive, determination and ambition.

Send completed notecard back to Jewell Munro and you will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Jewell Munro-Stromfield
JM Models CEO

LAST CALL Fashion Show by JM Models


LAST CALL Fashion Show and Live Auction Charity Event

Proceeds raised from this show will go to the Toys For Tots Foundation to benefit needy children – they are our future and every Linden donated will make a difference in their lives.

Don’t miss this opportunity to snap up one of these rare gems in the ‘LAST CALL’ collection – you wont be able to buy these outfits anywhere but here on Saturday afternoon – hope to see you all :D

Starts at 6PM slt and goes till all dresses are auctioned off

Location: JM Models Fashion House >

Kate Stockholm and CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast (the masterminds behind this event) have rallied many generous people in Second Life to donate their LAST CALL outfits (created by the late and great Ginny Talamasca) to benefit the Toys for Tots Charity.  These outfits feature high resolution texturing that was cutting edge for the time they where created and to this day still remain timeless and well made.

These outfits are no longer available to buy in Second Life so they are as rare as diamonds and before *Last Call* closed their doors, all outfits were made no-copy, no mod but transferrable.

The management and models at JM Models Modeling Agency is supporting this mammoth event and in the spirit of giving have organised a SHOW and LIVE AUCTION where bidding is open to anyone wanting to support this great charity as well as buy a gorgeous rare outfit.  ALL Linden donations are welcome even if you’re not bidding for an outfit.

We anticipate this show will last for a few hours as we aim to auction off every outfit.  Outfits not sold at the live auction will be placed on auction boards at the JM Models sim so people can come and bid on them at their own leisure – bidding closes Sunday 12th Dec midnight.

Announcing the show and taking your bids are: Jewell Munro & River Stromfield

Live DJ: Gracie Kangjon

The models in the show are:
Aceius Hax
Aliyeh Yifu
Ariadne Barzane
CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast
Chrizz Scorfield
Iliana Llewellyn
Jennaa Loire
Kamalin Bailey
Kate Stockholm
Laetitia Vella
Libby Farleigh
Marissa Bruun
nemi McCoy
Payton Heron
Sensual Fold
Stephen Venkman
Sweetest Sands

The total amount raised for this great charity will be announced via and all respective promotional sites and inworld groups shortly after the show. Donations will be given to

Please visit JM Models blog for more info:


JM Models – ROC For Men Show – Friday 10th December @ 6pm SLT

JM Models – ROC For Men Show

– Friday 10th December @ 6pm SLT

The JM Models are proud to present the first ever ROC For Men fashion show on Friday 10th December at 6pm slt at the JM Models Fashion House –

For men that love great style, designer Ranena Olivier has created a large collection of cool, suave and sophisticated mens wear to suit every occassion – you’ll see them on our handsome male models as they work it on the runway.


The Ranena Olivier Couture Store (womens clothing) has had a make over and they’ve newly opened the ROC For Men store full of mens suits, tuxes, separates, dress shirts and slacks which are located on the first floor. Casual wear is on the second floor so make sure you check the awesome biker jackets while your up there! Ladies, all casual wear at Ranena Olivier Couture store is on the first floor and Formal Gowns on the second floor. Happy shopping!