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August 27, 2011

Saturday, 11 AM SLT


The Hosts

Editorial Clarity and RicoRacer Flux

The Entertainers

Frolic Mills, Kimmera Madison, Topaz Joubert, Persia Bravin, Enzo Champagne, Amutey Decuir, Nando Korobase, Leandra Breen, Carilyn Ohare, Matteo Bettencourt, Yula Finesmith, Didier Rascon, Angelik Lavecchia, Talyia Tarber, Maddox Kaestner, Arisia Ashmoot, Jen Tafler, LoveliMiwako7399 Menna, Serene Faith, Miaa Rebane, Takeshi Kiama, BlackBarbie Bravin, Falbala Fairey, Varedobiker Blackburn, Saleena Hax, Locked Semaphore, Jade Spectre, Rissa Friller, Veronica Krasner, Mikey Batriani, Todd Anton, Darling Tomorrow, Zachary Zufreur, Linnda Scofield, Ponchituti Boucher, Tyler Barineaux, Anna Sapphire, Daniele Eberhardt, Lali Arbizu and many more…

The Set Maker

Zandy Oh

The Event Photographer

Tillie Ariantho


CC Teardrop



Tres Beau ~ Always in Style

Well, she’s back. Kimmera has done it again for you. The latest releases bring beauty, style and class. Nothing less, and we never except anything other than that from a leading designer in Second Life.

Now, as my profile states, I’m supposed to be on vacation. But…when I got an offline message that she had new releases, well, I logged in to check them out. As usual, I’m very impressed. See for yourself below. I’m sure you’ll be impressed too.

Now this sexy number is called Chaplin. It’s beautiful and classy.

The top is a see through blouse with no sleeves. Now I could call it a tank top, but I think it’s a little classier than that. The sleeveless blouse is a nude beige lace with a slightly darker bustier underneath (yes, your nipples are covered lol). The front is decorated with gathered lace of the same material, done in a soft way and put together at the top with a small black bow.

The pants are slightly loose and black with a corset-like flare at the top. At the waistline it’s brought in with a simple belt and for that added touch, suspenders are also added to give a definition of the torso lenghtwise. Now, if you thought suspenders were just for guys, think again. Kimmera has tied this nicely with this outfit giving the whole look a classy feel.

This gives a more business/casual feel.

You can see I took a trip to the Italy sim, taking pics and walking around. This outfit is great for those lunch get togethers or going to a business meeting. An outfit with many wear-to possibilities.

The next outfit is called Milea.

Now excuse my language, but…..oh nevermind, I won’t. But I looooove this outfit. It’s avant garde and very sexy.

This dress starts off with a corset, on top is lovely dark plum lace and from the breast down it’s black. The jacket layer is a corset, full of cinched satin, lace appliqués and metal clasps. At the back, is the same lace at the top but the corset wraps around and matches the front white/black appliqué. Topping off the neck and shoulders is a full plume of beautiful black and dark plum faux feathers.

The skirt prim dips in a U lengthening your torso and hips, making you look longer and taller. And to highlight your hips, the skirt prim fans out, but not too much, giving you the balance visually with the faux feathers on top.

And not to forget about what adorns your head and hands. A sexy brimless hat in the same dark plum and black mid length gloves. Not only does the hat add further height and the gloves that extra glam, but they add a fierceness to the outfit – making you a stand out anywhere.

The third outfit is call Monarch.

So, between the beautiful Monarch wings (spread around in a beautiful pattern) and the black faux feathers around the chest area I can’t think of anything more appropriate than wow. It’s hard to take a living creature and turn it into a wearable work of art without making it cheesy looking. But this gown is by far the best I’ve seen in taking this to the next level.

And best part too, the skirt comes in 4 types, short (sculpted and flexi) and long (sculpted and flexi). Making this a veratile dress or gown to wear at any occasion, even touring the beautiful gardens of SL.

The last outfit for this posting is called Tiffany. This is a perfect name since the RL Rose, called Tiffany, is just a beautiful.

The gown is tightly fitted around your body and topped at the shoulder and neck line with a flowing mass of rose petals cascading around you. The skirt prim is of the same beautiful rose petals with an added train of white translucent silk and ending with rose petals. You can wear this without the train, turning this into more of a dress, but not just any dress, one that will make you smile just wearing it.

I sure looked like a princess wearing this dress. Made me feel like I was in a fairy tale.

I have included a limo below, whether it’s a magical pumpkin or a fancy limo with a driver, you decided.

Limo to Tres Beau Mainstore

Happy Shopping. : )

~ Jen


Update 9.21.10


September 22-26, 2010

Limo to International Modelling Convention

As featured in BOSL


Torches are lit in the spirit of the Olympics! The spirit of cooperation! The spirit of sharing knowledge, showcasing our businesses, growing both personally and professionally through sharing and helping others to do so!

Fashion Shows & Boutiques!   Buy the latest fashion trends and tools!

See Updates on the convention website: http://imcsl.wordpress.com/schedule-of-events/


Giselle Temple, CEO Premiere Modelling Agency

Convention Owner & Coordinator


CONVENTION SHOWS (more to come)



11:00 am CONVENTION KICKOFF & WELCOME – Giselle Temple
12:00 pm LADY THERA Fashion Show
1:00 pm Keynote Speaker: MIMMI BOA
2:00 pm SEMINAR: SHOES: Getting the Color Right: Dancer Dalligio
3:00 pm SEMINAR: Blogging: The Write Way to Give Fashion a Face: Sequoia Nightfire
4:00 pm INDIA POBA Fashion Show


12:00pm BLISS COUTURE – Evane Fashion Show
1:00 pm DEMONSTRATION: Perfect Pose Preparation – Arisia Ashmoot
2:00 pm PRESENTATION: Vanity Tour Presentation – Katherine Comet
3:00 pm SEMINAR: The Ins & Outs of Photoshoots – Anabella Ravinelli
4:00 pm BLACKLACE – Venus Models Agency Fashion Show
5:00 pm After show FIREWORKS


11:00 am PRISM – Venus Models Agency Fashion Show
12:00 pm SEMINAR: It’s Not Fashionable to be Laggy – Talyia Tarber
1:00 pm SEMINAR: Kay Fairey
2:00 pm SEMINAR: History of Modeling – A Five Year Oveview – Nemi McCoy
3:00 pm SEMINAR: Creations of the Mind: Intellectual Property and Second Life – Nox DEIGAN
4:00 pm International Model Agency: Fashion Show


10:00 am SEMINAR: Intro to Mastering the Balut HUD – Monica Balut
11:00 am TRES BEAU – PREMIERE Fashion Show
12:00 pm SEMINAR: SUPERELITE – Amber Quinzet
2:00 pm SEMINAR: SETH Diabolito
3:00 pm SEMINAR: The Agency / Model Relationship – Astrokris Messmer
4:00 pm SUPERELITE Fashion Show


11:00 am iC MOTIONS FASHION AGENCY Fashion Show
12:00 pm SEMINAR: Lorelei Maggs
1:00 pm SEMINAR: DO’S & DON’Ts of SCRIPT WRITING – Blackbarbie Bravin
2:00 pm DEMONSTRATION: Studio Nails Demonstration – Anastasia Magic
3:00 pm SEMINAR: SHAPE SHIFTING with blackLiquid Tokyoska
4:00 pm PURPLEMOON – Venus Models Agency Fashion Show and Grand Finale

A sampling of convention blogs:


NEW!!! Maven Haus Collection Show & Competition

On September 26th, 2010, Maven Haus will present a brand new 11 piece Fall Collection in a show produced by Maven Haus, by Elaera Maven, is a contemporary Avant Garde design house featuring unique garments, skins and accessories. To get a feel for the Maven Haus aesthetic, we invite you to take a look at the Maven Haus boutique.

Maven Haus Mainstore LM

Arcobaleno will run 2 shows on September 26th, 2010. We will premiere the fall collection featuring 11 all new garments and a few bonus accessories at 11am SLT. Then run a follow-up showing at 6pm SLT to ensure that everyone has a chance to see these ground breaking designs.

Hamaly Warcliffe and her team at Doll House Designs have enhanced a fabulous production set for this event based on the concept and initial building by Arcobaleno Owner, Vikeejeah Xevion.

We invite you to step into the back alleys of Gotham City to experience a one of a kind collection by a truly unique designer.

EXCLUSIVE!!! As an added bonus, Maven Haus will offer a unique skin to be sold ONLY during this Fall Collection Show.

Please remember that all of the looks presented may be used as the garments for your photo contest looks. Information below for contest details.

Should you have any questions regarding the event or like to be considered for a preview of the Fall Collection prior to the show, please message Viola Rookswood.

Thank you all! We look forward to seeing you at the show!

(Show Invitations will follow)

Maven Haus invites you to Envision the possibilities with our first ever photo competition. We look forward to dipping into the realms of your creativity.

How Do I Enter?

Simply submit a notecard no later than October 15, 2010, and name it MH (10.09 Envision)- . In the notecard, please copy & paste the following and complete.

Model Name:

SL Age:

Photographer of Head Shot:
Photographer of Full Length:

Your Resume:

Maven Haus Mainstore LM

The top 10 will present their looks on a captivating fall runway October 30, 2010 at 2pm SLT. Finalists will be given show details as they are selected.


1. You must wear a current Maven Haus Collection Garment in your photos.

2. Invoking expression is required. Tell us your version of the story with our garments, bring forward an alluring masterpiece, full of surprised, delicate details, and inventive composition.

3. Artistic direction in your photograph counts. We are looking at the full image that you are presenting, not just the way you wear and style our garments.

4. Maven Haus reserves the right to use all submissions in future contests, ad campaigns, and other marketing ways. Please consult your photographer and let them know.

5. Each contestant will be assigned a number for judging purposes. This is not a who you are contest, it is a creativity contest.

6. Only one contestant per photo. Group photos will not be accepted.

Do I get prizes for this?

1. The grand prize winner will receive 2 garments of their choice from the Maven Haus Collection.

2. They will also receive a cash prize of 1,000L$.

3. In addition, they will be featured in an upcoming Maven Haus vendor spot.

We look forward to seeing what you create. Good luck to everyone!

FASHION & MUSIC: Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts” Starring RicoRacer Flux

MODEL: RicoRacer Flux


FASHION: Tight skinny blue jeans by DreamBox. Skin by Belleza. Hair by Uncle Web.

MUSIC: Jar of Hearts

ARTIST: Christina Perri




No, I can’t take one more step towards you,
Cause all that’s waiting is regret.
And don’t you know I’m not your ghost anymore…
You lost the love I loved the most.

I learned to live half alive
And now you want me one more time.

And who do you think you are
Running around leaving scars?
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart.
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul…
So don’t come back for me
Who do you think you are?

I hear your asking all around
If I am anywhere to be found,
But I have grown too strong
To ever fall back in your arms.

I learned to live half alive
And now you want me one more time.

And who do you think you are
Running around leaving scars?
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart.
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul…
So don’t come back for me.
Who do you think you are?

And it took so long just to feel alright…
Remember how to put back the light in my eyes…
I wish I would have missed the first time that we kissed,
Cause you broke all your promises…
And now your back
You don’t get to get me back!

And who do you think you are
Running around leaving scars?
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart…
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul…
Don’t come back for me.
Don’t come back at all!

And who do you think you are
Running around leaving scars?
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart…
You’re gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul…
Don’t come back for me.
Don’t come back at all!

Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?

Get HOT & STEAMY with us at CSLTM!

TAKE A  PEEK as Rico and I, along with Top Models Wicca Merlin & Dimitri Shinn, entice you into the sexy world of CSLTM – bringing you a “blush inducing” steamy summer fashion book featuring the wonderful designs of Angel Dessous and VitaMEN.

Enjoy Now…..

Confess Later.

Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

Now that you’ve seen all that…*passes you a pitcher of cool water to rehydrate and a towel*  lol

I’ve included limos to Angel Dessous and Vitamen.  Thank you Nando Korobase, Leandra Breen and Vitamen Hax.  Hope you like the pics.  😀

And thank you to Arisia Ashmoot of Body Talking for doing a custom pose for Rico for me.  *hugs*  : )

Limo to Angel Dessous

Limo to VitaMEN

Happy Shopping!

~ Jen


Update 8.12.10


September 22-26, 2010

Torches are lit in the spirit of the Olympics! The spirit of cooperation! The spirit of sharing knowledge, showcasing our businesses, growing both personally and professionally through sharing and helping others to do so!

See Updates on the convention website: http://imcsl.wordpress.com/schedule-of-events/

The latest information, tools, fashions and experts!

TOOLS! Model’s HUD’s, poses, makeup and more!
SHOES! How to get the color right!

Save the dates, you will not want to miss this exciting and informative event for everyone involved in the modeling and fashion world. Watch for us in BOSL Magazine!

For More Information on participation please contact:
Giselle Temple, CEO Premiere Modelling Agency
Convention Coordinator


CONVENTION SHOWS (more to come)



11:00 am CONVENTION KICKOFF & WELCOME – Giselle Temple
12:00 pm LADY THERA Fashion Show
1:00 pm Keynote Speaker: MIMMI BOA
2:00 pm SEMINAR: SHOES: Getting the Color Right: Dancer Dalligio
3:00 pm SEMINAR: Blogging: The Write Way to Give Fashion a Face: Sequoia Nightfire
4:00 pm POBA INDIA Fashion Show


12:00 pm EVANE Fashion Show
12:00 pm DEMONSTRATION: Perfect Pose Preparation: Arisia Ashmoot of BODY TALKING
2:00 pm DEMONSTRATION:: KATHERINE COMET – Vanity Tour Presentation
3:00 pm FORUM – Models Being Paid for Work: Sabine Blackburn & Others


11:00 am Fashion Show TBA
12:00 pm SEMINAR: Talyia Tarber : It’s Not Fashionable to be Laggy
1:00 pm FORUM: Content Theft and How To Identify Countefeit Items (othes may join)
4:00 pm Fashion Show TBA


1:00 pm SEMINAR: SUPERELITE – Amber Quinzet
2:00 pm SEMINAR: SETH Diabolito
3:00 pm SEMINR: Astrokris Messmer: “The Agency / Model Relationship”
4:00 pm ORAGE Fashion Show


11:00 am iC MOTIONS FASHION AGENCY Fashion Show
12:00 pm SEMINAR: Superelite’s Own Lorelei Maggs
1:00 pm DO’S & DON’Ts of SCRIPT WRITING – Blackbarbie Bravin
2:00 pm FORUM: Evaluating SL Viewers for Modeling (others may join)
3:00 pm SHAPE SHIFTING with blackLiquid Tokyoska
4:00 pm PURPLEMOON Fashion Show

A sampling of convention blogs:


A Model’s Promotion Tool

Looking for a new venue to market yourself as a model?  Well, I stumbled another great way to do this.

Now, I went to IM Diconay Boa and I saw on her profile a link for her modeling portfolio.  Not being able to resist checking it out, I was excited what I saw.  Needless to say I still haven’t gotten around to IM her yet.  LOL

The website is Wix, a website design host that allows you to create personal pages with your own flair and finesse.  It’s very easy to use and has so many features that assures no one will have the same page as you.

First, you start with a list of standard layouts to choose from.  Once selected, you can choose to import your own pictures for your background and add text, buttons (to link to additional pages you created), animated pictures to add eye candy, and even music and videos.

This is such an intuitive way to personalize you on the web.  Oh, one more thing that’s great about this, you can add tags to your website page to give you even more search capabilities when someone is browsing the Internet.  Wow!  😀

Check out my page here and see what I created in a short time.  I haven’t posted Diconay Boa’s to show you hers as I haven’t received approval to do so.  But check out her inworld profile and grab her link.

I had so much fun with this, I’m sure you will too.  Once you have created yours, please come back and post your link so we can see yours.

Happy website creating.  : )

~ Jen

Tres Beau ~ New Line Part 2

Well, I have a few words to say.  In honor to Kimmera Madison, CEO, and Nave Fall, COO, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TRES BEAU!!!!  I did say in BOSL chat a couple of days ago, but wanted to say again in conjunction with my massive posting which I’ve been a bit late for you.

On that note, Sorry  >.<  Turns out some pics needed extra attention and I’m still learning and my time estimating isnt up there yet.  So enough of me yapping and let’s get down to business, what you’ve been waiting to see.

This first outfit is called Sail.  A perfect outfit for those hot days, out on the water, sipping a chilled glass of champage on a yacht, or lunching with friends at the marina or local restaurant.

Now the whole outfit is in a white, blue and red theme.  Now these are standard colors for a typical outfit, but, what makes this outfit different are the details.

Going from head to toe, the hat (in blue and white with a red bow) is a perfect shader for your face and head.  The woven straw material allows the cool breeze flow though the holes chilling you more on those hot summer days in the sun.

The top, a wrap around , provides a sultry view of your cleavage and is adorned with frills at the bottom and a beautiful red bow, giving it a soft look to the horizontal stripes.

The accompaning white pants light and airy, providing a cool way for your lower half to take care in the hot sun.  The pants are are loose with wide leg cuffs and tied at the front in a criss-cross style design with white string.

From ship to shore, this outfit is classy, sexy and innocent all rolled into one.

This next outfit is called Buckwheat.  A casual, down-to-earth dress in a beautiful teal color.  This dress has multiple layers adding flow and rhythm when you walk or dance, or even when the wind blows across the field.  The top part of the dress has frills in the same main teal color and the arms have matching bands of frill to bring the line of sight straight across from one side to the other.  This draws the eyes to see all sides of you, not just at the main dress.  Because of this, this make the person looking at you wonder what else is on the dress and focuses on all of you to see if there’s more.  And there is.

From the waist down, the skirt is created with perfectly placed, multiple horizontal fabric layers that when in motion, create a wave-like effect.  Kinda almost hypnotic.  And to break the teal color, there is a stunningly detailed, soft brown leather corset that has teal colored flowers and three silver buckles.  A nice way to add a feminine touch but also to show off your sexy waist.

If you need a dress, one that is casual, sexy and feminine for those long walks through fields of tall flowers, or one for a get together in a backyard party, this is a definite must.

Now, this next outfit is casual in a classy way.  You look and feel sophisticated walking down the street while shopping or going to a luncheon with friends or business partners.

The top is sleeveless with a long open black collar.  To offset the stark black, silk fabric in colors of white, silver, gold and black dance in a metallic design reminiscent of asian motives.  At the bottom, layers of long frills hug the waist in the same silk fabric and end with a band of black.  This way of placing the black and silk fabrics almost give a start and end, like a story.

Also included in this outfit are plain black pants that not only add a sense of power and a focus for the top, but they are also loose allowing for a sense of freedom when you walk.  Also, a matching black hat is included that finishes this outfit in style.

I consider this outfit a perfect match for a shopping/dinner date with the girls, or a semi-formal business meeting.

Now a trip through your inventory and you can possibly say that this is one dress style you don’t have.

A blend sex appeal, elegance and haute couture, this dress has it all.  The fabric, a stunning red silk with silver and gold designs of crown-like motive gives this dress the ability to make you stand out from the crowd.  When you wear this dress, you are saying that yes, you are sexy, yes, you are elegant, and yes, you are confident.

The form fitting style is started off with a halter style top, held up by a neck collar that is secured by a black knotted asian button and loop.

The middle showcases ruffles along the sides of the hips and runs back to the deirier, this not only provides a line of sight of you straight down the center, but it also gives focus on your curves – both on your hips and backside.

At the bottom, the high leg slits on both sides gives a view of your sexy legs, a treat for the eyes, and a way to get either attention from the crowd or your loved one, who may in fact want you to wear this only for them.  lool

Needing a number that says you want it all, a dress that says you are classy, graceful and sexy all in one?  Well, I’ve provided a limo below for you to see for yourself how beautiful this dress is.

Now I’m going away from my usual color shots to show the next outfit called Geo in black and white.

I did this to show just how amazing this dress is.  It’s not everyday you can take a dress in black and white and actually have it stand out.

With the hug fitting form, carefully adorned with gems of crystals and onyx in horizontal stripes, this mini dress is a great addition to your classy party section of your wardrobe.  The mini dress alone is great for clubbing or those fancy parties, but if you want to add that extra kick to it Kimmera has leveled it up.  By adding the shoulder frills, something so creative and unique, it sets up apart from everyone else and speaks volumes of your personality, fashion and style.  And what I also like about it is that it is not so short that you almost see your underwear.  You still get a great amount of thigh view but enough is hidden to keep the onlookers coming back for more.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven’t already been to Tres Beau, then hurry, Kimmera has a limited edition dress that is helping RFL.  It’s coming down tomorrow, so Move It!!!  lool  (and yes, I already got mine).

Limo to Tres Beau Main Store

Happy Shopping : )

~ Jen

The Orient – Tres Beau ‘Asia’

After a hectic two weeks in both RL and SL I was delighted to hear that Kimmera Madison came out with lots of new releases.  Now I am a week behind so instead of posting two or three pics in one shot, I will tease you with this one shot and then post a massive one soon. : P

The latest new release is an Asian inspired two piece with bright colors and sexy details.  Although a trip to the Orient may not be in the cards for you, or me at this time, this outfit surely takes you there (as much as possible).

The lively and cheery pink color of this ensemble, contrasted by the multi-colored detailing in the design, brings out that happy summer feeling.  My first thoughts of this outfit were of Oriental Cherry Blossoms and its petals floating in a fresh breeze across a meadow.

The halter-style top is adorned with a black button applique on the neck high collar, giving a sophisticated look, while exposing your sexy shoulders.  The bottom of the top is cropped baring your stomach and surrounded by flirtty loose frills, which adds a softness to the companion collar and a heightened sex appeal.

The pants are extra hot.  The left leg is opened from the waist down to the ankle and held together by six of the same button appliques as the collar.  This gives a peek-a-boo effect to the skin underneath and shows off the sexy legs you have.  Also, on both sides of the hips, a fan-like motif is adorned in the same fabric, accentuating your curvy sides.  Both the open leg and fans provide an eye catching teaser to those watching as you walk by or sitting down with your legs crossed as you sip on your Merlot.

This outfit is great for those summertime parties, a day out with friends or events where you want to be unique and noticed.

I have included a limo link below to take you down in style to visit the Tres Beau mainstore.

Limo to Tres Beau Main Store

Happy Shopping.  : )

~ Jen

CSLTM Model Call ~ Summer 2010

Good morning.   Well, it’s morning for me.  Tuesday at 1:58 am and I just finished the pictures.  Now I know I’m late, and I apologize.  For one, I found out that the Cool Viewer sucks for taking pictures.  So, ya, I’m not doing that again.   And on that note, it took me so long to finish because I had to rebuild the pictures. *passes out*

Now, my friend Ethan Haalan wanted to come by and watch.   Little did I know that he was secretly doing a video while we worked. So to all the models, congrats you are also in our first ever commercial!  😀  There are two versions which you can see here:

1. CSLTM Summer 2010 Commercial (30 second version)
2. CSLTM Summer 2010 Commercial (2 minute version)

And now, without further adieu, here are the wonderfully talented models for CSLTM Summer 2010 showing off their styling talents.   And as part of this, a styling card is included so you can run and grab all the great designs showcased.

A special thank you to all designers and creators of Second Life.  With out you we would be naked and living on beach. Ummmm….nevermind (Jen Tafler shuts her mouth).

Mimmi Boa:

Bikini: Jacinta pink by Nicky Ree
Hat and tulle transparent dress: Maratea by Bianca Foulon
Jewels: Arturo set by Donna Flora necklace + earrings
Prim Nails: CCD long pink
Hair: JF April in white beach blonde
Shoes: City wedge by Kookie

HoneyBear Lilliehook:

Hair – W&Y 137
Suit – Water Babies – Shades Bikini (Aqua)
Beach Bag – INDI Beach Bag (Rose)
Feet – SLink Sheila Thongs Turquoise Flowers
Anklets – SLink Jolie Pied Anklets Leather and Stone

Veronica Krasner:

Hair: W&Y HAIR New 9 (hat tinted to pink) – Waka&Yuki
Skin: Elle BR Fair – Belleza
Eyes: EyeReal DeepBlue – *YourSkin & YourShape*
Bathing suit: Belinda Swimwear – Jador Fashion
Flip Flops: Ladies “Shoes” Flip Flop (tinted to pink) – Water Babies
Bracelet: TAKARA Bangle/metal white – [MANDALA]
Earrings: AMIDA earring/white – [MANDALA]
Necklace: Amida necklace/yuki white/Female – [MANDALA]
Tattoo layer: *FACE TATTOO**EVERYDAY 015 – Tattanooga
Lashes: Thorn Lashes – [Detour]

Leah Portland:

Hair-Eclat 02 by Lelutka -blonde/fair
Bikini-Ariel by Luxus – White
Cover-up – Corsica by sf design- mauve
shoes – flip flops by Taboo-featuring colour change hud
beach bag- St. Tropez by Jador
Sunglasses – RG1 by Dela- Pearl blue
Bangle – Pearl rain bangle by Mandala-purple

Maddox Kaestner:

Shorts – B-side Couture – Bloom Couture Shorts
Flip Flops – Elle et Lui – Flip Flop Relax – Contreverse
Sunglasses – [Gos] – Custom Eyewear v3.0 – Razor
Necklace – Silvery K *Hawaiian Necklace for Men
Bracelet – M.R.M. Factory – Surf Bracelet *White Shell*
Hair – Uncle Web – Daniel – Meteoric Storm
Earrings – Pierced Soul – Bar Bell Earrings
Tattoo – [HUZ] – Tribal Simplicity

AlexanderVyper Avedon:

Hair – .::MADesigns Hair::. ~ AKAMI ~ NB III
Sunglasses – [Gos] – Custom Sunglasses v3.2 – AVIATOR
Earring – JCNY – ICONOCLAST, Classic Diamond Stud Earring
Necklace – NC Jewelry Designs – Shark Necklace
Shorts – Action Mens Bloom Swim Shorts – Sting
Sandals – Kalnins Sandals – Earthshine

Suga Leakey:

Skin – LAQ – Martina peach glow skin
Shape – NOON – Alexia
Eyes – Beauty Avatar Diamantie Eyes 17
Eyelashes – Chaisuki – lashes07
Hair – Tukinowaguma OTOHA – Gold
Bikini – Rock Me Amadeus – Summer Bikini
Sarong – BOOM – Summer Sarong – Red
Bag – ibizarre Beach Bag
Glasses – VANNESSA FRANCE – New Chanel Sunglasses
Jewellery – UZURI – Nahla Necklace and Braclets
Shoes – Purple Rose – PRJ Red Summer Shoes with Prim Toes

Darling Tomorrow:

Hair by Magika – Ribbonetta dark auburn
Skin by Redgrave moon/natural
Dress by “daru” shiroko red
Heels by B&G Julia Marron
Bangles & Nails by Mandala Takara Bronze
Necklace by ZC: Parnini *amber
Earrings by !SyDS! Gold Flowers

Diconay Boa:
Hair – MrS – Languid – Assymetric Haircur . Black
Trousers – Ce Cubic Effect – Flare Trousers / Grey
Fur Gilet – (Madsy) Fur Gilet – black (size L)
Shirt – Part of a Gown – [LeL.Ultra]-SUNDAY/redBLACKwhite
Underpants – Part of a gown – [LeL.Ultra]-SUNDAY/redBLACKwhite
Gloves – part of an outfit from DIRAM – NOA Attire Red
Bangles – [PACADI] – Efate Bangles
Earings – not showing – JCNY – Ultra Classic, Diamond Studs, ICONOCLAST Collection
Nails – CCD Short Red Diva Nails
Shoes – Lelutka Saffron Pumps in Electric Red

Jenie Jennings:

Outfit – Zaara Mrinali Bights Blossom
Jewelry – R.A.Crystal Noel Pink Diamond Set
Nails – Candy Nail Hana Pink
Hair – W&Y New 92
Shoes – B&G Woman Shoe Julia Fucsia

Rissa Friller:

Hat- [Lelutka] AUDREY Hat (black)
Top – [SC] Surf Couture Hermana Tank (white)
Skirt -[SC[ Surf Couture Summer of Stripes (black)
Shoes – #OC# Melanie in Satin Silver
Sunglasses – ARMELLE Diva Sunglasses
Necklace – {*Aglaia*} Haute Couture Cream Pearl Necklace
Earrings – YS&YS Pearl Earrings in Night
Bangles – YS&YS Bangle Gold/Black
Bag – [Lelutka] Ruiz Bag in Eggshell blue w/ cream scarf
Skin – LARA (Lucy)
Nails – Belleza (Roco Kit) Passion 4

Arisia Ashmoot:

Jewelery – Zaara
Dress – LeLutka
Hair – Truth
Shoes – LeLutka
Nails – lovesoul

Amber Quinzet:

Hair – Truth
Jewellery – Zaara
Top – Mimikri
Trousers – Pheonix Rising
Shoes – Stiletto Moody
Belt – *UM*
Handbag – designer lv

Thank you again to everyone who submitted their pictures and styling cards showing how wonderful you all are in styling. I wish I could have picked you all but know that I will hold another one and hope you will join us again.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day/afternoon/evening. And for now, I am signing off and passing out. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Filmed on location at Costa Rica Sims. For more information please visit here ~ Limo to Costa Rica Welcome Center

Happy Shopping

~ Jen : )


For a long time now, Rico and I have agonized over CSLTM’s first designer spotlight. Who should it be? Who do you love? There are so many premier designers out there that we could have chosen and it was a painful task to come up with our first one. In the end, we’ve selected one of our favorite people, someone who is about to experience her brand’s 6th anniversary in SL. Someone who has been consistently, and unrelentingly, supportive of SL’s modeling community. Someone generous to a fault and unquestionably one of the best high-end designers out there.

Tres Beau’s Owner/Designer Kimmera Madison.

Kim has been interviewed, chronicled, blogged and dissected, time and time again and CSLTM is nothing if not unique in our approach. We wanted to avoid the same ol’ same ol’ questions and take Kimmera somewhere she rarely goes in a interview like this. To the edge…

We could have asked “safe” questions like these:

Where do you get your design inspirations from?

What are the essential elements for success in SL’s fashion industry?

Who are your favorite RL/SL designers?

What drew you into SL in the first place?

What advice would you give to someone starting a fashion business in SL?

What is your graphics design background?

What photo/3D software and hardware tools do you use to create with these days?

You’re created over 400 designs in SL to date which are your favorites?

What are your plans for tres Beau’s future?

But questions like those would be too mundane for us at CSLTM and for our most important people, you.

We wanted Kimmera to spill, to dish, to be unabashedly honest with us. Like it was just the girls having a chat. So Rico and I thought long and hard about this and our candid questions and her startling answers are detailed below.

JT: We know you work, work, work at this since it’s your RL job.  We heard you recently agreed to design 3 Mr Virtual World Contestant’s, (Specifically: Mr. Canada, (More Ying), Mr. Brazil (Maddox Kaestner) and Mr.Italy (Marcus Night)) National Costumes. Tell us about those designs, how you turned around 3 costumes in such a short timeframe (almost overnight?) and how it was working with these 3 talented models? Which outfit was the most fun???

KM: LOL, well, it wasn’t exactly overnight, they gave me a week! And it was great fun!  I love creating clothing, I have had my hand at Medieval, Pirates, Victorian, Mardi Gras, Costume Balls as well as my Bridal and High Fashion.  I love it all!   It’s fun to research a look and come up with a concept then have to figure out how to execute it. Which was my favorite to make?  They were all fun to make, though the Mountie with the beer bottle belt was kind of a kick..and making Maddox go half naked was fun as well!  All three guys were a dream to work with, they had some definite input to what look they wanted…well..all except Maddox  HAH!   But like true guys they all had their say and then let me go nuts with my own concepts, gotta love it!

JT: You were selected from all the women’s formal wear designers in SL by Mimmi Boa to design the final outfit she wore as Miss Virtual World 2009.   Tell us what set you apart in the selection process and how it was to work with such an amazing Supermodel.

KM: Why? Because of my amazing charm and personality?  Ok ok, I lied…actually it was Frolic Mills who asked me, then made me change things on it 3 times when I finally told him to bugger off and asked Mimmi her opinion, we over ruled Frolic and made him cry  LOL Why was I chosen? Frolic had a vision and knew it was my style and that he and I could work well together on its creation, smiles.  Just this week I was asked to make Miaa Rebanes final Miss Virtual World gown, I am again, deeply honored.

JT: We heard you have a fierce attitude when it comes to dealing with diva models and show directors. Is that true Dish… Spew… Tell us what you look for in a model or agency and what you don’t stand for.

KM: A Professional never admits to their dislikes, they just graciously move away, smiles sweetly.  Fierce Attitude, hmm, when I hire an agency or a model I simply expect to receive their best efforts in providing the service they sold to me. If they do not follow through, I won’t use them again, enough said.

JT: Tres Beau’s notorious COO Nave Fall has been out-spoken about Paid vs Free Fashion shows and Model’s rights in SL.  As models ourselves, Rico and I are advocates.  Where do you stand on this spikey issue?

KM: I stand firmly behind it, I have always paid the models that have done work for me whether it was through the fee I paid to the agency (which I always follow up on to make sure that the models were paid from that fee) or though a tip given after the show.  Models put alot of time, effort and passion into what they do, they deserve to be compensated for it.

JT: At the recent RFL Clothing Fair, a gown of yours was on the poster and was the top selling creation at the event.  What inspired such a beautiful piece of art?  How many times did that sell and how much did it raise to support such a wonderful cause?

KM: That dress was inspired by the RFL Clothing Fair Poster.  LOL  I saw it, IM’d Nevar and asked if it was made yet, he said no, so I made it.  It sold like crazy! The dress is sold for 1000 Lindens with all proceeds going to RFL. At the end of the two week long Clothing Fair, I had sold 130+ and have sold many many more since in my shop. I am thrilled that the dress was a success and has raised funds for an organization that is helping find a cure for an ugly disease that has touched so many of us.

JT: Tres Beau is frequently copied/knocked off.  Care to comment on the “semi-legitimate” copies???  Tres Beau was involved in a recent copybotting scandal after you found your designs being sold by Edika Hax of Allegra Versace.  That led to with many other famous SL designers creations being discovered subsequently.  I heard that he banned many top designers from entering his sim not long after being discovered.  What happened and how did you catch him?  Did he really admit it?

KM: We caught him somewhat by accident..call it fate. Did he deny it, hell yes he did, outright lied about it.  Has action been taken, yes, has there been results of that action?  YES!  We are pleased to see that not only is he no longer found in game but his sim is gone as well…will he come back, probably, but he got an expensive slap for his abuse of others work.  If you find or are given something that is a stolen creation, please do not support those actions and PLEASE Report that person(s).  Creators of all types work hard at what they do, show them the respect they deserve!  SL is a platform created by its users, everything you wear, see and experience was created by someone who gave their heart to it’s creation.  Please don’t let thieves and scammers destroy that.

JT: You’ve done many shows, fairs, and charity benefits this year.  To help those that plan on attending such events please tell us what do you liked and disliked, and what went right or wrong?  How do you decide what to support to balance RL and SL?

KM: What do I like?  I like events put on by people with an honorable vision, who put they’re all behind it to ensure that it goes well and has an outcome that benefits those involved.  If it’s a charity, I look for the ones that are legitimate and support a RL organization and prove that the proceeds will indeed go to those organizations.  I have been involved in some amazing events, The RFL Clothing Faire, The Haiti Tent Project to name just two.  I applaud the efforts and the care that went into them!  The few that went wrong were basically due to the lack of effort put towards the project and sadly a few were scams.

JT: After 6 years in SL, where is Tres Beau headed now and what do you like most about your SL job these days?

KM: I daily look for ways to improve, it’s my personal challenge.  Where is Tres Beau headed?  Well, we’ve made it 6 years and there’s many more to come!  I am excited to hear that Mesh will be introduced and look forward to playing with it and being blown away by what others do with it.  What I like most is the people I meet, the joy of creation and tormenting Nave Fall on a daily basis!  My dream for Tres Beau is to make people smile.


BLOG: Tres Beau WordPress Blog

LM:  Limo to Tres Beau Mainstore on Lace Sim

A special ‘Thank You’ to Kimmera Madison and Nave Fall for their time and accepting to be our first Designer Spotlight interview.

And to all our special CSLTM fans, a BIG ‘Thank you’. Without you we wouldn’t be here and we do appreciate you. If you have any comments or requests, please let us know. We are here for you.

~ Jen : )

JOLEP TRENDY presents The Trendy Model Gown Swap

Do you ever wonder how your inventory got so out of control?  Does it seem like there is no hope?  Ready to just trash it all?

STOP! We have a solution.  JOLEP TRENDY presents The Trendy Model Gown Swap.  What is a better way than to swap  with others. This will benefit newer models also by giving them the chance to pick up some new gowns.

All we need you to do is box up the gown and take a photo of it and put it on the box (so we can see what we are swapping). Make sure the items are transfer.  Please NO FREEBIE GOWNS…  Please also try to keep it between 5-7 boxes.

We will also be doing random L giveaways of 100L every 15 minutes So what could be better than free money, free gowns and dancing? =) So come prepared for a day of fun!


Date: June 12 Saturday

Time:12 pm SLT-2 pm  SLT


LM To Model Gown Swap

Premier Modeling Casting Announcement




June 5 @ 2 PM SLT

Premiere Modelling Agency is pleased to invite you to participate in a casting for ALLURE INTERNATIONAL, a multiple designer fashion show at the International Fashion Fair.

The theme is international and this will be a multiple designer show. The runway will be over 2 sims to help address lag.

For the casting please style something form fitting, any style. Please use 3 poses on front of runway for the casting.

Male and Female models needed.

PLEASE! Be respectful of the designers, your agency and your colleagues by first checking your RL and SL calendars to be sure you can make all of the following dates and times.

Monday May 31 @ 2 PM SLT ~ CASTING CALL

Tuesday June 1 @2 PM SLT ~ REHERSAL

Wednesday June 2 @2 PM SLT ~REHERSAL

Friday June 4 @ 2 PM slt FULL DRESS REHERSAL

Saturday June 5 @ 2 PM SLT ~ SHOW TIME! ( arrive backstage @ 1 PM SLT)

VPC is required for this show but not required for the casting.

See you at the Casting!

Giselle Temple, CEO

Premiere Modelling

* Premiere Modelling was established 2008 and maintains a policy of paying its models.

LM To Backstage @ Premier Modelling Agency

Tres Beau ~ Triple Hit (Part 2)

With all designers, whether you are creating jewelry, clothing or architectural structures – like furniture or buildings, the fine details is what brings the whole outlook together.  This is of the utmost importance for the customer because a well designed piece is just like art.  It enhances you or your room and adds a sense of feeling, or it should.  Let’s face it, if you aren’t happy with it you won’t want to buy, wear or show it.

Kimmera Madison is one such designer that strives for high quality and detail.  She takes her time and makes sure every piece is just right.  Unless she has that feeling, that feeling of pride and accomplishment and would wear it herself, she won’t showcase it in her store.

This first cocktail dress is called Solange, aptly named after Solange Benoir, President of Pulse Point Marketing, LLC.  The richness of the mocha color combined with detailed shadows along the creases and edges gives this a beautiful 3D effect.

The top and waist comes with silky fan-like attachments that add a flair and eye-pleasing visual, emphasizing the neck, shoulders and waist.  All the places that a woman finds pleasing to be touched by her special someone.  For an additional feminine touch, a darker mocha rose is placed in between the top and waist fans.   The bubble skirt, in the same lovely mocha color, is fun and flirty and has darker low lights at the bottom which makes the color stand out.

This cocktail is perfect for those semi-formal parties, weddings and grand openings.

This is one of the latest gowns from Tres Beau called Jori.  The bold silver on soft silk calls out elegance and grace.

The top is adorned with a V-Shape neckline trimmed with delicate lace that goes from the front, along the shoulders and down the back.  This gives the silk a jewelled-like accessory.  The top is like a corset, adorned with lace and hugs the upper and lower torso with ripped silk that is met with a beautiful lace applique. The skirt is also accentuated at the front with a piece of layered silk that is laid horizontally in waves, adding a free flowing feel.  There are also matching silver gloves.

Not to forget about decorating your beautiful up-do.  Kimmera has designed a matching silver rose that fits perfectly with any hair up-do.  This rose completes the outfit, making the whole picture come together from head to toe.  As well, this rose looks great on either side of your hair.

This gown is a must have for any wardrobe for elegant high-class occasions.

This last outfit I’m showing you today is called Phe.  A hot lingerie piece that brings about thoughts of passion, sexiness and temptation.  Temptation because anyone you wear this for will most certainly not be able to keep their hands off of you.

The bodice is decorated with multiple layers of criss-crossing black silk ribbons over almost see through black fabric, giving form your upper and lower curves.   With it, an optional shoulder wrap providing sensual eye candy for your sexy shoulders.  The skirt is made of the same see through black fabric with additional highlights of gold in the middle and a black lace design at the bottom.  This gives the skirt multiple areas to which you loved one can use to admire your hips and legs.

When you want to give that special someone a present, something so beautiful and confident, one that no one else can give – and I mean you – this is most definitely the outfit you should wear.  Hands down.

I have included a limo below for you to check out these and the other wonderful Tres Beau lines.

Limo to Tres Beau Main Store

Thank you for reading and happy shopping.

~ Jen  : )

Black & Blue Fair ~ Coming Soon

B L A C K      &      B L U E      F A I R
Fashion for Mental Health Awareness

June 4th – July 3rd a selection of your favourite designers will be presenting us with brand new items at the Black and Blue Fair… these items will be available at the fair and no where else (at least til its over)… Clothing, skins, hair, poses, accessories and more… we’ve got you covered.

The location remains undisclosed for now, but join our update group and we will keep you up to date with the latest information as it breaks.

The purpose of this fair is two-fold… firstly, FASHION. Who doesn’t love a good fashion event? Brand new items, some at discount rates, all in one glorious place?  Lovely.  Secondly though, there will be information about all sorts of mental health issues and illnesses throughout the venue.  Mostly these will be visual aids around the precious couture so that people don’t have to read huge chunks of text.  The main purpose of the fair is to de-stigmatise mental health issues… a lot of people in Second Life have unhappy “real lives”… for whatever reason. Some of us are unwell, disabled, depressed and other people are just lonely or don’t like who they think they are.. But no one is alone, and in SL we can be ourselves. So don’t let it beat you black and blue… Couture can help!

Stores signed up as of this moment: III, Magika, Alexohol, *BOOM*, Sassy Kitty Designs, Schismphrenic, *League*, Cobrahive, Mehndi, House of Ruin, :::LiNe:::, Mariposa, KIM Bodysuits, Adam N Eve, Pea-In-A-Pod, Goth1c0, *Dreams*, Cynful, Nushru, [insignia], [skream!], Baffle!, Mynerva, *filthy glitter*, KAPANGA, Intrigue Co., Tribal Soul Designs, Secrets Hair, iPoke Piercings, PARADISIS, Touche’, Jazymn D, Hello Dave, Flavor! Designs, Mango, Mango!, *Dilly Dolls*, Fusion, GLITTERATI, GL Designs, Sinful Pleasures, Insatiable Fashions, SIGMA Jewels, MF Princess, T Junction, Dahlinks, /me Poses, .:LeeL:., [doll.], Shabby Cat, Twisted and Spoiled, .:::GARAGE:::., Acid & Mala Creations, .:Shush:., BLACKLACE, Orange Creations, estetica, *LP* design, {Little Pricks}, Heart and Sole, Ducknipple, CoLLisions, LOULOU&CO, MIAMAI, Awesome Blossom, Indie Rose, nina. CStar Skins, MStyle, PIDIDDLE, Baubles Boho Jewelery, Para Designs, Vita’s Boudoir, VIRUS COLLECTION, *G Field*, Lil’lace, Vivaposes and V3 Tattoos

Model Spotlight ~ Dancer Dallagio

I am pleased to present the next Confessions of an SL Top Model Spotlight ~ Dancer Dallagio.

We all know this wonderful women. Not only is she Stilleto Moody’s right hand woman at Stiletto Moody Shoes, but she is a talented model to boot. Her grace, charm and wit livens up a room. Dancer has always been someone I look up to and I am honored to have worked with her. I still talk about the great times even now.

So, please, join me in welcoming Dancer Dallagio as our Model Spotlight. 🙂

JT. Please tell us about yourself and how you ventured into the modelling industry.

DD. First, let me say how very honoured I am to be asked to do this interview! My first venture into runway modeling was doing a show for Eshi Otawara on the Paisley Beebe show. Prior to that I had done some print work for Stiletto Moody and Baiastice/BehaviorBody. I also did some RFL and Maseno charity runway shows about the same time, and had been a fashion show stylist since 2008. I entered the Miss Virtual World 2010 competition, and had a crash course in modeling :). This led to more runway shows, more print work, and invitations to Model Agencies. Now, I’ve got a lot of experience with all facets of modeling, from being featured on the cover of Runway Magazine, being featured in several issues of BOSL Magazine, Too Sexy Magazine, vendor ads, magazine adverts, and many many runway shows. I take my work quite seriously, but I also love to have fun with the great people that I have the pleasure of working with.

JT. Please tell us about some of your accomplishments within the modelling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modelling career.

DD. From being voted a Top Ten Finalist in MVW 2010, named one of the Ten Most Elegant Women in Second Life, to being featured in vendor and store magazine advertisements in most major publications in SL, having clothes and jewelry made especially for me by fantastic designers, being photographed by some of the best photographers, working with many of the best models and agency staff/heads, I’m still growing within the industry, and I think every single moment is a defining one. I love showcasing the work of the amazing talents we are fortunate to have here in SL, and the creativity of the sets and choreography are just fantastic. I’m also now teaching modeling, which is so wonderful to share what I have learned with others. I’m still learning every day and loving it!

JT. You have certainly established yourself well within the modelling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model. Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

DD. I think the main thing to have is a good sense of style; if you have this, you can learn the rest. Most facets of modeling can be taught, but a sense of style is like a sense of rhythm or music to a dancer–you really need these to be successful. You also need patience, humility, a certain grace, and the willingness to learn and grow. My best advice for aspiring models is to define your unique look whilst remaining true to yourself. We are all people behind our barbies and there are great friendships and knowledge to be had by remembering this.

JT. What do you like and dislike about modelling?

DD. I really love being able to use my fashion eye to showcase a designer’s creation in the best way that i can; to me, it’s all about making that design look well and promoting sales for the creator. The excitement of being on a stage is pretty terrific, too, just as it is for a ballet performance. Each show has great energy. I also really love being in promotional adverts and photos to represent a given design–this is so fantastic to think that the designer trusts me not just to take a design down a runway, but also to sell the actual product. 🙂 I suppose the only thing i dislike would be a lack of professionalism, but I’ve been very lucky in this so far.

JT. Finally, please tell us what motivates you to be a model. Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

DD. My motivation is from a love of fashion and performance. I once was pulled aside by a designer who thanked me for really showcasing her design instead of myself, and I was so thrilled. Whilst I’m definitely “me” with my own unique style, I’m primarily there to be whatever look the designer wants and will make their design look fantastic. I am inspired by so many, from RL designs to SL designs, classical dancers, and models. In SL: Kay Fairey, Mui Mukerji, Blackbarbie Bravin, Barbarella Fuosing, Mimmi Boa, Miaa Rebane, Sora Tatham, Agtaope Carter, Natasja Schumann, Mavi Beck, Sabine Blackburn, all of the MVW contestants, Linnda Scofield, Payton Heron, Wicca Merlin, all of the models from Agata Agency, Avenue, BLVD, BeStyle, EIMA, Evane, ModelX, Premiere, Modavia, Opium; pretty much everyone! If I listed all of the names, I would fill up pages and pages…I learn from everyone and anyone, and love the bonds that form from being together in shows.

JT. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

DD. I’ve been working in fashion and perfomance most of my life, and I am so thrilled to be continuing that in SL. I adore creativity, and this is a fantastic niche to be a part of. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me come this far and who will help me continue to grow.

Thank you Dancer for allowing us to spotlight you.  We wish you all the best on your future endeavors in SL as well as RL.

Don’t forget to comment on Dancer Dallagio’s spotlight!  Your feedback is always valued.  🙂

Sole Accessory ~ Making Heat Waves

Okay, now, let me say this on Shouko Kanto’s new jewelry line called, Sole EX, ………… OMG.  This line is simply put, HOT.  Like water on a fire, you will steam up the room and anyone wearing glasses when you walk into the room.

All the jewelry pieces come in 5 colors, red, blue, black, purple and yellow – matching any outfit you have in that inventory of yours.  I wore all the colors in my picture to show you what they look like.

The necklace has 3 leather pieces, each with multiple silver metal insets and a silver metal ring at each end, strung by a detailed chain.  The earrings are leather accented by diamonds, with the same metal rings at each end and is suspended by a chain and diamond head.  The larger bracelet perfectly fits your wrist with a metal buckle and has the same detail as the earrings, only accentuated more in size.  There is also a simple leather bracelet on the right hand with a metal buckle.

Now the rings.  Not only is there a main ring on the left hand, with a diamond head and leather band, but there is also a simple leather ring that goes with it.  For the right hand, you have multiple leather rings, with the same textured leather.  The best part, with each set of colored rings, you get matching nails with diamond bling.  In the set, there are multiple sizes to make sure everyone can wear them.  I love this!  : )

Finally, the belt.  This hot, waist hugging piece has matching leather texture accents, leather strap that fits in between silver metal loops.  To add another level to this belt, and bring another view, each belt has a detailed fabric inlay that brings together all the pieces together.

Now there is another necklace not shown in this picture, and yes, it is just as fabulous.  So, you’ll need to tp down (limo below) to her store and take a look.

LM To Sole Accessory Main Store

Happy shopping : )

~ Jen

Tres Beau ~ A Triple Hit (Part 1)

I was delighted after being gone for two weeks to hear that Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau was releasing new designs.  Yes, I am partial to her creations as she does a superb job.  So, without further adieu, I give you the first three of her new designs coming soon.

This gown is just beautiful.  The way it shimmers when the light hits it shows the great skill Kimmera put into this gown.  This is not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to applying sheer to a prim.

The top, made of the same material, blends perfectly with the gown prim making it seamless.  With the multi colors of champagne, bronze/brown and gold it’s like wearing a piece of art – well it is in fact.  Add to it a beautiful shawl and side drape with detailed orchid flowers in gold and champagne, makes you feel like you are walking in heaven.

This gown is perfect for those special occasions, parties and social gatherings where you will certainly be the centre of attention.  Just be sure to make time for your sweetie.  ; )

Now when I first saw this gown, I thought of richness, decedance and glamour.  Kinda like how movie star used to be in RL.  I also got a craving for both dark and milk chocolate, because, well, those beautful rich browns reminded me of that too.  (And yes, I did go to the store later and used needing a few groceries anyways to validate my craving for a chocolate bar :P)

Not only are the colors exquisite, but the smoothness of the fabric makes you (or at least me) want to really feel it.  Like it’s supposed to be soft and silky. But no, I didn’t reach out and try.  But that is just a testimate to Kimmera’s talent.  The flow, the draping of the fabric in the light brown gown and how the full cape in dark brown hugs around you.  It’s like wearing a piece of heaven.  And the brooch in the middle adds that panache and sparkle that draws your eyes to whomever is wearing this work of art.

When you wear this gown to an art opening, the opera or a gala event, you will be surely at the centre of attention.

Now, my last piece for this posting is the new hot pant outfit call Chek.  I am wearing the red version, but it also comes in Bronze.  And it’s hot too.

The checkered texture and blended low lights in the pants shape your body and shows off your hot little curves.  Adding to that, the piece de resistance, the jacket.  Now, if you want to step out on the scene and make a dramtic entrance, well, just look at this outfit.  Need I say more?  I wore this outfit out after taking this pic and I got so many compliments and people asking me where I got it.  I was sad to tell them it wasn’t out in store yet but it would be soon.

Now back to the jacket.  lol  The duo sleeves and high collar give a Tokyo high fashion look.  This definately makes you stand out as no one else has come up with this type of designing *crosses her fingers Kimmera comes out with more colors* ; )  This outfit is hot, sexy, stylish and perfect for those club openings, fashion shows and networking social gatherings.

I will be coming out soon with more, but hopefully this is just enough for now to wet your appetite.

Limo to Main Store

Happy Shopping

~ Jen  : )

FASHION & MUSIC: “Your Song” by Ewan McGregor Starring RicoRacer Flux

MODEL: RicoRacer Flux

Barney Roundel

FASHION: Styles of edo suits and tuxedos are simply one of the best in Second Life. It is appropriate for any occasion and can make a man look elegant and sophisticated. =) The skin is from Belezza which everyone knows that they make one of the best skins in Second Life. I love the hair from Uncle Web.
Tuxedo: Styles of edo
Skin: Belezza
Hair: Uncle Web

MUSIC: Your Song

ARTIST: Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge). Original from Elton John

INFO: This Blog Post is dedicated to my friend and SL sister: Jen Tafler. Big hugs to ya. =)



My gift is my song
And this one’s for you
And you can tell everybody
That this is your song
It maybe quite simple
But now that it’s done
Hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind
That I put down in words
How wonderful life is now you’re in the world

Sat on the roof
And I kicked off the moss
Well some of the verses well
They got me quite cross
But the sun’s been kind
While I wrote this song
It’s for people like you that
Keep it turned on

So excuse me for forgetting
But these things I do
You see I’ve forgotten
If they’re green or they’re blue
Anyway the thing is well I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen

[Allesandro- opera]

And you can tell everybody
This is your song
It may be quite simple
But now that it’s done
I hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words

How wonderful life is now you’re in the world
I hope you don’t mind
I hope you don’t mind that I put down in words
How wonderful life is now you’re in the world.

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RICORACER FLUX “The Journey”: I just submitted my biography and pictures for Mister Virtual World spotlight in BOSL Magazine May Issue and MVW blog. Skip Staheli did the pictures and they look awesome. I guess this is the first time the candidates will be seen in public and be judged. lol. I’ve met some really great guys in this competition. We have talked, shared ideas, showed each other our pictures. It is really awesome that even though we are competing for the title of MVW, we are friends and are having fun. I’m so honored to be named as a MVW finalist with these great group of talented men.

Tres Beau “Exotique”

Okay, I have one word….Wow, Wow, Wow  O.o

I loooove the new Exotique lingere from Kimmera Madison.  This outfit comes with many options, allowing you to mix and match.

For those cool nights, you can wear the bra, shoulder boa, gloves and hip skirt with the matching bow.  The bra wraps around highlighting your torso and sexy shoulders.  The matching skirt has a high cut and lets your left leg peak though showing the sexy stockings that have the same applique as the underwear.

On warm summer days, take off the hip skirt and bow and bare it all.  The underwear has a hot applique and see-through fabric.  This shows just enough skin to hint at what’s underneath and hugs your behind in all the right places.  A design sure to make wherever you are hot and steamy.

If you are looking for a sexy outfit for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, this is surely one to put a permanent smile on your or their face.

Thank you Kimmera, for designing outfits for us that show our confidence and sexiness.

Outfit ~ Exotique by Tres Beau
Hair ~ Resse in Bitter Chocolate by House of Heart
Skin ~ So Cute in Caramel 2 by Aimesi
Shoes ~ Verve in Black by Maitreya

LM to Tres Beau Designs and Weddings

Happy Shopping

~ Jen : )

CONFESSIONS Model Spotlight: Jen Tafler

I am so happy and proud to present to you our next Confessions Model Spotlight: Jen Tafler. She is a bright shining star in the SL Fashion Industry who possessed grace, beauty, and a witty sense of humor. She is hardworking, reliable and someone I’m honored to call friend and family. She is one of my mentors and someone I look up to and completely trust.

Let me introduce to you one fantastic model, Jen Tafler. I am honored and excited as well to WELCOME her as an editor to Confessions of an SL Top Model Blog. She will be an awesome addition and will add a feminine touch to the blog. =)

Q. Please tell us about yourself how you ventured into the modeling industry.

JT. After my first six months exploring SL I came across a runway show at Avenue.  I was so impressed by the models and loved the idea of expressing feeling through a designers creations.  I realized that was what I wanted to do in SL.  I attended many runway shows, became friends with many people in the industry and went shopping for everything I needed.  Once I  had that, I was ready to practice and train hard.  And I haven’t stopped since.

Q. Please tell us about some of your accomplishments within the modeling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modeling career.

JT. I recently won 1st Place in the GIA January 2010 Modeling Photo Contest and was one of the few female models to walk in Men’s Fashion Week organized by Siren Productions  Also, I was a 2nd Round Finalist in the SuperElite SuperSearch 2010 Contest, placed 2nd Place at the September 2009 Champagne Contest and selected as the January Model for the DMI 2010 Calendar.  I have also done photo shoots for many designers, most recent was with the talented Ranena Olivier of Ranena Olivier Couture.

Q. You have certainly established yourself well within the modeling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model.  Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

JT. To be a successful model you need perseverance, a strong will, determination to never give up on your dreams, and to keep yourself open to learning new things always.  Also, enjoy every minute of it.  I believe if you are not having fun, even while training or practicing, then you are losing an important aspect of modeling.  But the main thing to always remember is that you are there for the designer.  It is their heart, soul and sweat that was put into what you’re wearing.  Wear it with grace, fierceness and commitment.

Q. What do you like and dislike about modeling?

I love bringing life and personality to a designers creation.  To add another dimension to a designer’s creation is an honor.  I also love meeting new people, learning and sharing my experiences and making new friends.  I dislike when SL plays games and won’t attach my prims or clothes.  Nothing like being a bald, half-nekkid model on the runway.

Q. Finally, please tell us what motivates you to be a model. Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

JT. To me, modeling is like art.  It’s being creative.  Whether through styling or putting modeling poses together.  This creates a visual expression of how you think the designer sees their creation coming to life.

For me, my inspiration comes from the designers, agencies and every model I have had the pleasure to meet and work along side with.  But I wouldn’t be the model I am without my SL family.  They are always there to support me and give me honest advice.  I value that the most.

Q. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

JT. I am always thankful for the opportunities I have been given and I look forward to the future.  I would like to send a special thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way and even now.  I wouldn’t be here I without you.  There are too many to list, but I know they know who they are.  To my family, I love you always and no ocean or land will ever change that.  Thank you for being there.  😀  xoxo

*Thank you so much Jen for letting me interview you and for sharing with us your modeling experiences.

PS: Please welcome Jen Tafler as an EDITOR to this blog: Confessions of an SL Top Model.
Due to real life, Mikey Batriani has not been able to contribute, so Jen will be an awesome help and will add a nice feminine touch to the blog. =) Welcome & TY Jen.

Please give some love and leave comments below.

FASHION CALENDAR: JSE Modeling Agency Presents “Fall Into Romance” 2/14 1PM SLT

JSE Modeling Agency is proud to present a show to honor Valentines Day.
Please join in celebrating the day of love with “Fall Into Romance” runway show on February 14 at 1PM SLT.
At this event, Tres Beau will debut a stunning array of new designs including Kimmera’s steamy lingerie ensembles, just in time for last minute Valentine’s Day giving.

SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Casablanca%20Estates%20Three/194/184/583


QueenBrat Bracken
Marika Blaisdale
Rouge Anthony
Naiya Kazyanenko
StarliteStarbrite Constellation
Jen Tafler
PepperPicaboo Pevensey
Nicole09 Queenstown
RebeccaSue Magic
Bearlyhere Quandry
Raphael Treves
Jack Taurog
Aspen Parx
manu reggiane
tock Bunjie

*Painting by Alfred Gockel and not related to the JSE show. I don’t own the image. TY

Holiday Wishes From Our Awesome Friends…

We have received so many wonderful and creative Holiday Wishes cards that we would like to share them with everyone here to spread the Holiday Cheer. We thank all our friends sincerely for the greetings. If you don’t see your Christmas Card here, It means we were unable to download it because it’s not a full rights texture. Please feel free to resend. We are still accepting full rights Holiday Textures to be posted here in our blog. Please send to RicoRacer Flux or Mikey Batriani. TYSM. Happy Holidays Everyone!









FROM Chicie Quintessa






FASHION & MUSIC: The Way You Look Tonight by Michael Buble

Jen Tafler

MUSIC: The Way You Look Tonight
ARTIST: Michael Buble (Original by Frank Sinatra)
MODEL: Jen Tafler
PHOTOGRAPHER: Kyrian LeFavre, DIA Studios
FASHION: CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashions Evening Gown, “Birth of a Flower”
INFO: 2nd Place Winner of the “Sparkling Champagne Face of the Month” October


The Way You Look Tonight

Some day, When I’m awfully low…
When the world is cold,
I will feel a glow just thinking of you…
And the way you look tonight.

You’re lovely, with your smile so warm..
And your cheeks so soft,
There is nothing for me but to love you,
And the way you look tonight.

With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fears apart.
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
Touches my foolish heart.

Lovely, never ever change.
Keep that breathless charm.
Won’t you please arrange it?
‘Cause I love you.
And the way you look tonight.
Won’t you please arrange it?
‘Cause I love you.
And the way you look tonight.

With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fears apart.
Oh and that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
Touches my foolish heart.

Lovely, never ever change.
Keep that breathless charm.
Won’t you please arrange it?
‘Cause I love you
And the way you look
Just the way you look
Just the way you look tonight