Last Minute Auction!!!

We have till today raised L$825,615 thanks to all the amazing supporters of JRF!!! Thank you so much!!!!

To reach our goal of L$1 Million mark, we have added a mini-auction, generously donated by the one and the only, Mr. Skip Staheli! So come on over and bid TOMORROW:)


Skip Staheli, the 2011 BOSL Awards winner for Best Photographer, has generously donated two photo sessions, which will be individually auctioned this weekend at the Japan Relief Fundraiser.

Mr. Staheli is one of the most well-known, respected, and gifted photographers in Second Life and his clientele consists of high-profile creators, designers, and models. His art is known and beloved by many as he focuses on enhancing the picture rather than changing the original, keeping the avatar and the object close to reality, but adding his magic and imagination to finish a piece of art.

Mr. Staheli is currently on hiatus and is not taking appointments, but has still offered his services to be auctioned for the Japan Relief Fundraiser and the AmeriCares Organization. Through Mr. Staheli’s generosity and kindess, the JRF will continue its goal of raising money to assist the people of Japan.

Each auction includes the following:

* Your choice of 1 Headshot or Bodyshot to be taken by Skip Staheli, to be scheduled at a time that is mutually convenient.

* You will also have the option to book an additional 2 sessions with Mr. Staheli at his normal rate.

If you are one of the winners of this auction, please consult with Mr. Staheli directly regarding your appointment and please respect his schedule as this was offered strictly to support Japan.

***** Mr. Staheli is NOT taking any appointments at this time, so please respect his wishes and do not contact him about appointments outside of this auction******

Happy Bidding!

Thank you for your support,

Japan Relief Fundraiser


Japan Relief Fundraiser Video

Japan Relief Fundraiser

May 14 – May 29

Japan Relief Fundraiser have over 50 amazing designers and creators supporting for this cause!!!

We will have entertainment and amazing shopping experience awaits you!

Please come and support this great charity event.

Thank You to Serene Faith and Ji Nirvana for organizing this fundraiser.

Videographer: Setsuna Infinity

SIM Builder: Setsuna Infinity & Sora Tatham


Japan Relief Fundraiser – Reminder

JRF ~ 5/14-5/29

JRF from May 14 – May 29

Japan Relief Fundraising opens on May 14 (Sat)!!! We have over 50 amazing designers and creators supporting for this cause!!!

We will have entertainment and amazing shopping experience awaits you!

Let’s show for a cause!!!

Photographer: The amazing Mr. Skip Staheli

JRF from May 14 – May 29

JRF from May 14 – May 29

This is the Logo and Invitation for the wonderful idea of Serene faith and Ji Nirvana to help the people in Japan in her special way.
I already wanna thank you for that offer u give us all to be a part of it.

So our part will be there also (Starline Photography) and have a great help of very wonderful and dedicated Models, Designers and Owners in whole SL and I´m pretty sure the list will grow :))

So from me to all this people I will call now a big thank you and I´m very proud and honored to work with u and to have u on board.
Thank you all very much for that offer.

Angelik Lavecchia
Annough Lykin
Fauve Beaumont
Kalyabreeaa Capelo
(Petra) 13 Cortes
Ananya Mai
Didier Rascon
Frolic Mills
Harsch Sharktooth
Kat Svenska
Keira Soulstar
Leandra Breen
Lulu Coba
Maxime Tyran
Miaa Rebane
Nala Kurka
Pure Nikolaidis
Serene Faith
Sweetalicious Starsider
Varaderobiker Balckburn
Yula Finesmith
Skip Staheli
Roe Woodford
Nefrititi Kimagawa
Markski Gloom
Viola Rookswood
Vanity Philly
Mimmi Boa
Jade Spectre
Matteo Bettencourt
Rusalka Callisto
Leah McCullough
Rissa Friller
Enzo Champagne
Calista Ella
Blossoms Sweetwater
Katherine Comet
DATRIP Blackbart
Topaz Joubert
Wicca Merlin
Guka Sparta
RicoRacer Flux
Saleena Hax
Locked Semaphore

List is closed! I´m sorry for all who wanna join and help in this project but for JRF I have a deadline and I will now just do the Blindfoldpics for private using and an special offer in price. For more information please send me an IM. Ty!

Pls pls tell me when I forgot someone in the ADDlist 😀

Falbala Fairey


PS: Starline Phtography’s “BLINDFOLDED” Pictures are available at the JRF Fundraiser.

I am so honored to be part of it. A million THANK YOUs to Falbala Fairey.

Please give your support to this wonderful charity to help Japan.